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Finding out your HKO Marriage Index

Hello Kitty Online features great opportunities to learn more about yourself and explore your personality through exciting online quizzes.

You make a lot of choices as you go about your daily life, but did you know that your decisions can reflect your attitude and perspective towards love? Take some time to think about your favorite kind of shoes. Your choices are high-heeled/leather shoes, cloth shoes, track shoes, or slippers. Then answer the quiz question, it'll reveal a lot about your future!

Find out what your choice in shoes means about when you're going to get married after the break. I always want to know more about myself, so I just had to take the quiz.

What's your favorite kind of shoes?
High-heeled or leather shoes677 (41.9%)
Cloth shoes156 (9.7%)
Track Shoes398 (24.6%)
Slippers384 (23.8%)

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Forum post of the day: Rude emails

Alyse posted on the Hello Kitty Online official Staff Lounge forum that she's having a bad time with another player who's sending mean, nasty emails. Alyse had posted a video application for the Beta Test that other player left a rude comment about. They started exchanging emails and the other player has gotten totally out of line. She's completely missing the super-positive spirit of the game.

Alyse doesn't know what to do. She said "Then in the last e-mail she sent me she used full-fledged profanity at me. I refuse to curse when I'm upset and I find it very trashy to do so. I was completely offended by her e-mail so I chose to completely stop trying to reason with her and I deleted it." Tohomiko_K said that she sent an email to Alyse. I sure hope it's a nice one.

All I have to say to Alyse is, "you go girl!" She's really smart for deleting the last email and I'm really proud of her for not sinking to the cursing level. How would you respond to someone sending you rude messages in Hello Kitty Online?

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Addon Spotlight: Making the leap to HKO

As you are all aware, we are changing direction around here, so it has come time for Addon Spotlight to sail into uncharted waters. Unfortunately, I have been unable to find much of an addon community for Hello Kitty Online, so things may be a bit rough in the coming months, as developers start filling those little User Interface needs. I wanted to point out that this can be seen as an opportunity for new and exciting things. We've got a fresh start, folks, with all the world of Sanrio in front of us.

Many of you addon users may be wondering what mods we can expect in Hello Kitty Online. I am thinking we will see some savvy WoW addon developers releasing HKO-compatible versions of their addons in the future. I can't imagine any MMORPG without an Auctioneer-like addon. You can expect to see things like Outfitter, FuBar & Titan Panel, an Ace-like system and an entire library of compilations. Once beta-testing ends, and we see a release of Hello Kitty Online, sites similar to Curse Gaming, WoWInterface and WoWUI are bound to show up. With all these exciting weeks ahead of us, you can count on us at HKO Insider to provide all the latest HKO news, and yours truly will bring you all the best addons and mods.

As with addons, macros are still somewhat mysterious, but I promise you'll know more as I learn more about scripting in our new world. Come back after the catnap and I'll give you something to get you by until the full release of HKO.

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HKO Moviewatch: You can with Hello Kitty Online

When I was told about the new change to the site, I wasn't sure what to think. However, after some research, I discovered that HKO machinimators are so much more talented than their WoW counterparts, save for Shepiwot, of course.

In the video that Sanrio Digital made to show off their upcoming MMO, it's obvious that you can literally do almost anything. I can't say enough about this machinima. From the cinematic quality to the music, it's perfect in every way. I can hardly wait to try my hand at some in-world footage!

(WoW Moviewatch fans, if you're out there, send machinima to machinima AT wowinsider DOT com and help me convince them that they've made the wrong choice. Oh no! They're coming for me!)

Previously on the feature previously known as WoW Moviewatch ...

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HKO Rookie: Posting on the forums

It can be really hard to be new to any game or community. Sometimes you just don't know what to do or if a question has been asked before. Have no fear! It's not scary at all to join the community on Hello Kitty Online. There are lots of nice, helpful, fun people who can't wait to be your friend.

Hello Kitty Online's forum moderators have instituted a positive posting policy. The guidelines are written to make sure that everyone is nice to each other and new members feel safe and secure posting to the website. If you're interested in posting on the Hello Kitty Online forums, make sure you follow these guidelines that were posted by Ishida:

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Breakfast Topic: What's your favorite part of HKO?

There's just so much to love about Hello Kitty Online, the new game that we're now covering (thanks to a decision by the higher ups at AOL) 24/7. Maybe you love the character customization -- you can change your hair (why wait until some frozen expansion to do that, right?), clothes, accessories, shoes, or even your facial features. Or maybe it's farming, mining, cooking, tailoring, or one of the many other professions in the game (no Inscription but that sucked anyway, if you ask us). Or maybe it's just doing a little interior decorating -- unlike another game that we used to cover, HKO is going to have player housing from the start.

Yep, there are many, many things to love about Sanrio's upcoming game (not least of them the cutest characters ever made -- say what you will about Ragnaros, but nobody ever wanted to hug him). On this, our first HKO Insider Breakfast Topic ever, we're asking: what's your favorite part of Hello Kitty Online?

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