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Breakfast Topic: Do you have any lucky charms?

Or, as the grummles would call them, do you have a luckydo? Is there an item you own in WoW that drips with superstition, something that you're absolutely sure makes you perform better, even if it only sits in your bags?

In years past, we've discussed this once or twice before, and my lucky charm has remained the same despite it being locked away on a character I don't often play anymore. The Shard of the Fallen Star saw me through many boss battles throughout the years. During progression raiding, when we'd get stuck on a rough boss, I'd equip that trinket -- despite the stat loss as a result of wearing it -- and drop a big ol' meteor on the boss's head. Voice chat would erupt in giggles, and despite the distraction, somehow we'd win. There was no power in the world that could withstand the Shard. It reached the point where my raidmates would ask me to equip it when the going got tough. And it worked. Every time.

Do you have such a charm? Any raiding rituals that just seem to work even when they shouldn't?

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