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Top 5 reasons all Rogues should pickpocket

[I never have figured out where these guys would even begin to have pockets, but they do!]Recently, I was talking to one of the newer Rogues in my guild about different aspects of Roguecraft. This was largely because I was having to open a locked box for him, which at his level he should have been more than able to open. Of course from lock boxes, the topic soon came around to pickpocketing. Imagine my surprise when he admitted that he doesn't pick pocket from mobs much, if he even bothers at all. I was personally pretty stunned at that. I mean, pick pocketing is fun! Why would anyone not choose to enjoy all our sneaky class has to offer?

However, from talking to a few other Rogues here and there, I have since learned that this is not an isolated thing. There are apparently quite a few Rogues out there who don't bother with pilfering for goodies, leaving a great many pockets un-picked. This is a real shame, considering the misbegotten pocket wealth that is a due right of the Rogue class.

As such, I thought I would touch on what I told that up and coming Rogue the other night -- the Top 5 reasons that I believe Rogues should pick pockets.

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