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Breakfast Topic: Is your WoW subscription currently inactive?

Breakfast Topic Is your WoW subscription currently inactive
WoW Insider readers are a curious bunch. Among the WoW community, WoW Insider seems to have gathered a disproportionately large number of readers who religiously follow game news, editorials, and features yet don't actively play. Sometimes they have no intention of playing again any time soon, but they love the game and the game community enough that they enjoy keeping up with the latest developments on at least a semi-regular basis.

Probably every reader who's glanced at the comments has noticed That Guy who doesn't play anymore but who complains bitterly about everything he feels is wrong. (Usually, the commenter's sense of wrongness extends from the game to WoW Insider and even the post author themselves. We actually don't consider a WI blogger to be seasoned until he or she has been called "everything that's wrong with WoW Insider/WoW today.") These bitter old retirees are often the butts of mockery for their inability to let go of a game they once held dear. Personally, I cut these guys some slack; they're sad because the game has moved on in a way that no longer suits them, yet they just can't let go of the game they love.

But it's not just the grumpy old-timers who stick around WoW Insider long after their game accounts have gone dark. Plenty of players find themselves on WoW sabbaticals and leaves with some regularity, frequently due to the seasonal demands of work or school. For others, their subscription periods ebb and flow in relation to their personal finances.

Are you an inactive WoW player?
Sound off here if your WoW game account is currently inactive!2590 (38.9%)
I'm active -- just show me the poll results.4068 (61.1%)

If your WoW subscription isn't currently active, tell us why you continue to keep up with the game and if and when you intend to play again.

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Patch 4.3 PTR: Inactive guild leader replacement

Blizzard has announced a new guild feature that just went live on the patch 4.3 PTR that allows a guild to oust their inactive guild leader if he or she has been away for 30 days. The entire guild will be notified via the in-game guild notification news and events window that their leader is inactive, and members with high rankings will be able to request guild leadership. Transfer of the guild will happen instantaneously.

Active guild leaders have nothing to fear. This is not a system for deposing current leaders or voting out current guild masters. This system is in place to allow members of an active guild to wrest control of the guild's functions from an inactive leader, not perform democratic voting procedures. Many guilds are at the mercy of GMs to fix inactive problems, and this system frees up customer support for more important tasks.

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Free 7 days of game time for select unsubscribed players

Blizzard is offering, via email, select inactive accounts the chance to return to the game with free seven days worth of game time. These emails are what appears to be a special unannounced promotion for those that have left Azeroth, coinciding with the five year anniversary of WoW.

We can confirm these emails are legitimate, the links and headers all point back to servers. And indeed a blue over in the Customer Service forums has more or less confirmed that it's legit.

These kinds of promotions are not all that uncommon in the MMO world. Several companies that have MMOs of varying degrees of success have offered them in the past -- they're a nice way to get some old players back and make them feel like part of the community again.

We want to be sure we're clear: it appears these emails are not going to all unsubscribed accounts. If you have an unsubscribed account, don't count on getting one; right now it looks like it's just random chance whether or not you'll get some free game time.

Thanks to AishaLove for the help!

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