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My wife likes to tame wolves in swamps

One of the more interesting facets to having a wife who plays World of Warcraft (heck, she started playing in the old Beta, way before I did) is that you find yourself taking your newly 70 Draenei Shaman into Dustwallow Marsh to spend several hours popping Heroism so that she can tame a Grimtotem Spirit Guide before it dies in seven seconds. You can see how other folks did it here and we posted a how-to here, but I never expected I'd be doing it.

It's not the first time that I've found myself doing something like this. I helped sneak into Zul'Gurub to tame windserpents, I've taken my orc warrior to Winterspring to get her Sian-Rotam (and I noticed while we were there this time to get her Juju Flurry for the tame attempt that the Ursius quest is open to Alliance now) and once or twice I may have accidentally killed Lupos before she could tame him.

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Adventures in Azeroth: Collecting unique pets

Welcome to another episode of Adventures in Azeroth, where I document my misadventures as a new Hunter on a new server. (Want to check up on my progress? You're welcome to join me and a whole group of readers in the It Came from the Blog guild on Zangarmarsh!) But this week I'm not really talking about playing (I haven't leveled much since the last episode of Adventures in Azeroth) -- instead, I'm talking about the crazy lure of hard to find Hunter pets, and my new-found pokemon-esque desire to catch-em-all.

However, practical concerns have limited my collecting. After all, one pet is quite enough work to keep leveled on its own -- much less if I had a pair. But, after noticing that every last Blood Elf hunter with an Eversong Woods cat identical to my pet Mittens, I decided I had to do something about it. I didn't want to be just-another-Blood-Elf-Hunter -- I wanted to be... well... unique! So I went searching for a new pet, one that every run-of-the-mill Hunter wouldn't have.

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