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WoW Insider Show Episode 72: Expletive included

Our podcast returned once again last Saturday, and this time we had Turpster, Adam Holisky, BigRedKitty, and myself all on and talking about the most popular posts of the past week. We covered the updated patch 3.0.8 notes and a few of the new (and old) changes therein,WoW being listed as one of the most offensive videogames, and we touched on the 45 minute time limit being placed on Arena matches, and whether it matters at all. Additionally, we answered some listener email, which includes some good hints about expertise for melee-ers and, errr, Turpster singing. Yeah.

But other than that it was a great show -- you can listen in right now by following the link of your choice below, and if you're subscribed in iTunes it should be out on the feeds now. As always, if you've got questions or comments (or you'd like to record an intro of your own in mp3 and send it to us), the email address is theshow AT

Enjoy the show, and we'll be back live as always on Ustream next Saturday at 3:30pm Eastern.

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Listen here on the page:

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WoW Insider Show goes live tomorrow afternoon

Have you seen the WoW Insider Show live yet? You've probably heard it, through a subscription over on iTunes or even on our sidebar (we post the new episodes there every Monday morning), but if you haven't come to see it live, you're missing out on half the fun. We're going live again on Ustream tomorrow afternoon at 3:30pm Eastern (as we do every Saturday), and we're starting off 2009 with a bang: Turpster is back after all of his holiday hijinx, we'll have one or two WoW Insider bloggers to talk about the news of the past week, we'll have a brand new intro (you can create your own as an mp3 file and email it to us at, and one more thing: we're giving away an Authenticator. That's right, straight from BlizzCon, we've got a limited edition Authenticator to give away to one lucky listener of the live show. They're out of stock and hard to find, but you can win one just by tuning in on Saturday.

And of course we'll do all of the usual stuff -- answer your emails, chat with our live chatters, and talk about the most popular posts on WoW Insider from the past week. It's sure to be a great time, so if you've been a regular in the chat room from day one or have never heard the show live before, definitely tune in. We've even placed the Ustream feed right after this break, so just tune in right here at 3:30pm Eastern tomorrow (here's a time zone calculator if you need it) to hear our podcast the best way you can: live.

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Echoes of War hits iTunes

Awhile ago, we announced that the Echoes of War music set, the CD set by the Eminence Symphony Orchestra highlighting the music of Blizzard's most popular games, had finally been released for purchase. For those of you that prefer to get your music digitally (what's a CD?), good news! The official World of Warcraft site announced earlier today that you can now purchase Echoes of War on iTunes, either whole hog or individual tracks.

If you're on the fence about picking up this album (or some of its tracks), remember that the Echoes of War site has some sample music that you can check out. Personally? I'm a fan. I adore how Blizzard uses music in their games. Still, there are a few tracks I don't care for since Diablo III will be the first one I'll have ever played (shameful, I know), and I have no emotional attachment or memories tied to those tracks at all. They're pretty music but not something I'd listen to every day. The Starcraft and Warcraft tracks are definitely cool to have, though.

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WoW Insider Show Episode 68: Sexy times with Hunter nerfs

Our podcast was rip-roaring this last weekend -- BigRedKitty was on board to talk Hunter nerfs with us (and talk Hunter nerfs we did -- there's a lot of Hunter talk on this show), and we also went down the upcoming changes for patch 3.0.8 (including all of those mage buffs), Turpster helped us dissect the ideas of dual specs and achievement looting, and of course as usual we answered reader emails and chatted live with everyone in the chat.

The show is now right there below, and also available on the side of our site, and of course in iTunes as usual, where it's been phenomenally popular -- just the other week, we appeared on the top Games and Hobbies podcasts lists, along with tons of other great podcasts (and even some of our favorite Warcraft-related shows). We appreciate every bit of support we get over there -- if you've subscribed to get the shows weekly or have left a review (hopefully glowing, though constructive suggestions are fine as well), thanks very much.

And of course we'll be back next weekend as always -- we tape the show live on Ustream every Saturday afternoon at 3:30pm Eastern. Thanks for listening, enjoy the show.

