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Guildwatch: The Armory never lies

Ninjas and /gquitters beware: the Armory knows. It knows what achievements you've gotten and when, it knows what your gear is, and it knows what kind of raiding you've done and which reputations you've leveled. You can say anything you want on the forums: that you're an experienced raider, or that you've never even been in an OS raid, much less ninja'd gear from one, but the Armory will call you out, every time.

That drama and more in this week's Guildwatch, our weekly collection of guild updates from around the realms. To tell us your guild's story (or send us a great bit of drama you've seen elsewhere), just drop a note to This week's GW starts right after the cut.

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Guildwatch doesn't have time to play games, either

And yet we play World of Warcraft all the time. You wouldn't think this tiny little tell, above, would cause a guild to rupture apart, but in fact it did exactly that -- Runforyalife sent this tell to someone, they posted it on the forums, and the next thing you know, the GM had kicked Run right out. For his part, Run regrets what he said (we think the GM is a little testy, and whoever posted the tell is at fault, too), but there's a point to be made here: even the little tells you send in game can cause big trouble.

All this drama and more after the break. We've got good news too, though: there are guild downings aplenty, as well as a few recruiting notices (though it seems recruiting has slowed down with the Wrath beta in full force. If you've got a tip, send it to as always. Click the link below to read on.

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Guilds that do it with style

WoW enjoys a community created through informative blogs, forums, and most importantly -- Guilds. Guilds form the foundation of most players' experiences. Some Guilds, though, just seem to conduct themselves with a little more style.

Nihilum's live stream efforts are a good example -- they're letting us into their little corner of gameplay, showing us how they do things. Nihilum's well-known for their success, and it's fascinating to get an insider's look at how they conduct their raids.

The members of Agony issue their news with a bit of artistic flair. They turn their raid screenshots into comic book updates. While the plot might be hard to follow if you've not done the raids yourself, the pages are rather pretty to look at.

Sometimes, though, Guilds break up. They can do it with a bit of a drama, or they can choose to do it with a little class. When Forte called it the end of the road, they left a final "goodbye" to fans and foes alike. They ended their story in a way that let everyone know what was going on, and with a final farewell to their fans.

These three Guilds are just examples. We've all encountered Guilds who do something a little extra to make the game fun or enrich their community.

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WoW Insider Weekly

Miss out on some of these columns the first time around? Worry not! Here's your weekly chance to catch up on some of the best feature content coming out of WoW Insider. If you missed these earlier this week, don't make the same mistake twice.
Guildwatch: Open your face jellyfish
Your weekly look at guild drama, downed news, and recruiting from all around the realms.
Illusionary Tactics: Orb of Deception
Our new column about items that can disguise you hits on one of the most popular.
Know Your Lore: The Scarlet Crusade
When good Crusaders go bad, that's where you find the Scarlet folks.
Tank Talk: Do you feel lucky, punk?
Seriously, do you? Because we really need some lottery numbers -- this whole "4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42" thing isn't really working out.
The Art of War(craft): DotA-style battleground in WotLK
A new battleground in Wrath might borrow a little influence from an old mod for Warcraft III.

More of our best weekly content after the jump.

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Guildwatch: Ninja happens

I've been fortunate enough to have never seen a ninja go down live (as seen in the pic above), but I know it happens all the time. Master Looter, people! Of course, even then, if you pass off Master Looter to the wrong person, you're still going to see some trouble. And with the name changes and server transfers nowadays, you just kind of have to let it go. Ninja, as they might say, happens.

Click the link below to see this week's GW, which is full to the brim with drama and downed news. We've got recruiting news, too, but not as much as usual-- if you've got a tip for next week, from your guild or another, sent it along to And we'll ninja it right out from under you.

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