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World of Papercraft encore... and it kicks major hiney!

Ok, I know we already covered this yesterday, but what can we do? When we see something that blows us away (and concerns World of Warcraft, of course), we just have to share it with you. Tipster Salaami pointed me to a papercraft site made by Canadian blogger PMF, an architect who seems to enjoy making papercraft models of World of Warcraft. He hasn't made models in a few months, but if you're into papercraft -- or, since it is extended maintenance -- you can try your hand at constructing a few of the plans yourself.

You can download various plans from the awesome Kodos, Orc and Dwarven mailboxes, or start easy with a... wrench. Yes, there are actually plans for a World of Warcraft arclight spanner. There's even that King Bangalash that Mike was looking forward to. It might even be something our self-confessed curmudgeon Matthew can get into instead of waiting on a Figureprints lottery. The best part? The plans on PMF's blog are actually free, so you can simply download the links, print them out, and start papercrafting away. Of course, most of the designs require a Papercrafting skill of 375, but hey, you can always make a bunch of arclight spanners to skill up. Check out yesterday's gallery with additions from PMF's site.

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Some Hunter pets not losing size or elite status when tamed

So by now, I'm sure a lot of people have seen it: A Hunter accompanied by what looks to be a pet on steroids, with a huge size and an elite target frame. No, Hunters have not gained the ability to become even more imba, it appears to be a display bug. Since 2.4, elite and rare (aka silver elite) pets aren't quite registering properly once tamed, as they appear to keep their size and show up as elite in status (though apparently not in stats) until the hunter logs off. As a result, you may have seen Gutripper tearing up Blood Elves in Dawnblade Village, or King Bangalash frolicking around Booty Bay. Rest assured (or be disappointed) that you probably won't see them that way for long, and a hotfix is on the way.

Mania speculates that the bug may have something to do with the implementation of Papa Hummel's Pet Biscuits, which seems very possible. Maybe when they messed with the coding to allow pets to grow larger, much like the PTR bug where non-combat pets grew giant, it caused elite pets to grow a bit larger too, or at least not shrink like they should. Either way, enjoy your new massive pets while you can, Hunters, I'd imagine a hotfix will come either this Tuesday or the next.

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