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Forum post of the day: Be disciplined about healing meters

Mellere of Wildhammer posted a brief lament about her guild leaders treatment of a Discipline Priest. The discipline priest was below a Retadin on HPS. Without understanding the role of mitigation as a healer, the Raid Leader told him to go holy to bring up his HPS. The OP expressed disappointment in the RL at this action.

Several responders posted that this is partly the fault of Blizzard as they don't take into account shielding and mitigation to healing scores in the combat log. Daerilla of Spirestone intimated that she did not want to see mitigation included in healing figures, because then people would take notice of how overpowered Disc Priests are in raids. There were some less-than-kind comments about the Raid Leader's competence.

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Officers' Quarters: New content, new challenges

Every Monday Scott Andrews contributes
Officers' Quarters, a column about the ins and outs of guild leadership.

With another BlizzCon behind us, the wealth of information about upcoming content has been at times overwhelming. As a player, I'm always excited to learn about what's around the corner. But as a guild leader, I worry about what kind of ugliness is going to crop up as a result of it. From the upcoming patches to the WotLK expansion, new challenges will arise to test the savvy, determination, and people skills of officers in all types of guilds. Just like the CEO of any good business, a guild leader shouldn't just react to challenges as they arise, but anticipate them and take steps to meet them head-on. Let's examine what's in store for Warcraft guilds and what we can do now to transition smoothly into the future.

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Guildwatch: The anti-ninja strikes

Hey hey all, it's Tuesday, and not only does that mean you sleep in (instead of waking up at 5 am to play WoW), but it also means it's time for Guildwatch, your weekly look at drama, downed, and recruiting guilds from around the World of Warcraft.

This week's GW starts, as usual, right after you click the link below. To send us tips on your guild (or any other guilds you happen to know about-- anonymous drama tips are welcome), throw a note to

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Desperately Seeking Hardcore Guild Leader

Are you a guild leader on the cutting edge of new content? Does your guild run like a well oiled machine? I would like to talk to you! I am seeking a few different leaders for a series of interview topics. A lot of people wonder what goes on in these big, hardcore raiding guilds, and you could possibly shed some light on that subject for us, the noobs. Also, your tips and suggestions on leadership would be appreciated by folks looking to tweak their own guild management style.

It won't be a long, boring interview, rather a quick series of questions on one topic, maybe once or twice a week. You anonymity is guaranteed. Simply leave a comment stating your interest or email me and I will get back to you as soon as possible!

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