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How to tell pet quality during battles

How to tell pet quality during battles
Collecting wild pets for your army can be tedious, particularly since you can't tell the quality of the potential pet before you fight it. You can, with either a macro or an add-on, tell the quality during the battle, however. With this information, you can trap the creature or not, as you see fit.

The add-on is Pet Battle Quality Glow. It is out of date, but still functions without errors. So you just need to enable out of date add-ons in the AddOn List located on the Character Select Screen in order for it to show up in game.

As seen in the screenshot above, Pet Battle Quality Glow changes the icon color of the pet you are fighting, indicating its quality. Just like items, blue is for rare, green for uncommon, white for common, and grey for poor. The add-on also changes the color of the name.

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Phat Loot Phriday: Ancient Hakkari Manslayer

We've had some requests for husky loot lately, and so here's an item that isn't quite phat these days (just a little husky), but used to be quite interesting.

Name: Ancient Hakkari Manslayer (Wowhead, Thottbot, WoWDB)
Type: Epic One-hand Axe
Damage/Speed: 69 - 130 / 2.00 (49.8 DPS)
  • This is how you can tell this weapon is old-school: it has just one bit of green text, and that text is "Steals 48-54 life from target enemy."
  • Which doesn't, on its face, sound quite that nice. But at the time this weapon was current (ye olde patch 1.7), that was a hot proc. Because the proc actually scaled along with spell damage -- if you had 150 spell damage, and this proc hit, you wounded the enemy for 150 shadow damage, while healing yourself with same.

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Breakfast Topic: Is the game being dumbed down?

We worried about this way back before patch 2.3, but now that almost everyone has gotten a chance to experience all the changes to the UI, we'll check in on what you think: did putting a glow around interactive items -- and in some cases, actual exclamation points above inanimate objects -- dumb the game down?

Makabriel thinks so -- a quest in Dustwallow that used to revolve around the player finding hidden clues now has all the clues glowing with exclamation points above them. And I've seen some pretty nutty examples ingame, too -- while, yes, before it was annoying to have to re-search an instance for a little thing to click on, nowadays it seems almost so obvious that there's no game in it at all. Of course, I still do use the various resources online to find out-of-the-way mobs (those still don't glow), but item-finding isn't even a challenge any more.

Of course, this isn't World of Findcraft -- the real game is in fighting creatures and increasing your character's stats and abilities. No one raved about finding little clickable objects in the first reviews, so why shouldn't Blizzard take that part out of the challenge? What do you think: is the game dumbed down too much, or do the glowing clickable items let you focus on finding the real fun in Azeroth?

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