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Knowledge, newbies, and why kindness pays off

I played WoW on dial-up for a while, and during that time, it was close to impossible for me to raid anything but add-light 10-man content. So I did the only thing that seemed doable: leveled alts. A lot of them. While previously I had vowed to only level my rogue (my original main) to max level in any given expansion, I was suddenly the proud owner of six level 80 characters.

Even after I got back on actual broadband internet, Cataclysm's introduction of new races (especially Races That Are Worgen) gave me some more incentive to bring my number of max-level characters up to, well, its maximum level. So I finally listened to Matt Rossi and made a worgen warrior. He's awesome. And he tanks, a first for me. I've been leveling him almost exclusively through the dungeon finder, taking advantage of the instant queues for a dog what wears plate armor.

I'm still pretty new to tanking, but between new talent trees, heirlooms, and questing/dungeon gear with better stat balance, most low-level instances are a breeze. So I move fast. Sometimes a little faster than other people. The same kinds of people who attack from the front as a melee class or hit "need" on spirit weapons as a mage. And I would make snide remarks to those kinds of people.

Then I realized something. I was being kind of a jackass.

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Hi, my name is mandy*

Do you ever stop to think about the other players in WoW? The game attracts a wide range of folks, but odds are good many of them are remarkably similar to you in many ways. Sometimes it's hard to remember that there is a living being behind those pixels. Someone who is excited by triumphs and aggravated by mistakes. Oddly enough, we don't always treat them as real people.

Take for instance one of the PUGs I did this evening. Within 10 minutes of joining the group, the Hunter typed a vulgar joke in party chat. At this point I saw four options four options for dealing with it:

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Forum post of the day: Random acts of kindness

Of course there's a lot of bad blood between Horde and Alliance, but every once in a while we work together. About half of the times I've done the Ring of Blood quest line in Nagrand I've seen Horde and Alliance fighting side-by-side. There are some other quests that seem to promote this behavior like "Even Gronn have Standards" and "The Skettis Offensive." Some things just bring out our cooperative souls.

Sometimes we just find ourselves compelled to do nice things. Sukalin of EU-Anarchronos told a tale of a complete stranger coming to his rescue:
Just a few minutes ago, I was running down through Stranglethorn Vale on my 20 Warlock, so I could get to Booty Bay and eventually The Barrens to do my Succubus quest. I kept getting attacked by beasts and dying, though.

About a quarter of the way down I was attacked by a tiger and was reduced to about 5% health when a Troll Shaman called Ayisah shocked the tiger and saved me! I was grateful, of course, and expressed my gratitude in the form of emotes - but in addition to that she helped me travel down the rest of the zone by following close behind me on my way to Booty Bay.

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Breakfast Topic: Christmas WoW stories

When we come back from vacation, it's nice to ask each other how their holidays were, and hear all the interesting stories about what made the holidays so special. For those of you who played WoW on Christmas day, I wonder if you had any experiences which made that day special, somehow different from other days. Did you do out of your way to be especially kind, or encounter other players doing so, possibly even to you? Did you see lots of people saying "Merry Christmas!" in the various chat channels of the game? Did you do anything special with your friends in game?

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The spirit of giving, even in WoW

This holiday season means many different things to many different people, but whoever you are, and whatever background you come from, it's pretty hard to argue against anything that asks people to be a little more kind and generous with one another -- even if just for a little while.

If you happen to be playing World of Warcraft today this is especially important. There might be a little voice inside your head saying, "Oh, I'm such a loser, playing a video game on a holiday," or similar such nonsense. You're not playing games today to avoid your loved ones, after all! More likely, you have special circumstances which prevent you from being with them -- so banish the thought that says you shouldn't hang out with people online in addition to in real life! Today is a wonderful opportunity to put down this and all other kinds of negative attitudes and make a special effort to be good to others, no matter where you meet them.

The key to celebrating the holidays wherever you are is to exercise the kindness and generosity of the season with whomever crosses your path, whether it be the path outside your house, or the path around Alterac Valley. Just today, I was fighting in AV, making my way to the Frostwolf Relief Hut with several other folks I'd never seen before in my life. After the battle was finished (healthy competition in PvP isn't unkind at all -- but gloating about it would be), a mage standing in our group proceeded to cast his Ritual of Refreshment spell with a cheerful "Merry Xmas!" even though there were just 4 or 5 of us there! As we partook gratefully of his conjured manna, it occurred to me how people are always people, whether online or off, and such spontaneous kindness and generosity can uplift people's hearts in any situation.

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