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All the World's a Stage: What's a good story?

You hear that a lot. "It was a good story." It's usually in conjunction with screwing someone over. It's like the period at the end of a sentence that really, really sucked, but it's totally okay because "it was a good story." And while it might sound like I'm being a little sarcastic, isn't it the whole point of roleplaying? We're trying to create and share good stories. The problem is, it's all relative. It's up to your personal tastes and styles to determine what's a good story, and what's not. But, let's frame this up a bit more, to make sure we're all on the same page.

Let's say you're playing with a moderated troupe. They're rare nowadays, but I do see them from time to time. A moderated troupe is when you trust one or more players to be Gamemasters, basically guiding the story along, portraying NPCs, and helping to decide what happens in the game. In the old pen-and-paper days, this person would have been called a game master.

During the course of your gnome's busy career, he found himself forced to help an undead warrior cross a river. Nothing big or fancy, but it was still something the gnome had to do. (I don't know how this situation could come about, but stay with me here.) Later, the gnome finds himself summoned before Varian Wrynn. Of course, the new king of Stormwind has more than a little angst about the horde, and decides your gnome should be executed. Is that a good story? Let's set up some criteria to determine it.

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