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Ask a Beta Tester: Seals, judgements, and more

It's 11AM, do you know where your beta testers are? If you're reading WoW Insider (and you certainly seem to be), then they're right here answering your questions. We've picked a few unanswered questions from recent installments of Ask a Beta Tester to answer this morning, and, as always, invite you to drop in any new questions that might be plaguing your poor brain. I'm going to start off with a question I've been waiting for -- because it allows me to properly express the full extent of my glee over the changes to the Paladin's seal and judgment system, which are, if I may be so bold, magnificent. Offhand writes in to say, "I'm getting confused as to how paladin seals work now. It seems like they keep updating and changing that system."

The old system of seals and judgements is dead -- long live the new system. At present, a paladin's available seals have been reduced to light, wisdom, righteousness, blood/vengeance (Horde/Alliance), and corruption/martyr (Horde and Alliance's new versions of blood/vengeance, to put them on even footing, insofar as seals are concerned)...You'll notice former staple crusader is missing -- it buffed holy damage on application and your all-around damage has been buffed so you won't notice a change. Madness! Now, when you cast a judgement, it does not use up your seal -- all seals last for two minutes. Also, while you have seal of light, wisdom, and justice, their use is much more limited, because you now have three different types of judgements: light, wisdom, and justice. Regardless of which seal you use, using judgement of light, wisdom, or justice will apply the debuff formerly associated with the seal of the same name while doing the immediate effect of the seal you currently have up. It may sound convoluted, but in practice, it really cuts down on the seal/judge/seal/judge keyboard action and streamlines paladin combat.

: Clarified the new corruption and martyr seals which, as many commenters have pointed out, are versions of blood/vengeance for the opposite faction. Also, I'm a total idiot and forgot to mention righteousness. It's not gone, I promise!

More questions after the break..!

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Wrath Beta patch notes: Paladin part V - The Retribution tree

I saved the best for last. Best if only because Retribution is the tree I've enjoyed the most while on my Paladin, and because a quick perusal of the new talents show that Blizzard seems to be taking the right steps for the tree. Few class specs have had more stigma than Retribution, mainly because the class traditionally performed better in other trees and also because the Retadin, who could only muster average DPS, provided little by way of raid utility. It doesn't help that Kalgan openly ridicules the class, either, whether or not in jest.

Patch 2.3 saw a bunch of awesome changes for Retribution, dealing with threat management as well as some solid PvP-oriented talents. Despite that, few raids brought Retadins along, especially on progression. It's an old stigma that has carried over and has proven hard to shake. The other trees received fantastic upgrades -- you can read my overview of the Holy tree here, and my thoughts on the Protection tree here. You can read the entirety of the patch notes in my first post of this series, and my analysis on the changes to baseline abilities and existing talents in the follow-up.

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BattleHeat brings Azerothian armor to life

The Euro WoW site has recently posted a brief interview with Tobias of the German workshop BattleHeat, a group that has recently crafted a real life set of Judgement, the Paladin Tier 2 armor set.

The interview gives some cool insight into the creative process of the armor, in addition to Tobias's training and experience as a Blacksmith. It is interesting to hear that while he has extensive technical training as a Smith, most of his know-how of crafting armor is largely through practice. It boggles the mind how much practice and hard work it must have taken to get to the level of expertise required to make a Judgement replica, but I'll admit I have no knowledge of the field myself.

There are some incredibly fun details on this armor that you really should see, and I've tucked some of it just behind the cut!

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The Light and How to Swing It: A class full of irony

I have once again managed to steal the Light for another week, as regular columnists Chris and Elizabeth are off on their own epic quests while I am left to tend to the shop, so to speak. For today, we'll take a closer look at how the class is designed and its inherent ironies.

