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Blue Notes: Draenei plural, more European migrations, Remorseless hotfix

I think I absorbed this from the race intro voice-over or something, but just like Shaman, the word for more than one draenei is "draenei" (Neth):
  • It should be the same whether singular or plural.
Yet more European migrations to delight us all, including one that was scheduled to be closed kept through over the weekend (Thundy):
  • The below migrations will be activated today (Friday). They're scheduled to close on Monday January 29th, at 12:00 (noon) CET. However, again, please note that this may change at any time.

  • Grim Batol to Jaedenar / Boulderfist / Vek'nilash (same as was running during the week)

  • Shadowsong to Bronze Dragonflight / Anachronos
  • Dragonblight to Bronze Dragonflight / Anachronos
  • Quel'Thalas to Bronze Dragonflight / Anachronos
  • Nordrassil to Bronze Dragonflight / Anachronos
And finally, it appears that the crit bonus for the Rogue talent Remorseless Attacks was not being applied to Hemorrhage. This was a bug, and has been hotfixed (Ommra):
  • Hello again, I am happy to inform you that a hot fix has been deployed for this :)

    Critical strike bonus for rogue talent Remorseless Attacks is now correctly applied to Hemorrhage.

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