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Breakfast Topic: The tall tale of your best instance or BG run of all time

Breakfast Topic The tall tale of your best instance or BG run of all time
You know the feeling: You're doing much more than merely firing on all cylinders. Your performance is absolutely, magnificently beastly. If you're a tank, nothing escapes the force of your presence. If you're healing, the party runs breathlessly without pause, wondering how you're pushing them on DPS. In the face of your DPS, no mob is safe once you're in line of sight. It's a feeling like no other, and it's the kind of gaming experience you remember for years to come.

Raiding can be (to fall back on that ever-popular vocabulary favorite) an epic adventure in World of Warcraft. But in smaller groups -- in 5-man instances and battlegrounds -- players are even more likely to get the chance to experience those peak moments of play when everything comes together to create a real hero tale. Tell us about your best-ever small instance run (5-man only; no raids) or battleground experience -- that time when you not only led the charts but saved the party, turned all the flags, reversed the tides of battle, or carried the day.

Or maybe even all of the above. You hero, you.

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Breakfast Topic: Do you mind being the unsung hero?

Without a doubt, the characters we play in World of Warcraft are great heroes. We were there when the gates of Ahn'Qiraj were opened. We were there to fight off the Burning Legion at the Sunwell. We were there to see Arthas fall. We were there to down Deathwing -- twice. Hell, we have even traveled through time to be instrumental in events that happened before we were born.

Of course, we're never the real hero. The real hero of the fight against Deathwing was Thrall. Anveena vanquished Kil'jaeden. It was Tirion Fordring who saved the world -- and you -- from complete destruction at the hands of the Lich King. It's like we're the Secret Service agent who saved Ronald Reagan from being assassinated. But if we were also the agent who saved Gerry Ford twice -- and then traveled back in time to save JFK and Lincoln, too. And then found Saddam Hussein and killed Hitler. And also maybe you caused the Big Bang too. It's an inevitable fact of MMORPGs. You're always there, but you never get the credit.

Does that bother you at all? Do you wish that it was your character with the statue along the entrance to Stormwind? Or are you OK with your character's role, serving as the bridesmaid in every wedding to ever occur throughout history?

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Raid Rx: Don't be a hero

Every week, Raid Rx will help you quarterback your healers to victory! Your host is Matt Low, the grand poobah of World of Matticus and a founder of No Stock UI, a WoW blog for all things UI, macro, and addon related.

Ah, the hero healer. It reminds me of me. Have you been in a situation where it always seems to be that one same healer which steals the spotlight raid after raid? Its as if raiding groups can't take down bosses without that one specific healer there. It gets progressively worse when that healer starts rubbing it in the faces of other healers whether directly or indirectly. Now don't get me wrong. A healer should be proud of what they are capable of doing.

But there are a few problems when it comes to being a hero.

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WoW Moviewatch: Hero

Today's video comes from long time machinima fan, first time machinima maker Bridin. His first story uses the most classic of action tropes. The main character is just your average guy, the bad guys show up, things get bad, and your average guy is driven to become not-so-average. It's simple, but it works. Come on, who doesn't like Die Hard?

Overall, Hero is very good as a first outing. The soundtrack is appropriate, as is the foley. The animation is as close to natural as WoW gets, though the moving characters set on a stationary backdrop is always a little jarring. That just comes with the territory though and will just get better with time.

If I were to give one piece of advice, I would suggest practicing with a less epic tale for the next go around. It's understandably hard to include intense action sequences and things of that sort when it's your very first go at machinima, but some of the events seem to happen a bit randomly because of it. Any resistance the Alliance put up was off screen, except for our hero being punted off of a seemingly abandoned ship. Deus ex Diabolus keeps our hero from eating dirt. Making these sequences a bit more smooth and sensical would add a lot to these stories. I look forward to Bridin's future work, and considering Hero comes with the prefix Warcraft Stories, I'm hoping that there's a whole lot more coming our way.

Interested in the wide world of machinima? We have new movies every weekday here on WoW Moviewatch! Have suggestions for machinima we ought to feature? Toss us an e-mail at machinima AT wow DOT com.

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It came from the Blog: Join the Epic Harvest Brewfestival Ride

What happens when Harvest Festival and Brewfest collide? The It came from the Blog Epic Harvest Brewfestival Ride! On Saturday, those of us who are level 40 and above are going to dress up our Epic Mounts as Brewfest Kodos and ride to Honor a Hero in Ashenvale.

