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Insider Trader: Highlights of Wrath crafting, Tailoring edition

Insider Trader is your inside line on making, selling, buying and using player-made products.

Wrath of the Lich King has changed many things about the professions we all know and sometimes love. Last week, Insider Trader looked at the highlights of the Leatherworking and Blacksmithing professions, showing you what's new, how to plan out your leveling, and what you can look forward to at what points.

This week, Tailoring is up for discussion. There are faction recipes and dropped recipes, as well as highlights from your trainer that you won't want to miss. Here is a quick summary:
  • New and improved exclusive spellthreads for enchanting your pants.
  • A 20-slot bag and a 22-slot bag.
  • A slow flying carpet mount as well as an epic one.
  • Specialty cloth for epic gear.
  • Frost resistance gear.
  • An 8-piece PvP pseudo-set.
  • Exclusive cloak enchants.
  • Special threads that you can sell for a profit.
  • Soul shard and enchanting bags with 32 slots.

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Shifting Perspectives: Faction gear for Druids, part II - Argent Crusade

Every Tuesday, Shifting Perspectives explores issues affecting Druids and those who group with them. This week we continue our examination of the faction gear available for Druids in Wrath and have a serious conversation with our aesthetic conscience regarding the hideous Kirin Tor tabard: "Is the tanking staff we get at Revered worth the humiliation of wearing that purple monstrosity?" The answer, dear readers, is no.

In the first part, we covered Druid gear available with the Tuskarr, the Alliance Vanguard/Horde Expedition, Wyrmrest Accord, Kirin Tor, and Oracles/Frenzyheart. This week, we're going to finish with a look at the Knights of the Ebon Blade, the Argent Crusade, and the Sons of Hodir. You're unlikely to encounter any of these three factions while leveling between 70 and 74, but all three figure prominently in mid to late '70's leveling. Read on for the last three factions, but if you want a quick set of links to each individual faction, here you go:

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Wrath Dailies: Infused Mushroom Meatloaf

Let's take a look at the daily cooking quest "Infused Mushroom Meatloaf." But before we go into the quest details, ask yourself for a minute if you've ever had mushroom meatloaf. I can say that I haven't, and upon googling it I learned a bit more.

A mushroom meatloaf is a meatloaf with about a half pound of minced mushrooms in it. The meatloaf itself is cooked and made just like a normal meatloaf, expect for the added mushrooms in it and sprinkled on top. Put some ketchup on it for added flavor.

I'm not a big fan of meatloaf or mushrooms (except on steak), so this isn't a favorite dish of mine. However the in game quest is.

Quest Giver: Awilo Lon'gomba (Horde) or Katherine Lee (Alliance)
Reputation: Kirin Tor
Reward: 150 rep, 9.9g at level 80, a Dalaran Cooking Award, a Small Spice Bag
Minimum Level: 65
Required Chain: Cooking at 375 or above.

Read on after the break for our walkthrough of the quest, complete with a few tricks you can do to get it done quickly and easily

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Shifting Perspectives: Faction gear for Druids, part I

Every Tuesday/Wednesday/some day that ends in -y, Shifting Perspectives explores issues affecting Druids and those who group with them. This week we take a look at faction rewards available to Druids in "Wrath of the Lich King" and wonder if that Mysterious Egg of ours -- the only faction reward we could truly be said to care about -- is ever going to hatch.

Like most of you, I'm still running a lot of dungeons and getting acquainted with the array of drops available on both normal and heroic mode, and I'm not anywhere near as familiar with the Northrend 5-man drops as I am with Outland's after tanking them all eleventy-billion times. For the moment, my ability to compare all of the reputation gear available from Wrath factions with potential dungeon drops is fairly small and mostly confined to feral equipment, so I apologize. What I can say is that I've noticed a fairly clear trend favoring Balance if you're planning on getting a lot of your gear at 80 from faction reputations (although if you go that route there's a sizable pitfall in the form of a serious lack of +hit on most pieces). Feral is a little more hit-or-miss. Restoration seems to have the hardest time getting its best pre-raid or heroic pieces from rep grinds, and I'm not going to lie; get used to most of your best pieces being cloth.

With what are essentially four different specs to cover for all the new factions available in Wrath, this got a bit long. So this week we'll discuss the rep grinds that become accessible a little earlier in the trek to 80 -- namely, the Tuskarr, the Alliance Vanguard/Horde Expedition, Wyrmrest Accord, Kirin Tor, and Oracles/Frenzyheart. Next week we'll cover the Knights of the Ebon Blade, the Argent Crusade, and Sons of Hodir, as you're not likely to see these guys as early as you'll see the others. Indeed, before a quest line that phases the lady into existence, you won't see the Knights of the Ebon Blade quartermaster at all.

