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Innkeeper's Invitational announced for BlizzCon

Blizzcon Hearthstone logo
For many BlizzCon attendees, one of the big draws is the chance to see some of the top players from Blizzard's franchises square off in matches and tournaments. We've come to expect competitions in WoW PvP and Starcraft in particular, and this year there will be another game added to the mix: Hearthstone.

Blizzard has invited eight of the most dedicated Hearthstone players to compete live in a small tournament at BlizzCon this year called the Innkeeper's Invitational. Each player will bring three decks -- they must all be different classes -- and compete against each other in a series of matches. If your deck loses, it's out for good, and that player has to select a different deck. Once all three decks have been eliminated, that player is out of the competition and resigned to watching from the sidelines.

If you're interested in seeing how hardcore card game players go about their games, this is a great opportunity to do so! And it might give us all some ideas for how to modify our own Hearthstone decks in the future. If you won't be attending BlizzCon you can tune in using a Virtual Ticket or check out the matches on the World of Warcraft Twitch channel.

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Hearthstone: Wishlist for more tools and formats

Hearthstone Can it be more competitive

Olivia took the time to address aspects of Hearthstone that's lacking. Today I wanted to add my own thoughts to that list from the competitive perspective. I'm talking things like tournaments, spectator functions, and other quality of life changes for competitive players. I get that Hearthstone was designed from the ground up as a casual game that anyone could pick up and play a quick 10-15 minute game. But that doesn't mean that there aren't options to expand and attract the players who like the tournament scene. I used to frequent FNMs (Friday Night Magic), Regionals, and other tournaments (like Game Day)! However, I've never attended a larger Grand Prix.

So this is my open letter to the developers. Think of it as a wishlist for the players who want a little bit more.

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