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Breakfast Topic: What's the best pun name you've ever seen?

We've all seen some Alliance kiddie named "ikillhoarde" or a Warlock named "ifearyoudie." After all, what Horde wouldn't run for cover from a Hunter who's named after his very death? And woe is the person who actually thinks he can get away from a Warlock's fear. Phear the lock, baby.

Add titles into the mix. "Doora the Explorer" is probably my favorite of all time. Every time I see someone named that I yell out "Swiper, No Swiping!" Of course insert the obligatory NSFW Kevin Smith reference here.

Another favorite of mine that I've seen is "Highlander the Immortal."

What's the best pun name that you've encountered in the game? Ever thought about renaming your character to make yourself pun-famous?

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The Silent Bob approach to group management

The world of groups: pugs, raids, arenas, guilds, confederations, servers; all of it means one thing: you have to know how to get along with each other. A big part of getting along with one another in a successful group is knowing how and when to get information across.

This communication is often times hard to do, even for the most seasoned communicator. How do you tell someone that their tanking is so awful you'd rather let the hunter's pet be the main tank? What do you say to a healer to get them to understand that healing means more than casting their biggest heal all the time? And what do you do with the DPS who always decides to pull for the group?

Recently I've taken up a new way to deal with all these things. I call it the Silent Bob approach to group management.

The approach is outlined by three simple steps.

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Breakfast Topics: 37! In a row?

Yesterday I was out tromping around Nagrand with my Shaman leveling her up, killing mob after mob. There was a point that when I killed about 10 mobs in a row, and I thought to myself "Killing Spree!" Harking back to the days of yore and Quake 3.

This got me thinking. There is one critical achievement that is missing in the game.

A killing spree achievement, ideally reached when you kill 37 mobs in a row without stopping. In fact, there's a great title for it featured as the name of this article. Go ahead Blizzard, take this one idea for free. To you, from me; your friend Adam.

But oh wait, there's more. I was twittering last night about this, and there were some good suggestions that came across the feed. More after the break!

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Preparing for Wrath Day 6: Have a nice night with some pots, stones, and oils

There's only six more days until Wrath's release. Each day until the release we'll take a look at one thing you can do to prepare for the expansion. Taking a half hour here and there to get things ready before release will let you spend more time in Northrend and less time doing some of the un-fun things.

Yesterday Alison cover bringing the right food and drinks to Northrend. Quite important to get ready ahead of time if you want to level quickly and easily. Along the same lines are potions, stones, and oils to take with you on your journeys.

Let's take look at a long list of some easily obtainable items you should stock up on now. The goal of this list is to go over things that will survive through death. So we're not putting things like elixirs on it. No need to waste lots of expensive items when you die. Also, while flasks are definitely an option to use if you have them, chances are they're all used up with the last bit of raiding in Burning Crusade.

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WoW Insider is taking over the world

Reader Andy wrote in this morning to tell us about what he read while having his morning cup of joe. From the The Guardian's article on The world's 50 most powerful blogs:

"46. WoW Insider"

Ummm... really? Cool!

While I consider us to be a major source of news, information, and QQness about World of Warcraft related things, I never really thought that we'd ever be included on a list like this. It's kind of nice. So who did we beat? And who beat us?

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