EDIT: Now that the faction guides are finished, here's a set of quick links in case you're looking for information on one faction in particular:

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Shifting Perspectives: Faction gear from the Wyrmrest Accord and Kirin Tor


This is another faction with which you can start building rep relatively early, although it'll be slower going than it will be for the Tuskarr. Be sure to get through the early-70's quest chain to access the daily Defending Wyrmrest Temple.
  • Cloak of Peaceful Resolutions -- Honored, Level 78: Not a half-bad tanking cloak and fairly easy to get at Honored, although in a pinch you can probably afford to keep using a pre-Wrath tanking cloak all the way to 80. At 80 you can and should get Durable Nerubhide Cape crafted if you plan on doing any amount of tanking at all. Slap the +22 agility enchant on that puppy and you're good for anything.
  • Ancestral Sinew Wristguards -- Revered, Level 80: These are one of the best bracers pre-heroics for Restoration with none of that +crit or +haste malarkey to gum the works. Excellent +spellpower in addition to solid stats elsewhere.
  • Arcanum of Blissful Mending -- Revered, Level 80: The Wrath equivalent of the Arcanum of Renewal from Thrallmar/Honor Hold. Restoration Druids will want this as quickly as possible; moonkin may consider it if they've been having mana issues, but most of the time you're going to want the Kirin Tor enchant.
  • Gavel of the Brewing Storm -- Revered, Level 78: This is a useful moonkin mace packing +crit and +haste, but it bothers me a bit. Like most of the other potential moonkin pieces available with reputation from this or any other faction, it lacks +hit -- and your primary concern as you level toward 80 is going to be getting (or staying) hit-capped. If you're dependent on faction gear at 80 as you get ready to raid or do heroics, keep this in mind. If for no other reason than that, the Kirin Tor dagger is better (read on).
  • Sandals of Crimson Fury -- Exalted, Level 80: Cloth, but pretty good moonkin boots with decent +spellpower, +haste, a blue socket, but once again 0 +hit.


This is almost inarguably one of the best faction reps to grind as a Druid, so it pays to choke down your nausea at the sight of that hideous tabard at 80. You can start building reputation with the Kirin Tor fairly early if you start leveling in Borean Tundra and do the questlines offered by the NPC's on the Amber Ledge. As you might expect from a faction being run by a lot of clothies, most of the potential gear here is particularly useful for casters, but weirdly enough there's also a feral staff and excellent legs available at Revered.
  • Helm of the Majestic Stag -- Honored, Level 78: With the total absence of spirit but 21 mp5, this really seems like more of a Restoration Shaman piece, but it's certainly usable. Welcome to the only leather helm graphic you will see on any decent piece for the next five million years, by the way.
  • Flameheart Spell Scalpel -- Revered, Level 80: Look, Ma! It's +hit! One of the best pre-raid moonkin weapons with solid +spellpower, +hit, and +crit. If you can't get the mats for a Titansteel Guardian for love or money (or if you're not hit-capped using it), this is the weapon worth grinding rep for.
  • Mind-Expanding Leggings -- Revered, Level 80: This is an amazingly good piece for tanking, and it's going to be the piece you want over the Azure Strappy Pants from the Frenzyhearts if you're doing the usual bounce around the factions in Sholazar Basin, or if you spend more time as a bear than a cat. These are arguably the best pre-raid bear legs outside of heroics and arena.
  • Stave of Shrouded Mysteries -- Revered, Level 80: What a bunch of mages are doing with a feral staff is utterly beyond me, but their confusion is our gain. Right now it's inferior by several light years to the Enraged Feral Staff from heroic Utgarde Keep as a tanking piece, but the armor on both pieces is going Splitsville pretty soon. When that happens, the distance between the two with respect to tanking quality is going to shrink quite a bit. The Enraged staff is still going to retain a clear advantage for tanking in the form of both threat production and dodge (the mass of agility on it converts to 1.87% dodge in contrast to the Stave's 1.42% dodge), and I still cannot for the life of me understand itemizing Strength on a feral piece in lieu of Agility (seriously? What gives?), but without the enormous armor difference, the weapons are a lot closer to each other than they would otherwise have been.
  • Robes of Crackling Flame -- Exalted, Level 80: Prejudiced toward healers with a meaty chunk of its stat allocation given to mp5, but Restoration still gets less use out of +haste than other healers (Lifebloom, Rejuvenation, and Wild Growth all being instant cast and still a huge portion, if not an outright majority, of our healing done). Usable? Certainly. Are you doomed to most of your best pieces pre-raid being cloth? Just as certainly.
  • Ghostflicker Waistband -- Exalted, Level 80: Very good Balance belt and it includes a blue socket, but (again) it's primarily useful only if you're otherwise hit-capped.
Next: Frenzyheart and the Oracles.

