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WRUP: What would you eliminate?

WRUP What would you eliminate
This week, we asked our writers what "feature" in WoW they'd like to remove. Heck, it seems like everyone has a pet peeve or an annoying game dynamic they're eager to see go away. So let's round it all up in one place and get it over with.

Anne Stickney (@Shadesogrey) I'm playing catch-up with writing and other projects, and more raiding on Sunday. And if I have time, maybe I'll squeeze some Mass Effect into there because I miss the sci-fi. As for killing features, I'm pretty sure that lockouts on heroics in TBC and Wrath don't really need to be there anymore.

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Paragon releases heroic Ragnaros 25-man kill video

Earlier this month, Paragon earned the high honor of world-first heroic Ragnaros kill, downing the Firelord after over 400 attempts on his fight. Heroic mode encounters add something new and difficult to the mix, but it is rare that we see an entirely new phase to an encounter. Paragon's heroic Ragnaros kill video shows the final stage of the heroic fight, in which Ragnaros submerges in his lava pool and emerges at full strength on new legs allowing him movement all over the encounter room.

The final stage of the fight involves Archdruid Hamuul Runetotem, Malfurion Stormrage, and Cenarius assisting players in dealing with the entirely new mechanics this new heroic mode phase presents. If you've been trying Ragnaros or have killed him, you already have experienced the hilarious Living Meteor ability. In that new phase, meteors must be kited over patches of ice on the ground to freeze them, and then players must DPS down meteors to control the number up at any time. At that point, players are also frantically running around extinguishing ground fires and trapping Ragnaros in roots on the ground.

All in all, it looks incredibly fun and challenging, and it's very nice to see Ragnaros putting his new legs to good use kicking the crap out of guilds across the world. My favorite part of the video has to be the end, with the custom death animation for Ragnaros. Watch until the very end -- it's worth it. Congratulations again to DREAM Paragon for their heroic first kill and for this awesome video of the accomplshment.

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Goon Squad downs Tirion Fordring

Perennial pariahs Goon Squad, Horde-side on Mal'Ganis-US, have really carved out a niche for themselves in the World of Warcraft. Well, two niches. The first is a rock-solid reputation of being the foremost trolls and griefers in the MMO market, period -- a reputation perpetuated by a community that operates mostly on word-of-mouth and lovingly crafted by the guild itself. The second is providing some of the best and most hilarious WoW videos on the internet. This one is no exception -- they managed to score a victory for the Lich King by defeating the dread paladin Fordring.

It's a rare ability, possessed by Goon Squad and a few other community figures, to be able to take the building blocks of the game experience provided by Blizzard -- strictly compartmentalized and defined by sets of incontrovertible rules -- and then cobble together something wholly new and, frankly, ridiculous out of them. You're not supposed to be able to bring together two often-'shipped faction leaders for an impromptu date. You're not supposed to be able to blow the Wintergrasp fortress wall to smithereens in a minute's time. You're certainly not supposed to be able to kill the head of the Argent Crusade who, by the way, should learn to cast Consecrate.

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The Seven takes down Kil'jaeden in China

Our good friend Boubouille at MMO Champion is reporting that the last watermark of the latest content in the Sunwell Plateau has been reached -- The Seven (who, you might remember, also nabbed the first Illidan kill in China), has downed Kil'jaeden over there. Grats to them -- they didn't get Thori'dal, but they did get Apolyon, and who doesn't like rending souls, right?

To tell the truth I'm kind of surprised this happened so quickly -- apparently The9, who runs World of Warcraft in China, were able to drop the Sunwell Plateau patch pretty soon after it came out in the US and Europe. Burning Crusade, we know, took a long time to release over there (it came out months after it did on this side of the world), but either The9 is responding to pressure to release content closer, or patch updates are much easier to localize and distribute.

Either way, grats to The Seven and all of the other guilds worldwide able to topple The Deceiver. Next up, Northrend!

Update: Our commenters remembered something I forgot: All of the Sunwell Plateau gates were released open in China, to make up for the late content releases in the past.

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Breakfast Topic: Non-combat uses for combat spells

Obviously, all of our classes have a bunch of combat spells, and we use them in combat all the time. But when it comes to standing around the city, all of us might as well be clowns mocked up in different outfits, because we don't use our magic unless we're killing something. Of course there are also a lot of non-combat spells, such as mages summoning food and water, or warlocks summoning you and me. But is there any use to some of our combat spells for those times when we're not in combat?

The greatest non-combat use I can think of for combat spells is in roleplaying, such as the frost-mage gnome I featured in an article, who had such a horrible cold all the time -- she would sneeze and Frost Nova at the same time for a really fun character effect. I'd love to hear some more of these roleplaying ideas, but I'd also like to hear from non-roleplayers as well. How do you use your spells to entertain yourself or your friends, without killing something at the same time?

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First Illidan China kill by The Seven

Just about a month and a half after they first got access to the Burning Crusade, a Chinese guild has downed Illidan Stormrage over the weekend. World of Raids has more, including the fact that it only took 52 days total, and that a Gnome Rogue picked up the offhand. As many are noting, lots of players are still dressed up in Tier 3 gear, which means they just barrelled right through SSC and TK up into the Black Temple.

Incgamers has an interesting point, however-- Chinese players, getting BC so late, supposedly had the benefit of all the nerfs and tweaks that Blizzard added to all the encounters since it first was released here. From Vashj's bugginess to the attunement removal, it could be argued (I'll leave this one up to you guys) that China is playing a much easier Outland endgame.

At any rate, downing Illidan is always an achievement, no matter what game you're playing. Grats to The Seven in China-- now here's hoping they go back and actually try enjoying that raid content!

[ via MMO Champion ]

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Breakfast Topic: Most satisfying kill

We all have those satisfying moments when we overcome challenges that we'd previously thought too difficult, or perhaps when we go back and exact our revenge on tormentors of the past. Even in PvE, there are plenty of fights that give a real sense of accomplishment at the end. What's your story?

Personally, I have all the usual go-back-and-kill-Son-of-Arugal moments, but also a couple of proud achivements when faced with two elites (one add)--the last time that happened I survived with 5 health! I also have the embarrassing flipside -- /cheering after a fight only to realise I've been poisoned. Unfortunately the Spirit Healer didn't see the funny side.

[Thanks, Eric]

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