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Choose My Adventure: Live streaming of Robinemia's insanity

Choose the adventures of the staff as we level our characters in <It came from the Blog> on Zangarmarsh (US-PvE-H).

Robinemia is streaming right now via Justin.TV for the next hour or so. We're going to be beating up Syndicate again. You wanted grinding. You're getting grinding. I think we'll all have earned the Insane title by the end of this, whether we get the actual in-game one or not.

Join us in-game if you are in the high 20s or higher or watch us on the stream. I use the audio on the stream as a kind of voice chat. Only it's just me ... babbling. If you're looking for serious business, this isn't it. Seriously.

Also, I'm sorry in advance for the funsuckers. They can't help themselves. Their lives are so sad that they have nothing better to do than try to ruin other people's fun. But they can't. We're going to have fun in spite of them. They are destined to fail and therefore deserve our pity. Awwww.

Please join us on Zangarmarsh (US-PvE-H) in <It came from the Blog>. Ask any member online for an invite; guild ranks of "Blog Lurker" or above have the power. You are all welcome as long as you play by our simple rules, that can be summed up with "Don't be a Funsucker!" Also, please see the guild FAQ for the most common questions.

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Fan-made Cuddle me Yoggy

Greyseer of Lorecrafted posted this cute little version (that site there is slow, but don't worry, we've mirrored all the pictures for you to browse through below, so don't take bandwidth from there if you don't have to) of the Old God of Death the other day, and he's just about as adorable as an ancient, malevolent deity can get. For some reason, Blizzard's new big bad has captured the fascination of their fans, and Greyseer has chosen a cloth-based representation of the fearsome creature.

He says he only had the patience to make about five maw/eyes, and the fabric he used for Yoggy's belly has hearts on it, but we think that just adds to the charm. His little flipper/tentacle hands are great, too, and Greyseer calls the plush a "prototype," so maybe more are on the way. We're constantly amazed at what you players can do with some fabric and thread -- keep these plushy bad guys coming!

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The OverAchiever: Starting Glory of the Hero

Time for some thrilling heroics. -- Jayne, "The Train Job"

When I look at the Dalaran landing pad, I see fewer red proto-drakes than I should be. This pains me, dear readers. The 5-man heroic achievements are a lot of fun, if admittedly time consuming, and they force you to think on your feet and wring the most out of your character's abilities. Plus - it's a proto-drake. If you didn't get a 10-man or 25-man drake before 3.1 hit, you're out of luck there. Odds are good that you're still waiting for a green one to hatch out of the worthless egg that snake-oil salesman from the Oracles sells you, some jerk is camping the Time-Lost spawn 24/7, and the worst DPS in your Pinnacle PuG was the guy who won the blue drake off of Skadi, right right?

A lot of the WoW population has been at 80 for a while now and has some quality gear under their belts, much of it obtainable without setting foot in a raid. You should be able to pull off all of the 5-man heroic achievements in decent blues with a good group. I highly recommend trying to run with a stable set of players and -- if at all possible -- at least one Shaman. This is more true if your group is still gearing up and needs the damage boost provided by Bloodlust/Heroism.

I thought initially about organizing these from the easiest to the hardest, but I think it's ultimately less confusing to list them dungeon by dungeon. We'll address each dungeon alphabetically, so let's get started with Ahn'kahet:

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The Great WoW Insider Stormwind Stampede

This was the scene last night on the Horde side of Zangarmarsh, as WoW Insider's It Came from the Blog made bovine history and ran roughly 500 cows from Mulgore to Stormwind. Amidst shouts of "For the Herd!" and "Moooo," hundreds of level one Taurens appeared in Camp Narache -- blue shirts were premade by our own Krystalle and given out to the guildies that showed up, but first we ran out of shirts, and then we ran out of guild invites as we hit the system limit. Last I heard we had eight raid groups going, we had taken over one Ventrilo server, tons of guilds from both Zangarmarsh and other realms (including those down for maintenance) got involved, and at least a few thousand yells went out across the land. Finally, at 8pm server, Krystalle counted us down and the race began.

We stuck to the road for a good thirty seconds, but eventually got split up in the Barrens-- we'd planned to all go on the Zep, but another group (including me), split off to take the boat from Ratchet. In Stranglethorn, many burgers were made-- I stuck to the center of the group and watched cows get downed by tigers left and right. I didn't die until Westfall, when stupid human guards on the road decided to one-shot me.

Finally, at Stormwind, the scene was chaos-- cows dead everywhere, as stepping inside an Alliance city, even on a PvE server, flags you. People were AoEing on the Stormwind bridge, and even just inside the city, guards were felling cows left and right. A few people made it to the tram (unfortunately, the closest graveyard useable by Horde is all the way at the Eastvale Logging Camp, so it was a long run back), but we heard that the first person to find our Alliance plant, Insiderspy, and blow her a kiss, was Fiverr, our winner. Fiverr gets exactly what everyone else got, though-- a great time. Here's a gallery of what happened (updated as we add more and more photos to it), and we'll put more videos after the break as we find and hear about them. Thanks to everyone who came out! For the Herd!

*edited to add* Another video is available after the jump!

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