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A walk-through of the Fall of Theramore scenario from the Alliance side

The Fall of Theramore How to
The Fall of Theramore is live on European servers, so as your spy across the pond I thought I'd run it as soon as possible to bring you a review and how-to from the Alliance side. Please note that if you don't want spoilers, don't read this. This post is going to be very spoiler-heavy if you want to be surprised by Theramore's fall.

Last warning! Spoilers behind the cut!

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Breakfast Topic: Casting the WoW movie

I have to admit, this one caught me by surprise, but with the continuing fashion of adding "murloc" into every possible movie title available (this is especially funny with James Bond films, IMO -- "The Murloc who Loved Me", "Live and Let Murloc" but I digress...) I suppose it was the next progression of silly things to overhear in /guildchat, or in the /trade channel late at night.

As rumors of the WoW movie travel around, people are talking about who would be the perfect casting choices for the various characters that they might present if they're touching upon the lore in World of Warcraft. As you can see from the image above, one of the people I heard suggested was Reese Witherspoon, cast as the powerful but somehwat naive Jaina Proudmoore. I've heard a lot of other interesting choices, but rather than bogging down this post with the ones I overheard, I figured I'd toss this one out and see what you all thought. If they do a live-action film based on the Warcraft universe, who would you pick for the roles, and why? For that matter, what race and class do you think some of your favorite stars would be if they were cast -- but just as non-lore characters? (And a bonus cookie* if you can name -- and justify -- which star would make the best murloc!)

*cookie available in .jpg format only. The real one will be eaten in your honor, if that helps any.

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Know Your Lore: Jaina Proudmoore

For today's Know Your Lore, we have the tale of a spoiled rich blonde girl with special powers who saved the world, despite her propensity for dating guys that suddenly go evil and decide to destroy the world/another world/all life on the planet. Yes, we'll be discussing Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Okay, fine, it's about Jaina Proudmoore. But we're going to do Buffy later.

Who: Jaina Proudmoore.

What: Human sorceress.

History: Jaina was born in the kingdom of Kul Tiras, a seafaring kingdom that has mysteriously disappeared from Azeroth in WOW. Her father was Admiral Daelin Proudmoore, the ruler of the land. When Jaina was young, she discovered that she had talent in the magical arts and was sent off to the mage kingdom of Dalaran, where she badgered her way into becoming an apprentice of the sorcerer Antonidas. During her studies, she met and became friends with another privileged blond, Prince Kael'thas Sunstrider, who was then serving the Kirin Tor wizardry. Kael'thas developed a bit of a crush on Jaina, but postponed acting on his feelings because she was a teenager and he was a few hundred years old. That actually doesn't make a lot of sense. Was he planning on waiting until she was a few hundred years old too?

Anyway, by the time Kael'thas finally got the nerve to ask her out, Jaina had her eye on another prince -- Arthas Menethil, the heir to the throne of Kul Tiras's longtime ally, Lordaeron. The two met and began a relationship. But according to the lore, Arthas's duties in Lordaeron as a prince and a member of the Silver Hand and Jaina's commitment to Dalaran caused them to end their relationship and be "just good friends." And just like on Earth, their post-breakup "good friendship" was doomed to disaster.

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