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WRUP: Two guys, a moonkin, and a pizza place

Every week, just at the start of the weekend, we catch up with the WoW Insider staff and ask them, "What are you playing this week?" -- otherwise known as: WRUP. Join us to see what we're up to in and out of game, and catch us in the comments to let us know what you're playing, too!

Oh my goodness. I'm so embarassed. I didn't even see you walk in. And now here you are, staring at my computer screen, in full knowledge that I write nothing but fanfiction in my spare time.

It started innocently enough. After watching an episode of Seinfeld, I couldn't help but be upset over the fact that Elaine had never started a relationship with her boss, J. Peterman. I had visions of her being caught in the rain, totally drenched -- her clothes ruined. Her boss would walk up, lay a comforting arm on her shoulder, and say, "Why Elaine, did you forget your ... urban sombrero back at the office? Would you ... like to come up to my apartment? I have a spare."

Five minutes and two-hundred-seventy-four pages later, I had a fanfiction masterpiece. It didn't matter what made sense and what didn't. I was in control. I could make anyone fall in love with anybody! Steve x Kimmy Gibler. ALF x Lucky. Nothing was off limits!

"Oh, Tony," said Mona, smiling at the hunky housekeeper in front of her. "You've caught me just as I was getting out of the shower."

My latest story involves a certain boomkin, pre-med student Berg, and this girl Sharon. All the action takes place in a pizzaria circa 1999, and man, is it hot. See, Berg is there ordering a pizza, and he's not wearing a lot of clothes because it's very hot on account of all the pizza being steamy and whatever, and ...

... oh, what's that? You don't care about my fan fiction? Fine. Forget you. I'll just leave you with a rundown of what all our WoW Insider writers are playing this weekend and save my stories for an audience that will appreciate them. This week's bonus question: "Blizzard announced that certain users wouldn't see authenticator prompts if Blizzard is sure of the identity of the person logging in. Does that make you feel more secure, less secure, or doesn't it make a difference?"

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WRUP: Our favorite pets edition

I was just sitting down to write an intro for this week's WRUP, but then, oops, I seem to have been distracted by puppies. The puppies above are mine, because, well, I'm writing this post and it's my privilege to show off how gosh-darn adorable the little scamps are. (Of course, they're a couple of years older now -- less cute, and boy can they bark.) For this week's WRUP, we have the usual assortment of weekend plans as well as -- you guessed it -- puppies. Also kittens. And just for variety, a snake.

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Scattered Shots: Suggestion Box

Scattered Shots is here for you. As long as you're a hunter, you get to tell us what to write about, and we get to ignore you do whatever you say.

I love these months just before the next expansion is released. There's such a sense of anticipation, where the whole game, including your own class, is in fluid motion, constantly changing. This is the time when the developers actually want you to give them your feedback, to tell them what they're doing wrong; and -- strange as it may seem -- there is actually a chance they will listen to you, take your advice, and actually implement whatever change you suggest!

That's why the last few days I've had my eye on the beta hunter forums, looking for the latest ideas about my favorite class. Lots of the player suggestions they have there are really neat, but unfortunately there's also some of what we call "QQ" (which stands for whining because it looks like two little eyes with tears coming down). It's hard to get good suggestions on the forums without also getting bad QQ. Sometimes when forum-goers clash, they get into an annoying argument and the whole thing devolves into boring name-calling.

So let's weed out all the muck and jumble, shall we? Let's just cut to the prime-rib-beef of what really good ideas are out there and skip all the blah blah blah about who's stupid, who's an idiot, and who's just dumb.

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