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Beast mastery hunters may escape Stampede nerf

Blizzard Lead Systems Designer Greg "Ghostcrawler" Street posted a lengthy Dev Watercooler yesterday, focused on Mists of Pandaria PvP.

Within that Dev Watercooler, one thing he mentioned was the extremely high burst being put out by Beast Mastery Hunters, saying:

Beastmastery Hunters – We agree that stacking too many cooldowns to blow someone up is not interesting, skillful, or fair. (I also want to be clear that with all of these issues, we're not blaming players for using the tools that we gave them; we're blaming ourselves.) We're taking a hard look at the various Hunter cooldowns with the intention of reducing their burst. Hunters are receiving a buff in that they will no longer need to swap between Aspect of the Hawk and Aspect of the Fox. We also hope these changes help result in higher representation of Survival and Marksman Hunters.

Very shortly after the Dev Watercooler was posted, Ghostcrawler took to twitter, announcing that a substantial bug had been discovered, which only affected beast mastery hunters in the arena:
Community Manager Zarhym emailed us late last night to inform us that the bug had been isolated and added to the beast mastery hunter-specific section of the blog. The bug is now detailed as follows:

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You could get snaked

Despite weeks of reports and player testing of the latest patch, when 2.3 hit, there were many unforeseen changes. For hunters in particular, the post-patch experience has been one of surprise and adjustment. Even aside from the undocumented changes such as the loss of feign death removing the hunter from combat, or our traps being restricted to one target, there have been many bugs that have left the hunter community scratching their heads.

Of course, hunters were not dealt a losing hand. In fact, many of the changes have significantly improved the hunter's viability in the arena, and just in time for season three. Unfortunately, the fact that hunter pets are wiping Kara raids left and right seems to be what's fresh in everyone's minds.

Yet, in this time of frustration and uncertainty, we can take solace in a quirky little bug that may actually provide more amusement than ghost runs. Snake trap has reportedly been sending snakes after members of the opposing faction, whether flagged or not. Because you cannot set the trap off yourself, and because an unflagged player won't be tripping it either, if you're going to pull this prank, you're going to need some help. Not that I endorse pranks, you know.

First, choose a target that you won't be kicking while down, and make sure that your snakes aren't strong enough to actually kill the player (unless you're just mean like that I guess). Then challenge your friend to a duel. All you need to do is lay your trap near the character, and have your friend set it off. The unsuspecting player will be awfully confused when he or she gets bit in the shin.

The downside to this bug is the fact that, should you find yourself surrounded by snakes, and you actually hit one, you will become flagged. In this way, this bug is a temporary means to lure a player into combat. What do you think about this bug; is it fun, or is it annoying?

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Post 2.3 hunter chaos - updated

As many of you may have already heard, the Hunter forums are in an uproar today over several changes and bugs that have come with Patch 2.3. Unfortunately, some of the clamor is shadowing other important Hunter issues.

Amanda Rivera pointed out that hunters have lost their ability to double, or even triple, trap, and although many hunters were not using this exploit, a large proportion were. Even though this might be a fair fix, I imagine that for many hunters, the raids they have "on farm" will suddenly be much more confusing.

As Robin reported earlier, hunters can no longer use feign death on a boss fight in order to be removed from combat (you can still drop aggro) and go have a drink. Officially, this is a bug fix, and in fact, many hunters had not even realized that they could go take a swig during a boss encounter. Unfortunately, this is not just impacting a Hunter's ability to pump up their mana pool; it's also affecting their ability to feed their pets.

It is being reported that pets are losing happiness at a faster rate post-patch, and that while raiding, because a hunter can no longer feign death and feed their pet, the prospect of using their pet while raiding, or achieving maximum benefit from doing so, is looking somewhat grim for many.

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