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Listen here on the page:

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WoW Insider Show Episode 65: Death Knight moves

This week's show was a humdinger -- our own Matthew Rossi (author of our Shaman and Warrior columns) and Daniel Whitcomb (who writes the Death Knight class column), so we've got some terrific discussion for your up-and-coming Death Knights out there. We talked about whether they were OP, and how they're going to fit into our groups and raids, both as tanks and DPS. We also answered emails as usual (including a good one about voice acting in the game, and how the "umbrella factions" in Northrend work), and we talked about how much money Blizzard made last week, and those new commercials (which I just saw on TV the other day).

We had a great time making the show, and hopefully you'll have as good a time listening to it. As always, you can hit up any (or all) of the outlets below (and if you like the show, please do post a short review in iTunes, we'll appreciate it), or just press play right over on the sidebar (you'll find a new one there every morning).

Finally a reminder: we won't have a live show next week (November 29th) due to the Thanksgiving holiday, but we will have a new episode this week, featuring Felicia Day from The Guild as a special guest. She'll be on to talk about season 2 of her show, their big deal with Microsoft, and everything else WoW as usual. Stay tuned -- we'll post that one as soon as it's ready.

Get the podcast:
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Listen here on the page:

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WoW Insider Show Episode 60: Inside Blizzard HQ

The WoW Insider Show landed at its new home, our new Ustream channel, last Saturday, and things went pretty darn well. We had a nice turnout of listeners from all over, and we had Adam Holisky and Turpster on, along with our guest Patrick Beja (of, How I WoW, and all of the other podcasts and features at his site Frenchspin). We had a few contests (one of which is still ongoing for you non-live listeners, so make sure to listen for the details if you haven't heard them yet), and we took some of the new features over at Ustream for a spin, including some fun polls.

I'm told our new iTunes feed isn't quite up and running yet, but in the future you'll see an iTunes link here as well. Show notes are after the break.

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Or listen to Episode 60 right here:

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WoW Insider Show back live tomorrow

Ok, people, it's time to get back on track. After a short vacation last week (we had to go prerecorded), the show is back live tomorrow afternoon at 3:30pm Eastern, and after a few week's absence, the inimitable Turpster is returning to the virtual airwaves with us. Amanda Dean will also be on, and planned topics of discussion include that whole Honor wipe deal (which some players aren't happy about), the ongoing Brewfest holiday (how are your tickets coming), and anything else new in the beta we'd like to talk about.

Additionally, thanks to listener Spacenerd, we'll have a giveaway -- if you want to pick up some extra special loot, make sure to tune into WoW Radio tomorrow afternoon at 3:30pm Eastern to listen to how it all will go down. And we'll be in IRC live as well, at in the #wowradio channel. Finally, if you'd like to email us questions, concerns, words or praise or just something silly, feel free: the email address is

Should be a great show tomorrow -- it'll be nice to get back into the vibe of things (and finally talk to Turpster again after so long), not to mention have a nice chat with all the IRC folks as well. Even if you've never heard the show live before, tomorrow would be a great day to listen in.

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WoW Insider Show Episode 56: Mage madness

Just because this last week's WoW Insider Show was prerecorded doesn't make it any less good -- we finally had some excellent Mage talk (Aurdon of came on to chat with us), and John "BigBearButt" Patricelli and Duncor and I also talked about lots of other stuff, including (but not limited to):
In fact, Aurdon showed us all up this week -- he's got a nice summary transcript up of everything he said in the show, including some great links to all the stuff we talked about. As usual, the show is up for listening right now over on WoW Radio, and in iTunes as well.

Next weekend, we'll be back live on Saturday afternoon, and Turpster, at long last, should be returning to the studio as well. Enjoy the show this week and we'll see you then.

Listen here on the page:

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Video Games Live to release CD

Record company EMI Classics has announced the release of Video Games Live Volume One, a recording of the famous traveling orchestra (led by friend of WoW Insider Tommy Tallarico) that plays videogame music, including that of the Warcraft, Starcraft and Diablo series. You may have seen the group last year at BlizzCon, this year at WWI, or (likely) this year again at BlizzCon, and they got rave reviews every time they played.

