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Breakfast Topic: What secondary character would you promote to a leading role?

It's become sort of an undercurrent in a lot of WoW lore discussion lately that not everyone is happy with their leaders. Varian is too angry and doesn't do anything. Jaina's an appeaser and a crybaby. Malfurion's a jerk. Sylvanas is so evil that she makes Arthas look like a little puppy.

Of course, Blizzard has a whole new expansion coming soon, so we may just see more from these leaders that could change our minds -- or at least let us accept their story arcs. That said, what if Blizzard took an opposite tack? What if it just either killed off the leaders or swept them to the side and let other characters step up to drive the narrative going forward?

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Breakfast Topic: Who do you want to see in the Expansion?

So a while back, I asked you what races and organizations you'd want to see show up in the next expansion. But while races and organizations bring a lot of flavor and purpose to an expansion, there's nothing like a good charismatic figure to really stir things up. Be it Garrosh or Varian, Bolvar or Brann Bronzebeard, the figures of the Wrath of the Lich King expansion have certainly done a lot to inform the story and drive discussion and debate in lore.

With that in mind, I've been thinking of who I'd like to see take a starring role in a future expansion. Turalyon and Alleria are definitely the biggest stars I can think of who have yet to make an appearance. I'd love to see them come back through a portal from whatever world they're on, with all the drama that would bring. Does Turalyon still hold a grudge against the orcs for the death of Lothar? What will Alleria think of the Blood Elves and of what her sisters have been up to?

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Breakfast Topic: Who do you adore?

So as Love is in the Air winds down, hopefully those of us who care have managed to get another title and/or all the candy, dresses, and perma-peddles we could wish for. Some of us, though, I still going through that hourly ritual of finding someone to love.

For me, when it's time to hand out the cards, I head over to Stormwind. Once there, I either look for Grand Admiral Jes-Tereth or Elsharin, the High Elf Mage trainer. I like to think that I have a special relationship with both girls. Jes-tereth was always there by my side when I spent those long hours queueing for PvP, and among my group of friends, we always agreed she was one of the hottest women in all of WoW. Maybe I just like a girl in uniform. As for Elsharin, I'm a pretty big High Elf fan, so seeing that there's still High Elves loyal to the Alliance is nice, plus she's always there to greet me whenever I teleport to Stormwind, so I think I owe her something in return.

What about you? Do you just shove a token into the hands of the first NPC who thinks you smell nice, or do you have your own go-to people for your adoration needs?

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