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New Hearthstone warrior card revealed

commanding shout
Blizzard has been steadily tossing us tidbits of information on the upcoming Hearthstone game. Earlier this month they gave us a preview of the Void Terror warlock minion card and some instruction on when and how to use it effectively during a game. Yesterday they posted the warrior ability Commanding Shout, which makes your minions impossible to kill for the duration of your current turn.

I'm sure there are approximately a bazillion different situations in which this could come in handy, but what makes it extra appealing for the warrior is how it can be paired with mechanics that depend upon a minion receiving damage in order to reach their full potential. Got a berserker minion who gets +3 to attack after being hurt? Toss him Commanding Shout and you don't have to worry about him dying that round. Got your opponent's minions on the brink of death, but not sure you'll survive the next attack? Pair Rampage's +3/+3 with Commanding Shout and watch the other player squirm with impotent rage as you annihilate all their best-laid plans. What could possibly be more satisfying?

Check out WoW Insider's Hearthstone coverage for further information, and we all look forward to Hearthstone's release!

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Hearthstone card preview: Void Terror

Hearthstone card preview Void Terror
It looks like Blizzard has begun revealing Hearthstone cards prior to release, with the first being the Void Terror warlock minion. This big bad blue dude absorbs the minions on either side of him, adding their power and life to his own. Even temporary power or health bonuses, like the +4/+4 from Power Overwhelming, are made permanent inside the Void Terror's blue belly. Need to protect from an incoming AOE attack? Gobble your other little minions up and let your Void Terror take the attack instead. It's a super simple and super powerful effect, fitting for a warlock and especially for Gul'dan, currently the game's sole warlock hero.

Check out all of our Hearthstone coverage thus far and stay tuned as the game gets closer to release.

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