The recording was conducted by Tallarico, recorded at Abbey Road, and features the Slovak National Orchestra, The Crouch End Festival Chorus, and "the videogame pianist," Martin Leung. The CD will have eleven tracks (full tracklist after the jump), and will feature music from a slew of terrific videogame soundtracks, including our own Warcraft series (and Civ IV, which is probably the best music I've ever heard in a videogame, ever). EMI plans to release the CD in America on July 24th, and in Europe and the rest of the world on August 20th. It should be available for digital download right now in the UK, and an iTunes exclusive release will be available on the 20th.

Sounds like an amazing recording -- fans of Video Games Live will certainly enjoy it. You can see the full tracklist below.

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WoW Insider Show Episode 28: Lifetap, Lifebloom and online antics

The 28th episode of the WoW Insider Show included myself, blogger Amanda Dean, Druid columnist John Patricelli and Turpster in an hour of lively discussion on this week's hot topics. Stories covered included:
If you missed the show, there are plenty of ways for you to listen today including the Flash player on the WoW Radio site, free iTunes download or mp3 file. And you can listen in live every Saturday at 3:30p ET on WoW Radio.

[Listen] to this week's show.
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WoW Insider Show Episode 27: Impressing class leads and improving Lifetap

Turpster wasn't actually around for this episode of our podcast, but just in case you really enjoy his tunes (that we usually play during music breaks on the live show), both of his albums are now available for download in the WoW Insider Show forums. Enjoy. And the latest episode of the WoW Insider Show is also up for your listening pleasure right now on WoW Radio -- in this, Episode 27, Duncor, Daniel Whitcomb, and John "BigBearButt" Petricelli and I sat down and talked about the biggest issues in the last week in Warcraft:
  • We hit up reader email as usual, including whether the game is more "carebear" than it used to be, whether Blizzard should update pre-60 quests, and exactly how you can impress your guild's officers and class leads
  • We chatted about the Warlock's Lifetap nerf and what it means for the rest of the game
  • Does it matter to us exactly what classes the CMs or the devs play?
  • And we had a small bit of commentary about the results of our patch 2.4 guess contest
Plus much, much more. Make sure to give it a listen -- you can use any of the links below to jump right in and hear our podcast. And don't forget, we do this every Saturday, so next weekend at 3:30pm EST, you can tune in to WoW Radio and hear us do this live. See you then.

[Listen] to this week's show.
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WoW Insider Show Episode 15 live tomorrow

Here's just a sample of what listeners are saying about our podcast (now in its 15th week, and going live on the air once again tomorrow afternoon at 3:30pm EST):

"Quite entertaining."

"It's probably the best WoW radio content out there right now."

"Highly recommended."

The WoW Insider Show is just like this great website you're visiting, only in audio form (and with a considerable dash of WoW Radio's Turpster, which will definitely add spice to any meal). If you haven't gotten a chance to listen live yet, please tune in tomorrow at 3:30pm EST over on WoW Radio-- not only can you hear our voices as we speak, but you can also join us on IRC and actually interact with the show as it goes down. We'll be chatting about the boy-meets-moose story, the WoW laptop (and whether it's worth it or not), Activision Blizzard, and both how to beat a warlock, and how to lose in Alterac Valley.

If you can't make it, no worries-- the show is also available to download on WoW Radio's site and on iTunes every single week. But if you can tune in tomorrow, we'd be thrilled to have you.

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First WoW Insider Show episode available for download

A big thanks to everyone that tuned into the very first episode of the WoW Insider Show-- lots of good times were had as WoW Radio's Turpster, and Dan O'Halloran and I discussed everything from whether it's OK for a guild leader to ninja a mount to whether we'll fly in Northrend before level 78 or not, all the way back to why gold farming might be OK. Actually, Dan stands alone on that last one-- you can listen to the show, right now, over on WoW Radio's homepage for it to find out exactly what happened. And it's also in iTunes-- here's the link for the iTunes Store if you've got iTunes installed.

