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Time between Cataclysm pre-event phases ramping up

Many people have been concerned or complaining about the time between each phase of the Cataclysm pre-events going on right now in Orgrimmar and Stormwind, and Blizzard has responded with some excellent news. Zarhym recently posted that the time between the start of phase 2 and phase 3 was shorter than the previous phases, and players can expect the time between phase 3 and phase 4 to be even shorter. According to my calculations, there is the potential to see phase 4 at the beginning of the week, probably Monday or Tuesday. We live in exciting times.

Re: Phase 3 of the Elemental Invasion

I cant wait till the invasion starts, as right now the quests are over so fast that you get bored again in just a few mins : \

The time between the start of stage 2 and stage 3 was shorter. I can tell you the current plan is to make the time between stage 3 and 4 even shorter. ;)

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Elemental invasion phase 2 begins

Head over to Ironforge and Orgrimmar for a couple new quests, because phase 2 of the elemental invasion has begun! For the Alliance, Gavan Grayfeather has you subduing some agitated earth spirits after drinking some elemental sapta and finding out what happened to the courier bringing the tablets of earth from Ulduar, as per Magni's request.

For the Horde, you'll be rounding up some agitated fire elementals after drinking some sapta and helping Earthmender Norsala get the tablets of fire after Durak Flamespeaker is ambushed by a Twilight Seeker.

If all goes according to plan and each week we get the next phase of the invasion, we may see the next wave happening Monday, Nov. 15. City invasions, random dungeon bosses and more await us in the near future! We live in exciting times, ladies and gentlemen.
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The Zombiepocalypse: One year later

Reader Verdus sent us a tip reminding us that this weekend is the one-year anniversary of one of the simultaneously most loved and hated events in WoW's history, the zombiepocalypse. Right around this time last year, infected crates started appearing all over the world, and that expanded out into a full-blown zombie invasion (which was so big it made it out into mainstream news). After the zombie plague had been quelled, the Scourge attacked with full force, leaving us to fall back and fight for our necrotic runes up until the expansion released. It was definitely a huge event, and now, a year later, I'm sure most of us (though not all of us) look back on it with fond memories.

And surely Blizzard learned a lot from what happened a year ago -- Linedan has a nice wrapup of the good and the bad that Blizzard may have taken away from the zombie apocalypse. The idea of turning players on players was great, but that unfortunately led to more griefing than most players would have liked (and the fact that, by the end of it, you couldn't avoid the zombies at all, probably didn't help). And for all of the disruption, there was no real reward (the eventual rewards came with the Scourge invasion, and then it was simply just farming tokens), and no real payoff (the final world event seemed half-cooked, and it was only implied that Arthas was the one who'd shipped the crates).

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Battle for Orgrimmar and Stormwind videos

The battles against the Scourge in Stormwind and Orgrimmar continue to rage (once every 20 minutes), but if you're not in a position where you can see the event firsthand, some fantastic readers have contributed some videos for us, and for all of you.

You can see the Orgrimmar version above, and the Stormwind version past the cut below. Neither video does the chaos of the event justice, but no video ever will. It's something you need to be there for, I think. No video gives you the "holy crap, did that just happen!?" feel of Varian Wrynn leaping through the air and tearing an abomination asunder. The fight between Thrall and Garrosh is ridiculously cool, too. I highly recommend trying to see these events before they go away, but these videos will do for now, and our thanks go out to Chrono of Silvermoon-EU and Ben H. for them.

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The Scourge Invasion makes a swift return

A bit earlier, I reported that many servers (including my own) witnessed the Scourge Invasion come to a close on their realms. This included the necropoleis retreating, the gloomy clouds overhead dissipating, and a bulk of the Argent Dawn forces taking their leave. A few hours later... it all came back.

It didn't just come back, it seems this portion has restarted entirely, 'kill counter' reset to zero. The clouds rolled back in, and the Argent Dawn tents in each capital poofed back into existence. Was its disappearance a bug with patch 3.0.3? Did the Scourge retreat after a certain number of battles won, and they weren't supposed to? The magic number we've been seeing thrown around is 300 battles, but we don't have anything to back that number up, just anecdotal evidence. A lot of people have said the same thing, but repetition doesn't mean it's true.

