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What's the best way to get Lesser Charms of Fortune?

What's the best way to get Lesser Charms of Fortune
What's the best way to get Lesser Charms of Fortune every week? Although Blizzard recently reduced the amount of Lesser Charms of Fortune players need each week (by lowering the requirement for the weekly quest Mogu Coins of Fate from 90 charms to 50 charms) we've still got to get them somewhere. So what's the best way?

Prior to patch 5.3, it seemed like everyone was swearing by pet battles. Players were claiming they'd earned hundreds to thousands of Lesser Charms just killing critters in Stormwind. A hotfix eventually nerfed the drop chance for Lesser Charms in lower level pet battles, but higher level pet battles are still rewarding charms to anyone who wants to put in the time. Is it still worth it?

Patch 5.3 has also added a couple of changes to Lesser Charm collection to really mix up the equation. Level 90 creatures that are outdoors in the world now have a chance to drop Lesser Charms of Fortune, while rare spawns in Pandaria and bosses in Battlefield: Barrens are guaranteed to always drop the charms. The result of this? Hordes of players in Northern Barrens farming Lesser Charms off the new Kor'kron mobs there.

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Patch 5.3: Battlefield Barrens Preview

Patch 53 Battlefield Barrens Preview
Warning: this post may contain spoilers for patch 5.3, particularly content relating to the Battlefield: Barrens quests! If you don't want to read spoilers, don't read the section of this post that happens after the break!

Blizzard Community Manager Nethaera has posted a blog providing both back-up information and useful clues about the events taking place in the areas surrounding Orgrimmar, giving players the heads up on the various new elements being introduced to those zones, how they are used and the stories behind them. As the devs commented in the recent live Q&A, this is a new angle on maximum level questing for WoW, and it's pretty fun. Again, beware spoilers, but you can also check out WoW Insider's initial look at the goings on in the area.

Final spoiler warning! They lurk ominously after the break. Watching. Waiting.

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Patch 5.3 PTR: Valley of Spirits closed down by Garrosh's goons

Patch 53 PTR Valley of Spirits closed down by Garrosh's goons
It seems that Garrosh's Kor'kron Guard are ramping up their action against the Darkspear trolls in Orgrimmar's Valley of Spirits. Wowhead's Perculia reported on this earlier today, and WoW Insider had to go check it out for ourselves.

And it's true, where once there were snake vendors roaming freely, now there are trolls cornered and watched by the Kor'kron overseers. There's no business taking place at all, and almost all the NPCs have different things to say to the would be purchaser, or indeed, trainee. My shaman trainer responded thus when I interacted with him:
Not now, shaman. I cannot train you today.
[Your trainer's voice lowers to a whisper]
The Kor'kron watches our every move. Garrosh has the Valley of Spirits under his thumb.
You want to help? Find Vol'jin. He will know what to do.
while Perculia reported her rogue trainer saying the following:
Ya need trainin'? You picked a real inconvenient time to come pokin' through the Valley of Spirits.
[Your trainer's voice lowers to a whisper]
The Kor'kron watches our every move. Garrosh has the Valley of Spirits under his thumb. I could be killed if they saw me talkin' to you.

Lucky for you, they don't ever see me. Lean in close, [name], we gotta keep this on the down low.
The other NPCs have various different dialogs that all tell much the same story: Garrosh's grunts have taken over the Valley of Spirits, and are preventing the trolls from doing their business. Sijambi the innkeeper is the only one who still seems to be open for business, but it's possible she is running some sort of racket, as her hammocks are packed with sleeping Kor'kron.

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Breakfast Topic: The Kron'Kar Annihilator is the coolest thing ever, period

There is nothing cooler in the entire history of World of Warcraft than the forthcoming Kron'Kar Annihilator. None. The Kron'Kar Annihilator is naming perfection coupled with such a beautiful simplicity. Let us analyze, scientifically of course, why this is so. The discussion is broken into three parts, consisting of the "Kron'Kar" element, the "Annihilator" element and the scorpion element.

First, words with apostrophes and hard consonant sounds are awesome. Kron'Kar has both, and then some. Double hard consonant "k" sounds punctuate both the ferocity and dangerousness of the powerful scorpion. The apostrophe lets you know that this beast follows in a tradition of badassery, such as Thrall's elite Kor'kron guard, or Drek'thar, leader of the mighty Frostwolf clan. Hard consonant sounds make saying Kron'Kar fun and intimidating.

Second, there is really nothing past annihilation in terms of things you can do to something or someone. Annihilating is pretty much it. You're gone, buddy. The Kron'Kar Annihilator annihilates. It's built in right there in the name!

Third, it's a scorpion. Seriously, are you going to tell me that scorpions aren't the most badass thing? It has claws, a stinger and -- since it is presumed that the Kron'Kar Annihilator is going to be the Horde guild mount -- is big enough to carry at least a tauren. I am putting on a diaper as we speak, because I just might be paralyzed with fear and defecate myself upon seeing a giant scorpion barreling down on me, Horde soldier atop its armored back, with nothing but hatred in both their hearts and the impending annihilation ever-present in the beasts' nomenclature.

We have already seen the Alliance's lion guild mount. The Kron'Kar Annihilator is the Horde equivalent. What do you think about the new guild mounts? Can anything be more awesome than a mountable scorpion?

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