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Breakfast Topic: Where does your character live?

Alliance inn
This Breakfast Topic has been brought to you by Seed, the AOL guest writer program that brings your words to WoW Insider's pages.

Most people spend their afk time these days in Orgrimmar or Stormwind. Before that, it was Dalaran, and before that, it was Shattrath. It wasn't always like this, and for some of us, it never has been.

For example, in vanilla WoW, my home was Ratchet. Despite the guards, I felt the town belonged to the Horde, and my friends and I made any alliance in Ratchet KoS. Naturally, we weren't welcomed in Booty Bay when we hit STV, but that's another story. In The Burning Crusade, it was Halaa. Come Hellfire Peninsula or Azerothian tsunami, I was in Nagrand watching for that place to go hot. In Wrath, if you asked my guildies where I was, they'd tell you I was in Wintergrasp, sitting on the steps talking to passersby.

It's not that there's anything wrong with my computer (anymore), but I like world PvP. I like being able to escape trade chat spam without turning it off (because sometimes, people actually use it for trade). But mostly, I like feeling like part of the game world is under my protection.

Do you have an in-game home, and how did you choose it? Are you the secret spouse of an NPC in Dustwallow Marsh? Do you AFK in Exodar because you know no one else will bother you there? Or are you one of the last protectors of Astranaar after weeks of watching it get overrun by Horde in vanilla WoW?

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What are the implications of a real-dollar auction house?

It was just revealed that Diablo 3 will feature a dual-currency auction house for in-game gold and for real currency, allowing players to spend real money for Diablo 3 items. Blizzard will not sell those items directly but rather will facilitate auctions between players. Players will receive real currency for their sales, and Blizzard will take a cut off the sales of real-currency items. Blizzard is entering some pretty crazy territory with the Diablo 3 auction house, and the implications may be even more huge for the massively multiplayer market than for the Diablo multiplayer experience.

One of WoW's biggest issues that currently plagues Blizzard (as well as the MMO genre in general) is the existence of a gray market in which companies sell in-game currency to willing buyers against the game's terms of service. Many free-to-play MMOs and online games combat this market by selling their own currencies for use in-game, making the currency non-tradeable, or selling items in a microtransaction marketplace. Blizzard has not yet made a free-to-play MMO where these concepts could come to any kind of fruition, and WoW's virtual goods store is very limited in scope and price point.

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Local paper profiles TCG $50k winner

This is cool -- after local paper the Winter Park/Maitland Observer (near Orlando, Florida) heard that the winner of Upper Deck's last WoW TCG World Championships was from the same area, they went and found him, fittingly, in a game store. William Postlewaite, a.k.a. Billy P, won $50,000 just for playing the WoW Trading Card Game very, very well.

While there's not a lot of info on the actual mechanics behind his win (this is a local paper, after all), it's very interesting to get a look at the player himself -- he works at the game store while going to school to learn finance, and spent about two months testing decks of cards with a friend before he found the one that he thought could go all the way. And what's he doing with all of his winnings? He's planning to buy a house. Smart play. You always hear about these wild sums being won by card game players -- good to know that this set of winnings is going to what seems like a good guy.

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Do botters really matter?

Blizzard has had the big botting ban now in place for a couple of weeks, and there are a few people I've noticed who are not online. Additionally I've noticed a change in the auction house price. There are some items like low level enchanting mats that are going for tons more, and others such as high level crafting mats which are going for much less. This is outside of the normal market fluctuations on my server, and many people attribute to the removal of botters.

This could be a fallacy of causation – the removal of botters might not have lead to the shakeup at the auction house. There really is no way to prove it, other than the circumstantial evidence of price fluctuations timed with the removal of often-botted items. And in the end, these price fluctuations end up being a wash anyways – the extra that is spent on the lower level items is more than likely offset by the cheaper higher level items.

Between the recent wave of bannings and the seemingly nominal impact the ban has had on the overall economy, this begs the questions – do botters really matter? And should Blizzard just ignore them?

While it might seem like the answer is a firm no, let's take a look at some of the underlying reasons and assumptions that people bot and why it's considered bad. In particular we'll look at reasons surrounding leveling, playing the economy, and engaging in PvP.

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The Evil Children of Goldshire?

After seeing The Omen remake earlier & looking for some discussion of its lameness, I was browsing the official WoW forums & came across this interesting thread, which makes it seem like the peaceful little town of Goldshire might not be so bright & sunny under the surface.

It seems that some folks have spotted a group of unexplained, evil-looking children, standing in a pentagram-type formation, appearing sporadically  in one of the houses in town...because you know you can't go anywhere these days without tripping over a satanic toddler. Nobody seems to be able to interact with them, and creepy music is reported to be heard in their presence.

I've read through a ton of the over 666 posts on the thread, and I still can't figure out whether this is always in the game, or the result of an event or quest, so I'm going to go check it out myself as soon as possible; I'll report back after I investigate. As soon as I'm sure I won't get ganked for going within 100 yards of the Faire, that is...

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