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World of Warcraft Mobile Armory updated to version 3.1.0

The World of Warcraft Mobile Armory for iPhone was updated earlier today to version 3.1.0. The update adds improved mobile auction house functionality, visual tooltips in chat, additional guild features, and other general quality-of-life improvements to bring the mobile app up to par with's latest web interface and expected on-the-go functionality.

The mobile app, the web interface, and World of Warcraft's built-in UI all seem to be continuously competing with each other to push the capabilities of WoW's virtual marketplace while simultaneously struggling to keep up with each other. It should be interesting to see how the other two platforms follow up on this app update.

You can view the full patch notes behind the cut below.

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Cryptozoic's Digital Manga releases for July

A couple of months ago, it was announced that Cryptozoic Entertainment, publisher of the WoW Trading Card Game, would be publishing the Warcraft and Starcraft manga exclusively through its comics reader app. The initial release included Warcraft Legends Vol. 1 and 2, World of Warcraft: Death Knight, and The Sunwell Trilogy Vol. 1: Dragon Hunt. It was also announced that other manga titles would be released over time via the app. Apparently, the time for more manga is now, as two new Warcraft titles have just been released to the comics app.

Warcraft Legends Vol. III is a collection of short tales, including the continuing story of Trag Highmountain, first seen in the Sunwell trilogy. Also included is the story I Got What Yule Need, written by New York Times bestselling author Christie Golden, and The Thrill of the Hunt, a story involving Hemet Nesingwary, one of the better known NPCs in game. The Legends series is one of the better ones out there, and at $5.99 for 160 pages worth of manga, it's a good deal.

Also released this month is the second book in the class series, World of Warcraft: Mage. This stand-alone story tells the tale of Aodhan, an apprentice mage whose dreams of making it big as a spellcaster are suddenly and violently interrupted. This volume delves into the story of Aodhan, but it also sheds a little light on the conflict between the Blue Dragonflight and the Kirin Tor highlighted back in Wrath of the Lich King. Like the other manga available on the app, Warcraft: Mage is also a steal at $5.99.

All titles are available for purchase through the Cryptozoic Comics App, and the app itself is free for download via iTunes. If you missed any of the manga releases, this is an excellent way to pick them up.

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Win EveryAir for your iOS device from WoW Insider

EveryAir is a really cool app for iOS devices that acts as a remote desktop -- but the reason why we like it is because it lets you play World of Warcraft on your iOS device. That's right! Play WoW on your iPad or even your iPhone, with minimal latency. We interviewed the app's creators (dedicated WoW fans themselves) a few months ago, and they were kind enough to give us a lot of coupon codes to get EveryAir for free on the App Store.

And now they're doing it again! WoW Insider is happy to give our readers the chance to win one of 50 copies of EveryAir. And all you have to do is leave a comment on this post before Sunday, Feb. 13 at 11:59 p.m. EST. This contest is valid for readers from the United States and Canada (excluding Quebec). You must be 18 years of age or older to enter. And make sure your email address is up to date, because that's how we'll contact you if you're a winner!

See the full giveaway rules.

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A quick note on our RSS feeds and iTunes issues

If you haven't noticed, your intrepid WoW Insider team has been going through some ch-ch-ch-ch-changes lately. And sometimes, when you're undergoing such vital and overwhelming upgrades, certain pieces of the ship need a little more loving care than others.

Right now, our goblin-engineered RSS feed and gnomish iTunes systems are getting overhauled and fixed up. Both services are being cranky, but the stalwart code slingers at Aol are working on fixes. In the meantime, just hang in there with us a tiny bit longer. It'll be OK soon enough, and we can all enjoy our shiny new WoW Insider.

We'd like to thank those of you who have written us to make sure we know about the RSS feed, podcast and iTunes issues. Our community is a wonderful group of people whose feedback has helped us excel. We appreciate the time you took to write in. It shows you care, and we will keep trying to return the best content possible.

