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It's WoW's birthday and you may be getting the gift

As we mentioned yesterday, it was World of Warcraft's 3rd anniversary of their North American launch. In celebration of the birth of the 800-pound gorilla of MMOs, Blizzard wants to give you free loots.

The first week it's $100 J!nx gift certificates. In the second week it's World of Warcraft action figures. And for the last week they are handing out an Apple iPod Touch and 2-year WoW subscriptions to five lucky winners.

There are, of course, eligibility requirements, but the basics are that if you have an account in good standing and are 18 or over then you are automatically entered in for a random drawing every day. Check out their official rule page for all the details.

When it comes to contests, nothing beats just showing up to qualify. And who wouldn't want to have their subscription paid for?

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On woodworking: Why we can't have everything we want

A player on the official forums asked what the new woodworking profession would be like, how gathering wood would work, and so on.

If it had been me I'd have asked, "How much wood could a woodworker work if a woodworker could work wood?" and "Where would a wannabe woodworker who would work with wood find wood with which to work the woodworker's wood work?" But I digress.

Nethaera was kind enough to pop in and basically tell us that we were getting ahead of ourselves again, and imply that woodworking probably wouldn't work in this expansion.

"But why just one profession per expansion?" you ask? Got profession fever have you?

Well Nethaera responds to this as well:
We're never short on ideas. We have many that we would like to implement, but implementing them isn't always such a simple task.

For a new profession you need to consider:
How it will work?
Where will the recipes come from and where in the world will they be placed?
Who will the trainers be and what is their story?
What recipes are necessary and what materials are required for them?
What exactly will be the result of the profession as far as stat changes and enhancements be?
What art assets are going to be needed?
What technology will support it on the back end?
Why will people want it?
Is it ultimately fun and interesting?

And many more things. Then in the end, it must balance out with the rest of the game as well as with other professions. Combine that with all the other things we are working on for Wrath of the Lich King and it isn't something we can just toss together overnight.
So there it is, as usual: this whole "game development" thing can be a lot more complex than it seems, and consequently we players can't always have as much new stuff as we might want. Still, woodworking is in those Blizzard offices somewhere, percolating through the developers' brains -- so maybe one day we might actually get to work with the wood we've always wanted.

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New WoW class shirts at J!NX give a stat buff

The official WoW webpage is sporting a new advertisement for some class-themed T-shirts available at J!NX for priests, druids, shamans and paladins. They say that these shirts come with "a +20 buff to pwnage," which is quite a lot, so for those of you out there is running short on pwnage, be sure to wear these shirts at all times! Also, if you need glowing eyes and wings sprouting out of your back, be sure to buy the priests' shirt in particular, as seen in this photo displayed at their website.

The designs actually look pretty cool. I've taken the liberty of copying them for you below so you can see what I mean. Even if you don't need any extra pwnage, one might want to buy a shirt just for the beauty factor alone.

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