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Lichborne: Reputation rewards for Death Knights in Wrath of the Lich King

This pretty much never gets old.
Welcome to Lichborne, WoW Insider's weekly column on the Death Knight, written and named by a guy who actually doesn't have that talent. How does this keep happening, seriously?

So by now, I'm sure a lot of Death Knights are, like yours truly, getting into the level 80 home stretch and trying to figure out which of the Wrath factions to grind first. If you've already read our Wrath 101 guides to reputation and to the Oracle and Frenzyheart tribes, you're off to a good start. In this week's Lichborne, we'll take it a step further by looking at the purchasable rewards for each faction with the eye of a Death Knight. As with our previous gear guide, I'm operating on the assumptions that haste and armor penetration are less desirable for Death Knights and that expertise is primarily for Death Knight tanks.

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Arcane Brilliance: Wrath reputation rewards for Mages, part 2

Each week Arcane Brilliance cooks up a feast for Mages everywhere, just like your mom does. Well...maybe your mom cooks for Druids--I don't know--but my mom always cooked for Mages. Especially at this special time of year, she wanted her little Mages to eat well and give thanks for the bounty they had been given. She taught us to always be grateful for Pyroblast, and Polymorph, but most of all, for Mirror Image. Oh, and she also taught us to kill Warlocks, but that's a whole other story.

So I assume that you're all about sick of leftover turkey at this point (at least, those of you who happen to live in America, I guess), and are ready for a heaping helping of something...Magier. Fear not, for Arcane Brilliance is here to serve a steaming pile of Mage directly to you. If you top it with enough gravy, it tastes pretty good.

Last week we went over some of the new Wrath factions and the rewards they offer for Mages. If you missed that first part, you can find it here. As quite a few of you pointed out in the comments, the stuff from those factions was a bit...underwhelming. Fear not, fellow Mages, the best is yet to come. This week, we'll hit the rest of the new expansion's reputation rewards and highlight those that you'll want to start grinding for now, if you haven't already started.

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Scattered Shots: Reputation rewards for Hunters in Wrath of the Lich King

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! You didn't think Scattered Shots was taking the day off, did you? Hopefully, there's enough of you who aren't completely zonked out on turkey, ham, or beef to read this.

So by now, I figure most of you are well on your way to 80, and are probably starting to ask yourself: Which reputation should I grind first? There's tons of ways to choose, be it roleplaying who your character would align themselves with or choosing the one that's easiest to grind. One of the most popular and most effective though, is pretty simple: Asking yourself which one has the best loot. Today's Scattered Shots will center around that last one.

If you're still not sure how to grind reputation in Northrend, or forgot where the quartermasters are, be sure to check out our Wrath 101 post on reputations, as well as our post on the Wolvar and Oracles of Sholozar Basin. Once you've done that, or if you remember the basics, read on!

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Encrypted Text: Wrath reputation rewards for Rogues

Every Wednesday, Chase Christian of Encrypted Text invites you to enter the world of shadows, as we explore the secrets and mechanics of the Rogue class. This week, we'll be talking reputation gear available in Northrend

Rogues are like butterflies. We soar between currents of air, our paths seemingly chaotic. We serve no master, no blood oaths to demons or fear of a higher power. We simply float our way through the world, focusing on preservation of self as the highest goal. Our path is truly our own.

Rogues are also like Joe The Plumber. We've got bills to pay, mats to farm, and drops to grind. While driving around Azeroth in your parent's Traveler's Tundra Mammoth with your disappearing act may seem attractive, life in WoW isn't that easy for a Rogue. In order to keep up with content, we're in constant need of new leather gear to keep us at the top of our game. We've got our dues to pay, and one word describes how "The Man" requires us to fulfill these obligations: Reputation. Read on to explore exactly what juicy pieces of rep gear await in Northrend.

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The Queue: Quest rewards

Welcome back to The Queue, WoW Insider's daily Q&A column where the WoW Insider team answers your questions about the World of Warcraft.

As usual, we'll start right off with answering your questions. If you have a question you want answered in a future edition of The Queue, just leave your question in the comments section below and we'll try to get to you next time!


What is the minimum required enchanting skill to disenchant epics from Naxxramas? It's unlikely that we will need to for a while, but it would be handy to know!

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Hi Arthas! Want some help slaughtering the innocent?

