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WoW Moviewatch: World's First Level 70

Whether or not you agree with how he went about it or the sanity behind his desire, there's no disputing that Gullerbone was indeed the first player to get a character to 70. This video shows the method behind his madness, just in case you want to go and farm your way to 70 too.

Because I'm never one to shy away from a good discussion, I'll just add my opinion here: As long as Gullerbone enjoyed himself, either in the activity of getting to 70, or in the result itself, then there's no harm here. He's not hurting your game, he's just working the game mechanics to reach an end that he desired. That's the great thing about an MMO such as WoW - there are so many options that you can explore for your $15 a month.

Oh, and one more quick comment: Is it just me, or can you really tell the difference between European-made videos and North American-made videos by their choices in music?? Not 100% of the time, but enough to make an educated guess as to the continent of origin.

Post your reactions below, and also see what the punters over at our sister site, Joystiq, have to say about it too.

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Gullerbone hit 70 before you did

The forums are abuzz this morning with news of a world-first level 70. In just 28 hours, Gullerbone, of the EU Archimonde server took his mage named Gawell from 60 to 70 in the Outlands.

Our friends over at World of Raids managed to get an interview with Gullerbone shortly after the event.

The beginning of the interview is below, click the read link for more, and then come back and let us know what you think about Gullerbone's dogged determination to get this world first.

[WoR]Teza: Can you introduce yourself quickly in a few words?

Gullerbone: I am french and 24 years old, a member of Millenium (french guild) since 1-2 months and I was the one playing the mage called Gawell for this exp rush, eventually I will reroll shaman to complete my PvP arena team.

[WoR]Teza: Whats your played time from 60 to 70? Which zone were you in when you reached lvl 70?

Gullerbone: It took me 28 hours to get from 60 to 70, and dinged 70 at 4:04 am (CET) on Januar 17. I was in Netherstorm (subzone: Mana forge) when i reached lvl 70.

[WoR]Teza: What was your preparation? How did you make it in such a short time?

Gullerbone: Cau (the 1st european lvl 60) and I planned the exp route step by steps, trying everything to make sure it was the most approriate, the groups organization with the guild Millenium and their members. Each member rotated using a definite order to help me to grind on mobs, mostly with AE, surrounded with several guildmates healers, tanks, pullers etc...

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