Congratulations to listener Chris S for randomly winning the Murloc suit giveaway! Stay tuned for many more giveaways on the show. And if you have comments or suggestions for the show, our email address is

And the WoW Insider Show rolls on-- this coming Saturday, September 8th, at 3:30 pm EST, we'll have our second episode, and you'll be able to listen live over at WoW Radio just like last week. We'll cover everything that's happened in the World of Warcraft over the past week, as well as keep you entertained and give you exclusive insight on everything we write about here at WoW Insider.

So thanks everyone who listened in this week, and be sure to check us out on every Saturday, kicking off at 3:30pm EST.

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iTunes controls for Mac not working as intended

If you're running WoW on a Mac and trying to listen to iTunes while playing, you've probably hit the same problem Timi over on Kirin Tor has: the controls ain't just workin' quite right.

Sure, crossrealm BGs are cool, but for a few people, ingame iTunes controls were an even more awaited feature. The dev team didn't get it exactly right, however-- Tigerclaw tries to explain why over on the forums, but I couldn't get much farther than "a Plan-B version was shipped using 'osascript'... to solve the blocking/deadlock issue" before I gave up and reached the same conclusion you probably will: Blizzard shipped something out that didn't work the way they wanted it to (that snickering you're hearing right now is people who played Hunters right after WoW's release, when the class wasn't even close to done).

Even if it isn't working right, however, it still seems to be working, as Timi finds a solution after a little tweaking. Tigerclaw, of course, promises the next major patch will bring relief (have we heard that before?), but if you want help, you can probably find it on the support forums. Meanwhile, Rollak offers us another program that does something even Blizzard hasn't done yet-- control iTunes while playing WoW in Windows. Pretty slick-- maybe that's the guy Blizz should hired to implement this feature next patch.

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Interface Changes in Patch 1.12

I find some of the interface changes included in patch 1.12 to be quite interesting, and they follow the recent trend of integrating popular addon features into the core UI.

Feature number one on my list is the new "floating combat text" functionality. You'll find options for it under the interface options menu (see right), and it mimics the Scrolling Combat Text addon, which shows combat information floating over your character. I've always found this to be a more convenient place to view information, but it can be too spammy at times. And, if you've never played with Scrolling Combat Text, I'd recommend giving it a try now that it can be enabled without downloading anything.

The look of the addition is dead-on, though it's a bit less customizable than the real thing, which allows you to select more precisely which messages you'd like to see, as well as customizing colors and fonts. This simplified interface may be more accessible to more users, however, as the number of options Scrolling Combat Text provided could be a bit daunting. However, I may end up sticking with the original, because I prefer to be able to resize the font used.

Of special interest to me as a healer is the new name plate functionality. If you aren't familiar with the phrase, name plates are the little health bars that show up over enemy and friendly NPCs when you hit the "V" key. In the past, name plates would only appear above hostile targets and NPCs. It's long been on my wish-list of features to have the ability to have name plates over friendly targets as well - for ease of seeing the health of players around me when either ungrouped or in a scattered raid, where you may not necessarily be near your own party. (Battlegrounds, anyone?)

Now, if you check your key bindings (see above), you will see a binding for showing name plates (for the existing functionality) as well as one that allows you to show friendly name plates or all name plates. Combined with the battlegrounds change that automatically groups players on joining, and my priest may have to respec holy and go back to trying to heal in battlegrounds.

Next up is a feature that came as a complete surprise to all of us - iTunes integration. This is a Mac-only feature, as, apparently, the Mac development team managed to get it working first. If you're running the Mac client, you'll see the above options at the bottom of the list of key bindings, allowing you to bind keys to basic iTunes functions.

The final feature addition, at least that I noticed, is the new auto self cast checkbox in the interface option. I've used a feature like this before - as part of CTMod, and probably other addons as well. With this option checked, if you do not have anyone targeted when you try to cast a friendly spell (a buff or heal spell, for example), it will automatically be cast on yourself. In some situations, and for some character classes, this can be very useful - allowing you to keep a hostile target selected while casting useful spells on yourself. But it can be difficult to get used to, especially for healing classes who frequently use little but friendly spells.

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