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Potential Lt. Governor of Guam is also a hardcore WoW player

Guam is a territory of the United States and has one non-voting member in the U.S. House of Representatives. It's the largest of the Mariana Islands, as well as the most southern island of that grouping. It's also home to a potential future Lieutenant Governor who is also a serious WoW player.

Senator Ray Tenorio wrote to say that he would be running for Lt. Governor alongside his friend Senator Eddie Baza Calvo, who is the one running for Governor. He also said that he wanted to let people know that gamers are the same folks who "fight and die for democracy, conduct intricate procedures in professional careers, and, Yes, even make policy." And while that sounds like a lot of political season rhetoric, the Lietutenant Governor has already established his gamer credentials.

Senator Tenorio's character Paleray is a Dwarf Priest in the Knights of the Mariannas on Silverhand. I'll save you the trouble of looking up whether he qualifies as "skilled" or "nub." Not only is he rocking several Hard Mode Achievements out of Ulduar, but he's an old-school player. Senator Tenorio is a Knight-Lieutenant from the old PvP system. While it wasn't one of the worst "grindy" titles, it certainly shows that the Senator has spent some time around Azeroth. Best wishes to Ray on going from Knight-Lieutenant to Lietuenant Governor.

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Banned for no reason at all ("Guam's complete source!") has an article up by Duane George, who tells his story of woe: he got banned from the game for suspected Arena win trading, and had to deal with 72 hours without the game. Blizzard, obviously, doesn't provide any information on how many players get banned from the game, and it would be even harder to determine the number of false positives out there like Duane: people who didn't do anything wrong but end up getting banned anyway. We've heard stories here of course, but this is a tough area to investigate by its very nature.

For Duane's part, he does say that he plans to stay out of Arenas and stick to battlegrounds, so you'd think that if there were a ton of false positives like him who were turned off from the Arena experience because it wrongly got them in trouble, Arenas wouldn't be nearly as popular as they are. But of course we don't know -- there's no oversight on Blizzard's part (and you could argue that there shouldn't be anyway, since it's their game), not to mention that they've got the right, according to the Terms of Use, to ban anyone at any time for any reason without notice anyway. If they were really going overboard, you'd expect them to be losing customers, and that's not the case yet.

Fortunately, this wasn't a permanent ban, and while he did apparently lose some Arena rating and the gear that came with it, his character wasn't too much the worse for wear. A 72-hour ban isn't too big a deal, so Blizzard probably hands those out with much less consideration than a permanent ban anyway. But we're sure Duane isn't the only case out there -- as small as the number may be, there's almost definitely other players like him, banned for doing nothing wrong at all.

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Senator Tenorio? Heals prz!

[No, it's not a joke. There's actually a cool gamer politician out there.]We've known for a while that there were stars playing World of Warcraft. After all, with 9 million people logging in, there's inevitably going to be the occasional star from somewhere in the world. But reports this week illustrated a player that perhaps many of us were a little surprised at. You see, the gentleman in the picture to the right is Senator Ray Tenorio of Guam. When he's not working towards a brighter future for Guam serving in the Mina Bente Ocho Na Liheslaturan Guahan (the 28th Guam Legislature) as Senator and Majority Leader, he can be seen slinging heals in Karazhan on his Level 70 Dwarf Priest, Paleray.

This just further helps to illustrate the point that many researchers are claiming now -- that MMO players know how to excel in team environments and make excellent leaders. Aside from that, I have to admit that having a gamer (and a Priest, at that) running for elected official would get some brownie points from me. Raiding requires people who are willing to work hard with a group, and that's definitely what I want to see in any elected official. Although I have to wonder why the Pacific Daily News didn't use actual screen shots from Paleray as opposed to just snagging random WoW screen shots. I don't know about you, but I'd be curious to see what a Senator uses for a UI.

[via Pacific Daily News]

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