  • When: 4:30pm EDT (1:30pm PDT, 2:30pm Server Time) Saturday, October 3rd
  • Where: Meet in front of Orgrimmar on Zangarmarsh (U.S.)
  • Who: Any Horde character with an Epic Mount
  • How: Send a tell to Robinella or any It came from the Blog Lurker to join the guild
We will be earning enough tokens in Brewfest to obtain the ability to transform our mounts and then riding to honor Grom Hellscream. We will then return to Javnir Nashak and complete the one Harvest Festival quest (there is no Achievement). If you do not have a high enough level character on Zangarmarsh to participate, there is still plenty of time to make a Death Knight and complete the starter quests.

If you have any questions about It came from the Blog, please read our FAQ.

We hope you'll join us for the Epic Harvest Brewfestival Ride!

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The Queue: RaF'd dailies are delicious

Welcome back to The Queue,'s daily Q&A column where the team answers your questions about the World of Warcraft. Adam Holisky will be your host today.

I have to admit, o' faithful Queue readers, that I considered pawning off answering questions today to someone else so I could have more time to catch up on other work. Patch days can get quite busy around the head quarters.

Last night for example. Alex, Mike Sacco, and I had heard that there was a new raid lockout extension feature in place, so we rushed onto the Patch 3.2 PTR to grab some screenshots. Of course that meant we had to deal with the thing crashing every few minutes. And once we finally did make it into ZG to get a quick boss kill, Sacco disconnected and the server announced a shutdown in 5 minutes. But hey, we got the kill off and the screenshots captured with 15 seconds left until the shutdown. We won!

Aideros asked...

"When are more "hero classes", like the Death Knight, coming out? What are the speculations? Has anything been said about them since WotLK?"

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Illidan enters TCG play in Black Temple as Master Hero

Mike Hummel at the official WoW Trading Card Game site posted some interesting teasers about the upcoming Black Temple expansion. Specifically, the man behind Papa Hummel's biscuits brings us news of the new, bad-mofo Master hero: Illidan himself.

Illidan's going to be a Master Hero. At first glance, they play like most any other card. They start off in your deck, and they get shuffled into your hand as normal. However, when you can afford the resources to bring Illidan into play, he replaces your existing hero. He starts off with same states and effects as the hero he replaces -- this includes any counters and damage, or other effects like Gouge.

Of course, folks on the TCG forums aren't entirely convinced of Illidan's uberosity. As Zubino points out, you have to wait at least until turn 11 to get him out. If you're stalling until turn 11, then you need a whole lot of other oomph in your deck to be able to prop up the card. Still, being able to call out a Traitor ally every round is a nice ability, and we can all hope to boost him up a little more with Warglaives. And don't forget -- 35 health is nothing to sneeze at in a Hero card.

The Master hero definitely brings another facet of play to the TCG, which is about more than just the loot cards. Of course, now I have to wonder who the next Master hero will be.

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Breakfast Topic: Real Azrothean Heroes

Alex Ziebart and Elizabeth Wachowski do an excellent job of filling us in on the stories behind our World of Warcraft adventures in the regular Know Your Lore columns. I had very little experience with the real time strategy games that led to our beloved MMORPG. I find that learning the lore gives a bit more meaning to my level grinding.

As I've leveled up I've come across some really interesting NPCs, some more famous than others. I'd like to take some time to look at some of the lesser known heroes of Azeroth. Caregiver Inaara has to be the hardest working character in the game. Stationed as the Innkeper of Sun's Reach Harbor on the Isle of Quel'Danas. Reportedly an excellent companion, Inaara serves up cold brews to thousands of thirsty characters, tired from endless daily quests. Even as a newcomer to Azeroth, we know little about this blue beauty, except that she is a surviver and serves her patrons with an unflinching smile.

Sure there are famous folks like Jaina Proudmoore and Rexxar, but let's take some time to salute the little people. Who's you're hero?

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HKO: Dream Studio

I'm really excited that we'll be posting about Hello Kitty Online. I took some time to check out their fantastic Dream Studio. Dream Studio is a great resource for displaying your graphical talent to the Hello Kitty Online readers. There are many really fun videos in the Dream Studio, and everyone is welcome to share their creations. It's free to join the Hello Kitty Online community at Sanriotown.

I found this video for XO-Man. This movie is a part of a series of Hello Kitty and Friends Adventures videos. I think XO-Man is the best super hero ever! He has all of the characteristics I look for in a super hero. He's brave, cute, and strong. Most importantly he wears a cape and he's got a plan. I love the part where he knocks back all of the big, mean alligators in the video. I love that he's totally looking out for the little guy. XO-man, you're my hero!

Animal-Lover showed multiple talents in the following video. Not only can she make a super pretty video, but she can bake beautiful Kawaii Kupcakes too. She describes her video as "Cute and lovley cupcakes that I have baked all by myself."

Check out all the amazing talent over at Dream Studio!

