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Ghostcrawler explains just WTF this is, plus a drinking story

While I can't say this article has anything to do with WoW, we can't really resist posting about Ghostcrawler telling a story where there are broken bottles at a dive bar out on the beach. First though, Greg explains exactly WTF is pictured above -- an image that has been floating around the internet as of late.

It's a big isopod, somewhat related to the "rolly pollies' you can probably find in your yard. Imagine a slow, flattened shrimp with heavy armor. It's a pretty effective body plan overall, because the critters have managed to expand into a lot of niches.

The ocean is big, old and three-dimensional (related to terrestrial environments anyway, which tend to confine life to a few meters near the ground) not to mention poorly explored. There is some crazy stuff down there.

Next, the drinking story, after the break.

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