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The Guild comic: There's an app for that

If you like The Guild comic book and would like to read it on your Apple device, there is now an app for that. Dark Horse Comics has released an app on iTunes that allows you to read issue #1 electronically for less than a buck. If you prefer your comic books in paper form (or want both), issue #2 is available in stores now. You have your choice of two covers, one drawn by Kristin Donaldson and the other drawn by Matthew Stawicki.

The comic chronicles the origins of The Knights of Good from The Guild web series and is written by Felicia Day herself. The artist is Jim Rugg, who was also one of the artists in the Dr. Horrible comic.

Like The Guild? We do, too! We've got all the episodes of season 3 posted: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and the season finale. We've also chatted with all of the folks at BlizzCon, including Felicia Day, Sandeep Parikh, and Jeff Lewis and Michele Boyd. And as if that wasn't enough Guild, here's the liveblog of their panel, and the guys were nice enough to stop by our meetup as well. Stay tuned for more Guild here on!

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Time to get that Authenticator

Well, they started giving away pets for having an authenticator, so I guess it's about time I went ahead and put one on my account. I've had the app on my iPhone for a while, actually, but I never really saw the point in attaching it to my account, especially since it seemed like just more hassle, and who knows what kinds of errors could pop up. And honestly, I haven't worried much about hackers -- I use a secure browser, I don't click on unknown links. But I know, I know, it's safer, and with the cute Corehound Pup out, I might as well go ahead and attach it.

And you might as well, too. Blizzard's Store was flooded with people looking for authenticators yesterday, but things have slowed down a bit, and they've even got a brand new design with the Corehound Pup right on there. The price, as usual, is $6.50 with free shipping. If you've got an iPhone or an iPod touch, you can get the app free from iTunes, and we're told that it's coming to other platforms at some point in the future (guess when: "soon"). Even if you don't want to apply the Authenticator for whatever reason, just think of it as an almost-half-price pet.

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WoW Insider Show Episode 112: We got segments

Our podcast is now ready for your downloading pleasure, and I have to say -- it was a good one. Nothing flashy, no once-in-a-lifetime guests (though both Turpster and Matticus were on with me, and those guys are definitely one-of-a-kind), but it was just a good solid podcast, with some great discussion about the latest PTR build and Lord Marrowgar, the changeover, and our very first predictions about when we might see patch 3.3 on the live servers. Turpster's even got some money riding on his guess already.

Plus we answer your emails as usual, and that's always a good time -- you can email us anything you want (including some mp3s for intros if that's your thing) at "theshow AT wow dawt com". If you like the show, don't forget to go hit us up on iTunes -- you can subscribe to the show there, or leave us a good rating or review if you like. Thanks for listening as always, and enjoy the show!

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Listen here on the page:

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Mobile Authenticator back in the App Store

After getting yanked off of Apple's App Store a little while back, Blizzard's Mobile Authenticator app is now back in business, and ready for a free download. Version 1.0.2 is out now [iTunes link] and the description says it contains UI improvements with a streamlined and enhanced interface.

Unfortunately, the issue that originally got the app pulled off the store hasn't actually been fixed: the official blurb is now saying that you should definitely remove the authenticator from your account before you upgrade, and then re-apply it again to your account after you've upgraded (and presumably gotten a new key installed). If you install this new version of the app and then try to access your account, it won't work (and you'll have to call Blizzard support at 1-949-955-1382 to help them remove the old authenticator).

Small hassle to go through, however, to have an account protected against hacking. If you have an iPhone or an iPod touch and haven't picked up this application yet, now's the time to do so for sure.

[Thanks to everyone who sent this in, especially Eric!]

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WoW Insider Show with Twisted Nether today at 3:30pm Eastern

Hey hey, our podcast is finally back on the air this afternoon at 3:30pm Eastern, and it's gonna be a good one: Fimlys and Nibuca from the Twisted Nether Blogcast (and the new Azeroth United project) will join Turpster, Eddie "Brigwyn" Carrington and myself to talk about the past week in the World of Warcraft. I'm sure this week's events will come up, both the Brewfest celebration and the return of Onyxia, not to mention the new patch this week (and all of the problems we've seen with it). Sounds like a full show!

