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What's your dream cast for the Warcraft movie?

A few weeks ago, Hollywood headlines were filled with talk that director Sam Raimi is trying to secure Hilary Swank for his next film, Oz: The Great and Powerful. Now, I know that's not especially interesting to the Warcraft community, but it got me thinking about the Warcraft film again, since Raimi will eventually be directing it. Who will Raimi try to cast in the Warcraft movie?

Then around the same time, the WoW Insider team got word on the further developments of Michele Morrow's campaign to land the role of Sylvanas Windrunner. This sparked the idea that someone on staff should put together a dream cast for the future Warcraft movie. As the token film school dropout, I jumped on the assignment and promptly put together the most expensive movie cast list ever.

Be sure to let us know what your picks for the Warcraft film would be!

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Gary Whitta worked on a Warcraft screenplay

You'll notice that I surreptitiously left the question of "screenwriter" out of the other day's Breakfast Topic. That's because, quite frankly, I have no idea who I want writing the Warcraft movie. The folks I really like in Hollywood are probably too quirky to write an epic movie like this, and the folks who usually write these epic movies are too lame to handle a world like Warcraft. In my mind, only someone like Metzen should wield the pen for this one, and even then, his strengths lie in creating universes, not dialog. So I have no idea.

But apparently there's already a screenplay being worked on: with the news that Sam Raimi is taking the helm, screenwriter Gary Whitta (who's written both for games and movies) says he'd been working with both Legendary and Blizzard on crafting a screenplay that included both the sprawling world and a story that would resonate with non-players. But he says that since Raimi took over, it's likely the whole thing will go in another direction, as "his own pretty specific vision of what he wanted to do story-wise." Whitta does say, however, that, from what he's heard, "Raimi is the best possible director for this." Sounds good to us.

It'll be quite a tightrope to walk: depending on what Legendary actually wants out of the film, they've got to make the story interesting and pressing enough that even non-WoW players will get into it without ruining and/or ignoring the reason why there are so many players in the first place: the lush and intriguing universe we've all enjoyed playing in. Anyone tasked with putting together a script that uses all of those blocks to build something great will have quite a job ahead of them.

[via Blue's News]

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Breakfast Topic: Casting the WoW movie

I have to admit, this one caught me by surprise, but with the continuing fashion of adding "murloc" into every possible movie title available (this is especially funny with James Bond films, IMO -- "The Murloc who Loved Me", "Live and Let Murloc" but I digress...) I suppose it was the next progression of silly things to overhear in /guildchat, or in the /trade channel late at night.

As rumors of the WoW movie travel around, people are talking about who would be the perfect casting choices for the various characters that they might present if they're touching upon the lore in World of Warcraft. As you can see from the image above, one of the people I heard suggested was Reese Witherspoon, cast as the powerful but somehwat naive Jaina Proudmoore. I've heard a lot of other interesting choices, but rather than bogging down this post with the ones I overheard, I figured I'd toss this one out and see what you all thought. If they do a live-action film based on the Warcraft universe, who would you pick for the roles, and why? For that matter, what race and class do you think some of your favorite stars would be if they were cast -- but just as non-lore characters? (And a bonus cookie* if you can name -- and justify -- which star would make the best murloc!)

*cookie available in .jpg format only. The real one will be eaten in your honor, if that helps any.

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