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Cataclysm: Stat and system changes for hunters

Blizzard has given us a bit more information about Cataclysm stats and exactly how they'll be changing. Reading between the lines it seems clear that the intent of the announcement was to keep the hunter community well-informed, and they then went ahead and tossed in some info about other classes while they were at it. But I think it's pretty clear they were talking to us.

Here's the relevant scoop for hunters:
  • Stamina: We'll have a lot more -- much closer to the plate amount. This will be true across the board for non-plate classes.
  • Intellect: We won't get it on gear anymore. Since, you know, we won't be using mana.
  • Attack Power: No longer on gear for "most items." AP will still be a part of the game, and we'll probably still have talents like Trueshot Aura that boost our AP, it's just not a number that we'll be seeing on our gear. Existing gear will have its AP converted into agility and stamina.
  • Resilience: This stat will finally become a pure PvP stat and will only work against players, and won't reduce crit chance.
  • Armor: The difference in armor between mail and plate will be smaller.
  • Gem Color: It's not certain, but hit rating gems are probably going to become blue gems, implying that hit/agility will be purple.
  • Haste: Will let us recover focus faster.
  • Mastery: We didn't get a whole lot of new information on this new stat, other than "...will allow players to become better at whatever makes their chosen talent tree cool or unique."
  • Agility: Will likely now give us 2 attack power and probably a slightly lower crit chance boost than it does now.
  • Armor Penetration: Going away entirely from gear. It'll still be in the game as talents, but not a stat that we have to pay attention to for our gear lists. Anything that currently has ArP on it will have that ArP converted into haste and crit. Keep in mind that haste is probably going to be more appealing to us when this change happens too.
Join me after the cut as we contemplate what some of these changes may mean for us hunters.

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