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Guildwatch: Ninja tested, GM approved

This isn't guild drama, but what a move -- Kokor of Draka convinced a PuG to help him through a second run of Gun'drak just so he could ding level 80. And take a guess what he did as soon as he dinged -- yup, split off to Naxx, leaving the PuG, who'd just helped him level the last few points, in the lurch. The jerk store called, and they just ran out of Kokor.

More stories of drama in this week's Guildwatch below, including a prodigal son that isn't so welcome. Plus, we've got downed and recruiting news from around the realms -- if you want to know what the guilds are up to on your server, it's in here. And don't forget, send your tips on drama, downed and recruiting news to, and you'll see them right here in the future.

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Getting water from a mage

Wondering why that Mage you asked for water yelled at you and then ignored you? Or why the Mage you were begging for a portal to Stormwind sent you all the way out to Darnassus? Briltur has the guide for you: How to ask a Mage for water.

Basically, it all boils down to "Don't be a jerk," which, frankly, is something you're either already doing, or you probably won't ever do anyway. I usually don't bug Mages for water-- it's cheap to buy, and it's not really worth the hassle. Most Mages have already had bad experiences with random people begging them for stuff, and even if you ask nicely, it isn't usually service with a smile.

The exception, of course, is instances-- if I'm in an instance with a Mage, I don't expect to be drinking my own water. Yes, I'm nice about asking for it, and yes, I'll wait if you're busy doing something else, but just as my class role as a resto Shaman is to heal when you all get hurt, your class role as a Mage is to give me water. Portals I'm not as concerned about (I've got two hearthstones, after all), but on the other hand, most Mages I'm with are happy to throw up a portal anyway, and usually do so without asking.

My guess is probably that anyone who really needs to read this guide isn't reading this site anyway, but at least you've seen it-- if you're a Mage, or see one getting pestered, now you'll know where to send the jerks.

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