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All the World's a Stage: It's not about saving the world

All the World's a Stage is brought to you by David Bowers every Sunday evening, investigating the mysterious art of roleplaying in the World of Warcraft.

All those people who say "Roleplaying is dead" simply misunderstand what RP in WoW is all about. It's not at all about stepping into your favorite fantasy novel and acting out an epic story in which you are the great hero, sacrificing everything to save Azeroth from the legions of evil. For that sort of storytelling, there are pen-and-paper role playing games, which allow for a great deal more flexibility than any computer system can. While the majority of fantasy literature uses this "save the world" motif, it doesn't work at all for roleplaying in WoW because things happen in the game that couldn't possibly happen in a story.

But that's okay, because when we roleplay in WoW, our focus should not be so grand and epic in scope. Instead it should be more personal and down-to-earth, about our own characters, their hopes and failings, and their relationships with others. For all the game's outward appearances of epic battles and the fight against evil, WoW roleplaying is really all about character development, relationships, and the expression of who you are. Think less of the latest Oscar-award-winning fantasy epic, and more of your favorite sitcoms or drama series.

Your character is a savior of the world and a regular nobody -- both at the same time. All of us do exciting, heroic things in the game, but, while Blizzard has put a lot of story elements in there, none of it is actual storytelling. For a roleplayer, most PvE is just background to the storytelling, something your characters do offstage -- kind of like food, paperwork, bathroom breaks, and sleep in the movies or novels you enjoy. Of course any event in life can be an important moment for your character, but in roleplaying, you have to let all the repetitive hero stuff fade into the background while your characters interact with one another.

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Mass Murder 101: How to be a hero

It's a fact that the majority of what we do in World of Warcraft is kill things. Nearly all the supplementary activities we engage in, from shopping to crafting, are all basically to help us improve the effectiveness of our violent capabilities. Many players have noted that if WoW were at all real, then nearly every one of our characters would be considered a genocidal maniac for all the people and creatures we have killed, and yet we view ourselves as heroes.

The idea is, of course, that most of the lives we take are really evil anyway, so we're actually doing the real good guys a favor. We kill tons of demons, ghosts, zombies, dragonkin, giants, and rabid beasts -- even most of the humanoids we kill are bandits or wicked cultists of one sort or another. This way we do lots of killing, but still feel as though we are heroes.

There are some situations in the game, however, that turn things around for us, in which our character is not the hero. While there are some higher-level instances such as the Black Morass, or the new Caverns of Time: Stratholme, in which one could argue either way whether what we're doing is good or evil, most of situations in which you are clearly the bad guy, as far as I am aware, have to do with the undead, and to a lesser extent the blood elves as well. Of course, you can argue that in general, undead are just misunderstood, and the blood elves are just tragically misled, but as in the case of quests in Hillsbrad that ask you to go slaughter human farmers, or help develop a new plague, there's really no denying that your character is doing something "morally wrong."

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Breakfast Topic: Old heroes with new stories

At the Lore panel at BlizzCon Chris Metzen mentioned that some old faces will appear in new ways in future content. We can expect Sylvanas to make an appearance, Bronzebeard will lead us to unlock the mysteries of the world's creation, Hellscream will lead the Horde into Northrend. Keeping this in mind, what heroes would you like to spend more time with? Is there anyone you would especially love to see again?

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Breakfast Topic: Hero classes

Hero classes were in the "on the horizon" section of the Under Development page for a long time, though they have since been removed. Tseric has said that they are still looking into "alternate character advancement," but we should maybe forget the term "Hero Class." At any rate, they've been since release one of the most desired improvements for the game by many players. So when someone comes forward claiming to be working for Blizzard and to have the inside scoop on how they're looking at hero classes these days, it gets me excited. Now there is, as the poster rightly points out, no credibility whatsoever to this information, aside from the fact, as Tobold says over at his blog, that it's just boring enough to be something Blizz would do.

Basically, each class would be able to specialize as one of the three different hero classes, each corresponding to one of the class's talent trees. Then, by spending "Hero Points," which will be earned in unspecified ways (but will be indefinite (!)) in a fourth, linear talent panel, they could gain access to special abilities. The hero classes would also have some passive benefits. It actually sounds pretty decent to me, except for the fact that, supposedly, your choice of hero class would be absolutely permanent, like profession specializations used to be. I think it would be much better to do it how profession specs are now -- you can re-specialize, but only if you completely unlearn the profession. With hero classes, I'd make it so you could choice a new one, but you'd lose all your invested Hero Points.

Anyway, that's the rumor. My question for you: how do you think they should do hero classes? Or is "hero class" just an outdated idea and we should focus on novel methods of character progression?

[via Tobold's MMORPG Blog]

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