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Known issues with Patch 4.0.1

Before we even begin with the new 4.0.1 content, Blizzard has released a post about the known issues with the newest patch. We are confident that a lot of these issues, mostly tooltip problems or item costs, will be rectified soon. Other than that, enjoy some of the funnier issues, like how the new shaman spell Earthquake is "looking awkward."

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Patch 3.3.5 known issues

Just released is the initial official list of patch 3.3.5 known issues... and it's a big one. Some of the major highlights:
  • Performing the /eat emote while dancing as a male Blood elf can cause some very unnatural character movement.
  • Pit of Saron - Scourgelord Tyrannus can remount Rimefang during the encounter.
  • The last remaining player in a random instance group can miss out on Random Dungeon loot.
  • Players from different servers can't trade dungeon items necessary to progress through the dungeon.
  • The Twilight Orbs periodically disappear during Phase 2 of the Halion encounter.
  • It is possible for a level 70 to receive the Wrathful Gladiator's Tabard.
  • You cannot get the "Call To Arms" Achievement through the Looking for Battleground feature.
  • Mage Summon Water Elemental does not fully function as a permanent pet when glyphed with Glyph of Eternal Water.
It appears that this includes some unfixed bugs that were present in previous patches, such as Tyrannus remounting Rimefang. There is no indication as to when these bugs will get fixed.

The complete list after the break.

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Patch 3.2 Known Issues

Dresorull has just released a list of known issues (unfixed bugs) in Patch 3.2. This patch has its fair share of bugs in it, however from personal experience I think it has a ways to go before it reaches the bugginess level of the patch 3.0.x branch.

This laundry list of issues comes after yesterday's first round of in-game hot fixes. Based on previous patches, I wouldn't be surprised to see another round of hot fixes released tonight.

Some of the more major bugs in patch 3.2 that are on Dresorull's list include:
  • People are getting stuck in the portals to the Argent Coliseum raids.
  • The Flying Carpet requires 410 tailoring to craft when only 375 is attainable at level 60.
  • A number of items are displaying different textures in 3.2.0 from how they looked in 3.1.3.
  • Master's Inscription of the Crag has not had its MP5 value increased.
  • Some Stormjewels are still unique-equip.
Again, these are just current bugs in the patch. These issues have not been fixed yet.

The full list of known issues after the break.

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Patch 2.4 known issues

More 2.4 news for all of you to consume.

Our friendly master of the PTR forums, Hortus, has posted a list of known issues on the PTR. I'm sure the list will grow longer, but in brief here are some major points:
  • Watch out for corruption of your World of Warcraft files if you use a Mac! This is a major issue for some people. Indeed yours truly would have been up the creek if I used my Mac's firewall feature (I've got a Linux firewall instead). All you Mac users: please, be careful!
  • When you rename a Hunter pet you get disconnected.
  • The Hunter ability Auto Shot can get locked out if you use an instant ability after Steady Shot.
  • Looting Bind on Pickup items isn't working right. So watch out if you're starting to raid.
  • Shattrath wasn't copied over correctly. Many NPCs (besides those listed in the blue post) are missing.
Blues also have posted an update of sorts on the character copy queues. They've said we're all going to have to wait a couple days to get our characters copied over if they're not already. At least some news is better than no news.

WoW Insider is your source for all the patch 2.4 news! Check back with us often for the latest.

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