It all kicks off this afternoon at 3:30pm Eastern over on the Ustream page -- if you're around, you can tune in, listen live, and chat with us and all of our guests. Even if you're not around, you can always email us at, and then hit up the site here on Monday when we'll post the recording of the show over on iTunes. But as our commenters will probably tell you, the chat room is always a good time, so if you can make it, it will definitely be a lot of fun. See you there!

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BlizzCon 2009: interviews Felicia Day, continued

That's the last money question that I have. You work with all of these actors, the first season it was like you were kind of the face of the show, and you were talking to everybody, and the other actors have kind of come up. And this BlizzCon I think is one of the first ones where people are really diving in and saying this person is my favorite, I really want to talk to Robin, I really want to talk to Jeff. You wrote the stuff, you even talked on the panel as well about how the actors are kind of taking over your characters. How has that been, in terms of how your actors are becoming the characters you're writing about?

As of the third season, I've written them hundreds of pages, at this point. So they've as actors really helped me define, it's kind of a metamorphosis. Every TV show, if you watch a pilot, a lot of characters change a lot, from the time they do that first pilot. For this one, the actors though, they bring so much to the table, Jeff and Sandeep do a lot of improv, and ad-lib a lot, they're adding a lot of ideas with their characters. At the same time, honestly, I've been pushing them forward as far as press and stuff and meeting fans and stuff, because I'm out there on the Internet a lot, I get sick of myself, honestly, I'm sure some of your readers are like, "I hate this girl."

[Laughs] No! They do have trolling tendencies.

Which is cool, they will, but that's cool, everybody doesn't have to love me. [laughs]

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Felicia Day unleashes geeky pop single

I'll confess that I never had a crush on Felicia Day, the Internet sensation behind The Guild. I mean, I always thought it was cool that she wore her geek cred with pride, but it was just that -- awesome, attractive geek chick. Alright, so maybe it helps a little (ok, fine, it helps a whole freaking lot) that she Tweets about her D&D campaign or delights over gaming dice. But if you're an idiot geek like me who never got into the whole Felicia Day thing, resistance, as they say, is futile. The multi-talented entertainer, who showed her vocal chops in Joss Whedon's Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, also seems geared to become a pop star with the release of (Would you like to date my) Avatar, a catchy song about MMOs. And man, if you don't crush on her after this, you need to turn over your geek badge (even you ladies).

The song debuted at the recent San Diego Comic-con, with the cast of the Guild sending fans into a frenzy when they took to the stage in full costume. Felicia Day goes wild with MMO innuendo, crooning, "don't care what's in your character bank, how 'bout a little tank and spank?" and "I'm better than a real world quest -- you'll touch my +5 to Dexterity vest." The song, available on Amazon for $0.99, is pure geek pop win. But if you want the full experience, the video features the entire cast of The Guild and their antics -- Vork and Zaboo with a short rap segment, Clara doing some back-up vocals, Tink stepping up with her dance, and Bladezz, well, he looks seductively at the camera.

Check out the embed below to see what the video holds for you. If you're a fan of The Guild and headed to BlizzCon, you'd be happy to know Felicia Day and her crew will be making an appearance. Get the song or the video, memorize the lyrics, and who knows, she just might grant you an autograph. If you'll be at home during BlizzCon, just "grab your mouse and stroke the keys" because at least, as Codex sings, "in Cyberspace there's no disease."

The video after the break!

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The Queue: Wherein Alex renames himself Nostradamus

Welcome back to The Queue,'s daily Q&A column where the WoW Insider team answers your questions about the World of Warcraft. Alex Ziebart will be your host today.

After a year of writing this thing, I've run out of quirky ways to introduce this thing that don't reek of veiled desperation. So screw the veil. Along with your question in today's edition of The Queue, I want you to write an introduction for the next edition of this column that I write, which will be the day after tomorrow. I will pick the best of the bunch to use. Keep it clean!

crusherkid asked...