When I first rolled a Paladin, I didn't know what I was getting into. I rolled it mainly as a companion toon for my playing partner, my wife, who was elated at the Horde finally getting a 'pretty' race and promptly rolled a Warlock. As I leveled with her demon-enslaving new main, the experience challenged and frustrated me and it soon became apparent that Blizzard had designed the Paladin under a completely different design perspective. I was hooked. If there are any perceived failures about the class, it is largely because Blizzard had a vision for the Paladin class that was different from traditional class designs.

Blizzard worked hard at defining each class with a clear directive to make each one feel different from the others. Rogues had Energy, combo points and finishing moves; Warriors had Rage, a sort of reverse Mana bar; and Shamans had the totem system. Paladins are designed largely around the interesting Seal system. Everything that a Paladin does revolves around Seals, Blessings, and Auras, with Seals being the primary mechanic for dealing any sort of damage. For the most part, class design has worked for many classes while others, like the Shaman, have had more than its fair share of issues.

Personally, I love the Paladin class. My main is now a Blood Elf Paladin, with my Troll Shaman getting a little less love than it used to. I also used to play a Troll Hunter and an Undead Rogue. While I enjoyed all of them as I played them, it was the Paladin that appealed to me the most. To be honest, I still have no idea why. Maybe it was the challenge. Maybe it was hybrid aspect. Maybe, for all I know, it was the coolness of it all. When you get right down to it, though, Paladins have -- if you examine it very carefully -- what is probably the most inherently flawed ironic class design in the game. Let me explain.

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Not quite a set: Purple Judgement

I really wanted to call this article "The Peculiar Purple Paladin of Porcupine Peak", but aside from being fairly non-descriptive, I was afraid the reference would be lost. Instead, I decided to just state exactly what we're looking at over on the right.

I hope we can all agree that the Paladin Tier 2 Judgement set is a solidly designed set of gear, which really breathed some life and energy into the Paladin class, stylistically speaking. As a paladin myself, it became my whole world. It was the single reason I played with my online dress-up doll, err.. paladin. When I had finally achieved the set, I felt satisfied and complete. Then the Burning Crusade came. Try as I might to not do it, I've had to put several pieces of judgement into storage as I'm leveling from 60 to 70. My poor little pally now looks like a hodgepodge of pieces from a bargain bin.

Luckily for those of us who plan to take our (forced?) places in a raid group upon hitting 70, there's a bit of a black light at the end of the tunnel.

While "Purple Judgement" isn't a fully realized set, with bonuses and a name, it is a grouping of very viable healing gear for the level 70 paladin. If you're keen on maintaining that Judgement look, and you're okay with being a healer at level 70, you'll want to seek out the following pieces, from helm to boot:

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A second chance at top-Tier gear

I wrote this post about "Dream Gear" way back in October when my Shaman was obsessed with the Pauldrons of Elements, the Tier 0 shoulders that dropped from Rend in UBRS. I just love the way they look, all hooky and Shaman-y. Unfortunately, despite a huge number of UBRS runs, they never dropped for me, and when the Tier 1 shoulders fell into my hands in MC, I abandoned my dream to wear the Pauldrons, I thought, forever.

Until now. A fellow Shaman friend was running the Mana Tombs, and announced in guild chat that he'd grabbed the Lightning Rod Pauldrons, a terrific set of mail shoulders that drops from Tavarok in there. I drooled over the stats, and then CTRL-clicked to check out how they'd look on my Shammy, and lo and behold, I'd found my shoulders again! The devs had reused the Tier 0 skin, in new and cooler colors! Now I've got a new goal to run an instance over and over again for.

And a lot of people are living the same dream. Cearrdorn over on LJ really likes the Judgement set, but his guild never made it long enough in BWL for him to get the whole thing. Fortunately, it looks like almost the whole set is findable in different colors in Outland, most of it in 5-man (both regular and Heroic mode) instances. I can't wait to find a Bloodfang lookalike for my Rogue, too-- for those of us who were never able to get all the cool-looking high end gear we always wanted (for whatever reason), it looks like the devs, by laziness or design, are giving us a second chance by reusing the old skins.

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