A guildmate of mine was healing a Culling of Stratholme run last night and finally broached a question that seems to have occurred to everyone who's helped Arthas take his utilitarian moral perspective on the road: "Why are we helping this guy?"

It's a question that people used to ask about Black Morass a lot too (indeed, the first boss, Chrono Lord Deja, will ask you that himself), but Black Morass was a little more cut-and-dried. Medivh unquestionably cost many lives in bringing the first Horde through his portal, but if the orcs never set foot in Azeroth, then the world would have fallen to the Legion. The Bronze Dragonflight is unusually blunt about the cause-and-effect; war breaks out among the human kingdoms, the Alliance never occurs, the new Horde is not present at Hyjal to defend against Archimonde's forces -- indeed, the Legion may very well have swept the world without Hyjal ever occurring. So, despite the destruction wrought by the first Horde's entry into Azeroth (and you could argue, because of it), Medivh must succeed in opening the portal.

I'm not sure it's quite that straightforward with "Old Strat" -- and questions about whether it is prompt some thought-provoking questions concerning Azeroth's past, present, and future.

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Wrath 101: Factions and reputation

Reputation in Wrath of the Lich King works a lot like it did in The Burning Crusade, except refined. Most of your reputation will come from dungeon runs and questing, and not grinding mobs off in some random corner of the world. At the same time, they've thrown in some 'extra' hooks to some of the reputations that make it pretty different from what it used to be, for better or for worse. That's what we'll be digging into here.

The Horde and the Alliance each get a set of factions: The Horde Expedition and the Alliance Vanguard. These are a bit unusual, because those two primary factions have four other secondary factions. For the most part, those secondary factions don't have any rewards of their own. As you gain reputation with the sub-factions, your overall Horde Expedition or Alliance Vanguard reputation goes up, and that determines your rewards. Why did they do it that way? I don't know, but they did!

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Breakfast Topic: Is the ring worth it?

The spiffy Dalaran rings:
Band of the Kirin Tor
Signet of the Kirin Tor
Are they worth it?

When I hit 80 it was the first thing I picked up. The powerful ability to teleport myself to a major city is, in my opinion, invaluable as I conquer the end game of Wrath of the Lich King. But after I right clicked to buy the 8,000g ring, I paused.

I felt a small twinge on the back of my head.

Was that the tingling of buyer's remorse? Did I just buy the Sega Dreamcast of rings?

Will my ring fade away to soon be vendored? No ring to control them all, and no ring to in the darkness bind them?

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Ask A Beta Tester: AABT's greatest hits, part 2

On to part 2! This series of questions spans August and early September, and we'll keep moving forward this week.

Hoops asked....

How much gold roughly would you get from questing 70-77 (until you unlock the flying mount)? I was wondering if it would it be worth farming money beforehand or would the money from questing be enough.

Elizabeth answers: I'm not 77 yet, so I can't exactly address the question as asked, but I can tell you that I've made about 400g leveling from 70 to 72. That's just from questing, vendoring trash & unneeded greens -- and it includes some stupid deaths, plenty of repair bills(I blame Dalaran for many of them!), and training a couple of professions (35g to train a primary profession to the next skill level and 100g to train a secondary profession to the next skill level).

Allie adds: I finally started keeping track of how I was doing gold-wise while leveling. On the beta I leveled a lot through instance runs because the demand for healers was so high; on the live realms I've leveled mostly through questing. Between 70 and 76 so far (remarkably fast for me but my guild starts raiding next week) I've made somewhere in the region of 2K gold after training, repairs, professions, etc., mostly through questing and keeping my bags as open as possible to sell vendor trash. As Elizabeth observes, that part's key; Northrend vendor trash and greens sell for a LOT.

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Breakfast Topics: Is the Traveler's Tundra Mammoth worth it?

Wrath of the Lich King introduces the Traveler's Tundra Mammoth, a 3 person mount that costs between 16,000 and 20,000 gold, depending on your reputation with the Kirin Tor.

The mount is starting to show up on live realms today. Some folks that have very deep pockets are picking them up for the maximum cost. Reactions are mixed. Most people will target the mount, look through the vendors, and some will ask to get on it for a quick ride. Others will /point /laugh.

The vendors on the mount are both a reagent vendor and a food / general goods vendor. The reagent vendor allows you to repair on the fly, the food / general vendor lets you pickup food and water when ever you need it, and both allow you to sell stuff on a whim. The general vendor also has unlimited arrows and bullets.

It's very nice for leveling in some ways, and will be quite nice for raiding in that you'll always have someplace close with reagents and other essentials.

But is it worth it?

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