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Phat Loot Phriday: Iron Boot Flask

When we last left our heroes, Throgg was complaining about Garrosh, essentially proving his membership in the Horde ... or, alternatively, proving his membership in the Alliance. Hatred of Garrosh is a unifying force in Azeroth, similar to love of Legos in the real world.

The four rode into Tirisfal without much fanfare. Lolegolas was careful to guide the party away from the dirt road, staying out of sight from the undead guards who stalked the kingdom's highway. Throgg grew increasingly quiet.

"I've not smelled Abercrombie," the Gilnean said quietly. "Not a whiff of a food court, Hot Topic, or Cinnabon within miles."

Miranda stared at the druid hard for a moment. "You stealing my gig, Spot?"

"My name is not Spot," the Gilnean replied absently. "We'll have to go into Undercity beneath Lordaeron." He frowned, and his jaw clenched. "Hate that place."

Lolegolas clapped the Gilnean on the shoulder, speaking quietly. "If it helps at all, we do, too. No one likes reminders of bad days."

"This is very touching, but let's keep to business. We'll need to take the sewer exit in," Miranda said. "We could maybe hitch a ride with one of the inevitable Alliance raids, but I think we're better off sneaking in. Ride flying mounts to stick near to the ceiling, maybe, until we get close to Sylvanas."

"And then we all die horribly?" Lolegolas said. "We can accomplish that plan anywhere, we don't have to go into Undercity to do it."

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Relics of Ulduar and Iron Boot Flask changed in patch 3.0.8

One of the cooler vanity items you can get in Wrath of the Lich King is the Iron Boot Flask, which turns you into an Iron Dwarf for 10 minutes every hour. Currently it only costs 10 Relics of Ulduar (an item that has a chance to drop off of anything in Storm Peaks), but that's going to change in patch 3.0.8. The Relics themselves are losing their current Soulbound status, but the Boot Flask will cost a jarring 250 Relics of Ulduar.

That price makes a whole lot of sense for an item like this, to be honest. Similar items, the Orb of the Sin'dorei and the Orb of Deception are both pretty rare. It's unusual that this one was so cheap, but it's probably a side effect of the item originally only having one charge in earlier incarnations of the item. Nowadays it has infinite uses but with a cooldown, so that higher price is deserved. You still have a chance to get it before the price change, and I really recommend you do. Especially when you consider the other change coming to the Relics and the Sons of Hodir.

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