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Most of Ghostcrawler's ideas were terrible, and that's awesome

Greg Street doesn't work at Blizzard anymore, but that hasn't stopped him (at all) from talking about game design and general product building concepts. As a industry nerd I find what he has to say incredibly interesting. A particular exchange recently happened:
Greg Street
My humble suggestion is that if you're not on board with a change, explain why, not that it was "promised."


And even if it was a promise, you should still be thankful if bad ideas get killed.


To underline even more: most of our ideas will be TERRIBLE. You don't want them in the game! Some will survive.

I absolutely love this. Designers fail, they're not perfect -- far from it. They're much like the artist who tries different combinations of things dozens of times until the music is perfected. And even then the song could be just a little bit better with just a little bit of a tweak. What Greg says here is entirely true and relevant, especially with today's issues the community is having with Blizzard.

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