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Sunday Morning Funnies: Panda Attack!

NoObz is still on holiday, but Ding! has been updated. In other news, Disgraph has a new new site, because the new one liked to take a lot of naps. While everyone loves naps, they are not for websites. I have to say, I am loving the new design, although the text is a bit more difficult to read.

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Sunday Morning Funnies: Jammy Jam

Kissybear is back! The amazing Ding! will return and we will no longer have to cringe on Sunday mornings. Who's excited?

We also have some great comics today, including a newbie to the list that was tipped in last week's comments:

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Ding! webcomic is looking for your stories

Webcomic artist Scott Kurtz, the guy behind PvP and (more importantly) Ding! has recently posted that he'll be changing the format of his World of Warcraft themed comic. Currently, Ding! follows the comical exploits of his fictional guild, Panda Attack, but as of now that's all going to be changing.

Instead, Scott is looking to make his comic highlight the community, and be something of a community effort. He's looking for you, the players, to submit true stories about you and your guild. Has something hilarious or awesome (or hilariously awesome) happened to your crew recently? Submit it to Kurtz, and it just might be immortalized in Ding! If your story is featured in the comic, you'll be rewarded with an 11x17 print of the comic itself, which is pretty cool. It's always nice to have little memories of your guild in physical form like that. Typically you'd need to pay a decent amount of money for comissions from an artist as well known on the net as Kurtz, so that's a sweet little bonus beyond just having your story featured.

The full details on how to submit your story can be found on the PvPonline website, and I definitely recommend sending something in! If you or your guild gets featured, you should let us know, too! We'd love to hear about it, and it would probably be shown off on our site as well. That's two times the cool!

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Sunday Morning Funnies: Your mom is hardcore

Experience Points by Scott JohnsonThis is the first Sunday in December, and I have a nice long list of comics for your perusal.

Perhaps you could enjoy a seasonal chocolate beverage while you read, although I should caution you that your keyboard can't take many more episodes of you spitting out your drinks in laughter.

  1. Piggyback from Dark Legacy Comics shows us that vehicles have rights.
  2. Experience Points does the Wrath Gate event.
  3. Check out the latest from Flintlocke vs. the Horde.
  4. Wish Shakes and Fidget a hearty Welcome to Northrend.
  5. GU Comics wants to remind you to Honor they Father too.
  6. LFG is witnessing some changes.
  7. Manic Graffiti presents Noobcow and the Days of Jaina's Lives.
  8. Monkey Punchers shows us that not everyone wants Candle. In fact, some people No Want Candle.
  9. NoObz suggests that not all AFK'ers are actually away from the keyboard. Some may even be hard at work, in a way.
  10. Kissybear samples Death Knighthood.
  11. Kissybear starts to feel lonely.
  12. The Outland adventures of your favorite Teh Gladiators characters comes to a conclusion with Epilogue. What could they possibly get up to in Northrend?
  13. On The Scout Report, persuasiveness and persistence start to pay off.

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Sunday Morning Funnies: Promotion

Today, you're in for a real treat because the list is extra long. This is partially due to some recent reader submissions, so leave a comment or send us a tip if you find a WoW-related webcomic.

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Sunday Morning Funnies: Just a few Centaur feet

Another Sunday is passing, and with it, summer break. Soon, raids will pick back up, we'll see a return to relatively child-free hours on the servers, and the weather will start to cool off. Here are this week's funnies, to help you stay in a summery spirit.


Humor with a continuing plotline
  • This week, the characters of LFG attempt to pass through Customs.
  • On the Road to BlizzCon this week, the furry pair makes their way to Silvermoon City, with Sin'dorei Scheming, part 1.
  • Teh Gladiators is at a crossroads. Just not "the" Crossroads.

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Sunday Morning Funnies: Majestic belly fat

This week we have a strong selection of humor, from BlizzCon jokes to hypnotic dancing. If you're not opposed to the disrobing of blood elves, night elves and male dwarves alike, then read on!

Humor on a storyline

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Sunday Morning Funnies: You violated my spirit

Well, it's not quite the morning. In fact, it is not even really the afternoon. Still, that's no reason to miss your weekly dose of chuckles. This week we have fun that is finger-lickin' awesome, so enjoy.


Humor with plot

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Sunday Morning Funnies: Fighting naked

This week we have a fair amount of humorous adventures, including an ill-timed leak, success in disguise, a handy brick, a clever wolf, and even some snakes.

Humorous Plot
  • NoObz has some insight on patch days, from the mobs' points of view.
  • This week's installment of The Adventures of Disgraph T. Dwarf almost didn't happen, and the announcement of the delay is worth reading itself. Fortunately, Episode 23: WoW TV arrived in time for Sunday Morning!

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Sunday Morning Funnies: On the flip side

The summer season is just starting to gear up, and it seems that if you are not checking out arena season four, you're planning a trip, hosting a barbecue, or otherwise outside enjoying the sunshine. It seems that your favorite webcomic artists are no different!

Though this week's selection is small, less choice should make for a tighter run. As always, feel free to suggest new comics in the comments section!
  1. From Awkward Zombie comes In a Blink, showcasing the perils of using blink as a primary form of travel.
  2. NoObz explores the art of questing and saving for gear and flight.
  3. Kissybear is still enjoying his new alliance toon.
  4. Teh Gladiators' battle continues with the ancient arena fighter.
  5. Someone tastes like chicken on LFG!
  6. It is time for Blanc to Meet Lance!
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Sunday Morning Funnies: A random intermission

This week, Sunday Morning Funnies includes ranting, crying, joking, and even some crazy old guys trying to fight each other.
  1. Prepothteruth from Dark Legacy Comics talks about predictability and improbability that can creep into plots.
  2. Extra Life speaks out against level 30 mounts, crying, I earned that thing!
  3. Shakes and Fidget meet The Guardian. You even get a joke, an intermission, and some explanations (sort of).
  4. You may have noticed that we've been talking about the Spore Creature Creator lately. While it isn't Warcraft-related in itself, many people have been using it to create sporelings similar to WoW characters! We even have a gallery. So, to celebrate, and pique your curiosity, I am including GU Comics' The Spore Creature Editor.
  5. LFG's Richard is starting to go a little bit bonkers. No no, more than before. In fact, he even fancies that he has a destiny.
  6. NoObz has a lovely father and son moment.
  7. Ding!'s Kissybear is taking a walk on the Alliance side of things.
  8. Teh Gladiators come upon an old, old arena match.
  9. On The Adventures of Disgraph T. Dwarf, Shari begins ranting about the rampant use of the word "gay" by certain types of players.
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