Not all servers saw this go down, so what happened? We have no idea, but the invasion is not over. It just sort of nodded off for a little. I guess the Herald of the Lich King needs a nap now and then.

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Around Azeroth: Jurassic Zombie

If they make yet another sequel to everyone's favorite modern-day dinosaur movie, Jurassic Park, we at WoW Insider feel that the film would best be served by being shot entirely in World of Warcraft. The Devilsaur, of course, would have a starring role. And did we mention the zombies? Yes, such a cinematic jewel would, by necessity, feature zombies. We had a screenplay half-finished when this screenshot from Cinate of Sasquatch Vanguard on Azgalor arrived, showing us that our Jurassic Zombie concept had already been done, and better than we could have ever imagined it. In the meantime, our search for fame and glory continues. Raiders of the Lost Zombie, perhaps?

Do you have any unusual World of Warcraft images that are just collecting dust in your screenshots folder? We'd love to see it on Around Azeroth! Sharing your screenshot is as simple as e-mailing with a copy of your shot and a brief explanation of the scene. You could be featured here next!

Remember to include your player name, server and/or guild if you want it mentioned. We strongly prefer full screen shots without the UI showing -- use alt-Z to remove it. Please, no more battleground scoreboards.

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Zombies in Azeroth: A night of terror

There is a slowly growing chaos on the realms right now -- in the far reaches of Outland and even Azeroth, things are as normal, but slowly a plague creeps across the land. Westfall has fallen on many servers, and even our greatest leaders have become infected themselves, and the hordes continue to grow and lurch in search of living flesh.

Below you can see the sights of tonight's Zombie invasion. Someone has put some curious infested crates in Booty Bay, and as a result, Azeroth's population, NPCs and players alike, are slowly becoming something even worse than dead. If you've got some great screenshots of tonight's festivities, send them in to our tip line -- we'll be adding to this gallery of the zombie world event in the days to come... assuming we live that long.

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Blizzard ices up the WoW homepage logo

It's begun. The cold is coming. Be warned. The land itself will rise up against you. Long-forgotten terrors will smother your courage. In the end, all that awaits you... is death.

So come then, you heroes! Come in all your power and glory! For in the final hour, all must serve... the one, true king.

[ Thanks, Lenny! ]

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Scourge Invasion FAQ

For those of you who have left comments asking specific questions about the ongoing Scourge Invasion event, this post over on the official forums might just be what you're looking for; it's a FAQ (frequently asked questions, for you acronym-impaired) all about the Scourge event, that answers just about all the questions we know the answers to so far. We still don't know how long the event will last or what it will take to defeat the invasion, but there are plenty of tips here to get you started on the path. Kudos to player Ghostwalka for putting it all together.

My experience so far with the event has been limited to taking on a few isolated undead in Stormwind & encoutering a Necropolis in Winterspring that scared the heck out of me when I first saw it. I plan to dive headfirst into the events this weekend, though, and this post has me surious to see some of the things that will happen. Check it out & while you're out there battling the Scourge, report anything new you find back here to us!

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The Scourge Invades!

When I first flew into Stormwind yesterday, I thought there was something wrong with my monitor. A thick, choking haze filled the air, and a group of mysterious soldiers had set up camp in town and were spreading disturbing news. The Scourge has invaded Azeroth, and all able-bodies have been called to her defense.

The invaders chosen method of conquest is by the use of an armada of flying necropolis'. Yes, it's an odd concept, and no, I have no idea how they make cities fly, much less dead ones, but I saw it with my own eyes, so take my word for it...these things are huge.

Swarms of powerful undead have flooded the Plaguelands, Azshara & other areas, gaining their power from mysterious obelisks scattered throughout the land. Horde & Alliance could be seen fighting side-by-side against the unholy legions, trying to destroy the crystals. Who knows how long the combined forces of both factions will be able to stave off the invaders...but it's been pretty freakin' cool so far.

Have you heeded the call to arms against the Scourge? Seen anything interesting during the event so far? Let us know...

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