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Why WoW quests suck, and are awesome

Any poster that leads off talking about how Feralas is her favorite zone is a friend of mine. Cuppycake (great name there as well) has an excellent post up about questing in WoW (warning: some NSFW language). On the one hand, WoW quests are repetitive -- most of them are either "kill 10 rats" or "be my FedEx guy" -- and they don't tend to tie in to or have lasting effects on the broader story of the game (the current Shattered Sun story excepted).

But on the other hand, it's very fun (Cuppycake uses a different word than "very"). It's a bit hard to put my finger on it, but WoW quests (most of them, anyway) have that little extra something that makes for a very satisfying gaming experience. It's like getting a star in Super Mario Galaxy. A small fragment of lasting achievement is enough to make it feel worth doing to me -- as the post says, an objective is what I need. Give me something to work for and I'll do it, as long as it feels like I'm making progress, and it isn't too slow (I'm not the best at rep grinds).

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Breakfast Topic: Your WoW personality

I have a friend who doesn't play WoW, but his roommate does. As a psychologist, my friend is a more astute observer of individual behavior than I am. At lunch one day, he theorized that we tend to play World of Warcraft with the same attitude that have in the real world. On this surface this statement seemed to be correct. People in game and in life vary from kind, helpful souls to nasty boorish trolls.

I like to think of myself as WYSIWYG (what you see what you get). I try to portray myself online with the same values that I feel define me as a person. I set goals and work hard to achieve them. I consider myself a good friend. Every once in a while I go too far and take on the role of martyr in both game and in life. This is something I'm proud of; on the contrary, I wish I could stop myself from doing it.

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Getting enthralled, or getting to bed?

WoW tends to be a night time activity for most people, many of whom find that it's surprisingly easy to move from one objective to another and lose track of time until the wee hours of the morning. Some people I know sometimes stay up most of the night playing WoW, only to get an hour or two of sleep before whatever they have to do the next day. They're young and they say they make up that sleep at other times, but still, no one would argue that this sort of situation is ideal.

A recent study reported by CNN says they're not alone. People who play MMORPGs tend to sleep less and spend more time playing than players of other computer games. It may seem obvious, since MMOs are by nature somewhat of a time-sink, but there is undeniably something more to it; any activity can potentially be a time-sink, after all -- so what is it about MMOs that makes people actually sink time?

The answer is up for debate, of course, but one important factor is that WoW's community of players gives the accomplishments within the game a context of reality. The game's goals, dangling in front of us like carrots, would be nearly meaningless if we could only appreciate them in a single-player context, but with a whole realm of other players working alongside us to get them too, they can feel very important. If the choice is between a few hours having dreams you won't remember, or getting a little closer to riding an impressive dragon mount, then certainly sleep can seem boring and useless by comparison.

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Breakfast Topic: Top ten WoW goals

Saturday was a memorable day for me. It was the day I hit 40 with my draenei priest, and was at last able to mount my Brown horse and ride off into the, uh, twilight. My goal had been accomplished, and it was time to shift gears. Saturday was also the day that I finished my first piece of my Spellfire set on my mage, another goal I had been working towards for more than a month. Having spent so long getting her to that point, I felt an odd sensation afterward. There was this emptiness where the drive to reach my goal had been. I thought to myself "why do I do now?"

It took me a couple hours of contemplation to realize that my next goal should be to level my warlock, since she is already so close to 70 as it is. Now with a new difficult goal in mind (being that I tend to bounce from one character to another rather than focusing on one), I felt I had a gaming purpose as I set out to adventure in Azeroth. I'm not really sure if this is just something I do or if others organize their playtime like this. I have other goals, but not nearly as pressing.

Now a while ago James wrote in about a forum post he encountered talking about a top ten list for goals in WoW. I am not sure I have a list of my own that goes to that extent. More like a top four list if anything. Do you have a top ten list of things you want to accomplish in the game?

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Breakfast Topic: Unfinished business

We've talked about your goals for the expansion before, but what are you goals for before the expansion? I'd imagine that with the changes, lots of people have their sights set on getting some (or lots) of the PVP gear before Burning Crusade gets installed (and it all becomes outdated-- HA!). Personally, I'm still aiming to get my Rogue to 60-- currently, he's stuck at 49 because I really love that 40-49 PVP bracket, but I think he'll make it the last ten levels before January. And my guild is about to start BWL, so I wouldn't mind seeing us down Nef with all that new PVP gear before the Dark Portal opens up.

So what are you racing to finish? Theantipoet has some pretty good goals over on LJ, including soloing the Princess in Mara, and 8/8 Tier 2 (I'd like to get 8/8 of a set on my Shammy, but considering my luck, I'm not holding my breath). Let's hear what you're aiming to complete before you put the BC disk in.

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