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Breakfast Topic: Are you a hoarder?

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It began innocently enough. My first toon was a druid who, like all druids, started collecting off sets. As the soulbound epics began to pile up, I rolled a bank alt to store the herbs and other sundry BoE items she amassed. And then I started collecting alts. And professions. And materials to level just about anything you could imagine, from reputation to first aid. Before I could intervene, the bank alt formed her own guild simply to manage the inventory.

On impulse one day, I decided the hoarding was too much. How many Bone Fragments does anyone really need, after all? Over the next few weeks, I auctioned off every item not directly related to profitable endgame crafting, making a substantial amount of gold in the process. There was order and storage and sanity -- until the turtle mount obsession kicked in. Maybe it's just me, but I'm incapable of vendoring potentially useful materials. Potions of Speed sell nicely, but not as quickly as the aptly named Pygmy Suckerfish float in, and a thousand hours of Guru's Elixir seems a tad excessive even for nine alts.

Do you too have a hoarding problem? Glacial Bags across the board filled with complete tier sets from every level? Rare materials of dubious value looted while getting Loremaster? Stacks of epic gems you can't auction off rapidly enough? Fel Armaments in case someday you might want to become exalted with Aldor? Rows of Northsea Pearls you have no idea what to do with? Am I really the only person whose fifth guild bank tab is given over to something as questionable as Pygmy Oil?

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Breakfast Topic: My life is a mess

While I am perfect in most every way, there is one notable area where I am lacking -- organization.

My desk at work has stacks of old reports, many from months ago. There are tons of Post-it notes all around with phone numbers and addresses; to whom they belong, I have no clue. But if it wasn't important, I wouldn't have written it down. The notes stay. (Especially the ones with scribbles of dinosaurs.)

My Warcraft life is no different. I was doing yet another run through of Hellfire Ramparts yesterday on my shaman alt, and I struggled to find a place to put Gargolmar's Hand in my bag. And Omor's Hoof. And ... oh god, there's a third item for this quest, too? What the heck am I going to throw out?

Somehow, the fact that I still had Ice Cold Milk in my bag eluded me for the last 40 levels or so. And Umi's Mechanical Yeti? I don't hate myself enough to spend an hour flying around Kalimdor to actually finish that quest. Six slots are full of Argent Dawn memorabilia. There are probably even a couple of grays in here, but I'll be damned if I can find them when it's time to vendor.

I tried solving the problem by creating a bank alt, but if you couldn't guess, the bank alt's bags quickly became a mess.

Are you a hoarder too? Is there something in your bags that's hopelessly out of date, and yet you can't bring yourself to get rid of it? And good god, man, what am I going to do with these seven stacks of Peacebloom?

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