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Over 1,000,000,000 Kobolds have been killed

It was revealed on the live stream today during the Art Panel that we've killed over 1,000,000,000 Kobolds in Elwynn Forest alone. We've taken a helluva lot of candles.

There has been no indication if genocide charges are being brought up against the Alliance. We suspect there won't be, however.

Fortunately though, candles are now cheap. But there are only 572 candle models in the game, and 42 of those are for the 42 different kinds of Kobolds in the game.

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Wrath bestiary reveals the Magnataur

The official Wrath of the Lich King website has had its Bestiary updated. What's the new addition? Magnataur! They seem to be centaur on steroids, essentially. An amalgam of a giant and a mammoth, these guys do not look (or sound) small whatsoever.

They're also described as fairly vicious, and their description lets us in on another fun blast from WoW past - the return of kobolds! You no take icicle? It sounds like the two races have a fairly symbiotic relationship, which should be an interesting dynamic to follow.

It's mentioned that single males control 'giant herds' which makes me a little curious about how big these guys can really be if they want to represent that in the game. The zones are supposed to be bigger in Wrath, but big enough to accurately represent massive herds of Magnataur? Maybe, maybe not! I guess that we'll see in time.

[ Thanks, Zakk! ]

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Your least favorite races

We all have our favorite races, whether we actively play them or not. Personally, I have a thing for playing Humans and I desperately want to play an Ethereal one day. At the very least, have an Ethereal presence in Wrath, even a small one.

What about your least favorite races, though? We all have those, too. We don't always have good explanations for it, but for one reason or another there's just something that drives us absolutely crazy. My #1 most hated race in Warcraft would have to be Gnolls. What do they even do? Their most famous member is Hogger, who doesn't even do anything. Okay okay, they kill people and that's bad, but they don't do do anything. At least Kobolds mine stuff up.

Tell you what, I'll go ahead and give my Top 5 after the jump. If you're interested, go ahead and read on!

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