"I've read reports that because of the servers going down in China that World of Warcraft has dropped down to only 5 million subscribers. Is that correct?"

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WoW Insider Show Episode 96: Tips aplenty

We went live with the WoW Insider Show yet again last Saturday, and this one was a good one: not only did Turpster and Lesley Smith join us, but we were also graced with the presence of Michelle Madison, of the podcasts Warcraft Outsiders and Video Game Outsiders. She was kind enough to make it past all of our inside jokes (she agreed it was prounounced "Fah-jord," which is as it should be) and mixed it up with some great discussion, including about the Midsummer Fire Festival, the new Tier 9 gear coming to the game (and the lore figures they named it after), and whether including quest objectives on the official map dumbs things down too much (spoiler: we basically said no).

It was an excellent show, and you can tune in to hear it by following any of the links below, or subscribing to our feed right over on iTunes itself (that guarantees you get the new shows every single Monday). We'll be back next week as always, so be sure to tune back in then.

Oh, and while we have you, keep an eye out soon for more information about what we're doing at BlizzCon. We've already scheduled our meetup on Thursday night around 8pm, but we haven't announced a location yet, so look for that soon. And if you aren't going to be in Anaheim, worry not -- we'll be streaming a special episode live from the meetup (with video, if everything works out as planned), so you'll be able to join us virtually. Will be really fun, so stay tuned.

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Listen here on the page:

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WoW Insider Show Episode 86: No love for Gnomes

Here's this week's episode of the WoW Insider Show, in which we recapped patch 3.1 and all of the class goodness and new content included in there, as well as the Ulduar cinematic and that fact that Gnomes have been historically dissed by Blizzard's machinimists. We checked in on your emails as well -- we got some Rogue theorycrafting in the mix thanks to our Encrypted Text writer Chase Christian stopping by, and we checked back in with Duncor of WoW Radio for the first time in a while on both which tank is the best and whether leather-wearing casters should get cloth upgrades or not.

Was a good show -- you can give it a listen at any of the links below, or just subscribe to us in iTunes to get the show automagically every Monday. We'll be back live on the air next Saturday, and we're climbing ever closer to a few big goals: in just 14 weeks, we're set to hit our 100th show, which will definitely be a nice anniversary for us, and we're only 600 followers away from hitting our goal of over 9000 followers on our Twitter account. So join up there if you haven't yet, and I'll get the tux out to the cleaners in anticipation.

Enjoy the show this week and we'll see you next time!

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Listen here on the page:

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WoW Insider Show Episode 84: The grass is greener

Good times as always on the podcast last Saturday -- we welcomed blogger Nick Whelan on, of his own Curse of Senility and the newest writer on our own Blood Pact column, all about Warlocks. Turpster and Michael "Belfaire" Sacco also joined us, and we answered your emails (including some follow-up on just how loyal you should be to your guild, even when they're not really progressing), as well as talked about the most popular WoW insider posts for the past week: why 25-man gear should be better than 10-man gear, new news out of patch 3.1 (which, if you listen to Turpster, is right around the corner), and all of the April Fools jokes that went around last Wednesday.

You can download the show at any of the links below, or pick it up by subscribing in iTunes (and it's been a while since we asked you to leave some reviews over there, so if you haven't ever done that and really enjoy the show, please do tell people what you think). Also, don't forget that we're in the middle of a bit Twitter-drive: we're aiming for over 9000 followers on Twitter, and if we can pull that off, we'll be doing a video version of the weekly podcast, so you'll get to see our ugly mugs as we talk (and you could probably even convince us to dress up for it -- you haven't lived until you've seen The T in a tuxedo). And I don't want to put any pressure on you, but we're nearing our 100th show, and how cool would it be if we hit our goal by then and did the special show on the anniversary? Just sayin'.

Enjoy this show this week -- we'll be back live next Saturday as usual.

Get the podcast:
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Listen here on the page:

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