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A true World of Warcraft: 3 things to know when playing on the road

A true World of Warcraft 5 things to know when playing on the road

When the boss says "I need you overseas next week," replying "but I've got a raid!" isn't really an option. I've just completed a two-week whirlwind trip, and I've discovered that with some mild preparation, it's quite easy to get in your regular WoW time. Dailies, raiding, pet battles PvP; whatever your choice of fun, don't let geography keep you down.

Choose your weapon

"Honey, why can't you take my old laptop on your trip?" "Because it only gets 10 FPS in Val...erm, because I want one that can Skype with you well without any slowdowns!"

First, you're going to need a machine to play on. If buying a new laptop isn't an option, it's not the end of the world; WoW can run on some positively ancient hardware, if you're comfortable with playing on lower graphics-quality settings. After installing it on a few laptops during my last trip overseas, I can say with a reasonable degree of confidence that any dual-core system should be able to at least run the game well enough to login, chat, and browse the Auction House. (In chronological terms, that means any system since about 2010 or so, and some higher-end 2008-2009 systems.) Of course, if you want to do anything more vigorous than posting auctions and talking in guild chat, you'll want a better hunk of plastic. Raiding and battlegrounds, in particular, will heavily tax your system, so try it out on your machine BEFORE you go. Trust me; learning Alysrazor tornadoes was challenging by itself, learning them while playing as a healer moving at 5 FPS was even worse.

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Reader UI of the Week: Cleaning up a distressed laptop UI

Each week, WoW Insider and Mathew McCurley bring you a fresh look at reader-submitted UIs as well as Addon Spotlight, which spotlights the latest user interface addons. Have a screenshot of your own UI that you'd like to submit? Send your screenshots along with info on what mods you're using to, and follow Mathew on Twitter.

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend, because it's time to get serious -- interface serious. That's like the most intense kind of serious, next to super-serious. This week's reader submission needs some super-serious help, tips, and tricks to help make things more manageable for its user, Shamonkey. And while I'm not the most forgiving person when it comes to novelty pun names, I am forgiving when someone is in need. Shamonkey, we've got your back.

Shamonkey's UI is a little out of sorts -- not unusable by any stretch of the imagination, but things could use a bit of a tidying up, don't you think? There's no shame in asking for some help, and laptop UIs are always a hot topic amongst emailers and commenters. Take a look, read my advice, and maybe post some of your own in the comments.

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Reader UI of the Week: Simple UIs for laptop gaming

Each week, WoW Insider and Mathew McCurley bring you a fresh look at reader-submitted UIs as well as Addon Spotlight, which spotlights the latest user interface addons. Have a screenshot of your own UI that you'd like to submit? Send your screenshots along with info on what mods you're using to, and follow Mathew on Twitter.

Laptops are becoming increasingly more popular for gaming ever since the ascension of the capable laptop video card and the desktop replacement. Coupled with the fact that most developers found the need to make their games laptop-compliant to succeed in the global marketplace, laptops are the big gaming PC for many, many people. World of Warcraft is notorious for being able to run on practically any machine, and I am sure there are some high school kids out there playing during Chemistry right now on their TI-85. That joke hurt because I realized how long it's been since I had a TI-85.

Qiuxiang's laptop setup does laptop UIs right -- it's simple, boils the game down to very basic elements, and does not take up the precious screen real estate with too much stuff. Sure, during raiding you get bombarded with notifications and warnings, but everything is manageable with a little bit of legwork. Not everyone raids to the extent many people do, so it's nice to see a user interface setup that makes just playing the day-to-day game something gorgeous.

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The Razer Switchblade concept slithers its way to GDC 2011

Razer was on hand at the Intel booth on the GDC expo floor with a sealed-off concept unit of the Razer Switchblade, the company's new small-form gaming PC. Travis Wannlund, Razer's global community manager, gave me the ins and outs of the hardware. The unit has a touchscreen to replace the pointer and also accepts a USB or Bluetooth mouse as an input device. The keyboard is made up of small LED screens that work as contextual keys, changing to ability keys with pictures, alphabetical keys, arrows, and more.

The Switchblade was cycling through games, showing off different context-sensitive key setups depending on the game. Quake Live placed down a row of abilities ranging from grenades and rockets, alongside buttons for walk and crouch. A WASD array also popped up, and presumably a mouse would facilitate the view space. I couldn't touch it, of course, as the machine was guarded by a nefarious plastic box, but it was there, working, and impressing the heck out of everyone who stopped by.

The Switchblade looks very promising, even in its concept stage, showing that Razer intends to push a whole lot of boundaries with its new little darling. It is almost as if the machine were built with the express purpose of playing a game like WoW on the go, with other games as an added bonus. Now we just have to watch and wait, hoping this little beauty goes from concept to production as soon as possible.

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More tasty WoW cakes

We got quite a few new cakes come across the tipline since we posted that caketop the other day, including this scary little bit of confectionary groomicide, thanks to another WoW-playing laptop. Lumpey of Arathor sent this one in, and says his mom made it for his wife's bridal shower, after he joked about bringing his laptop on the honeymoon so he could play WoW. We just want to know: mother or mother-in-law? The two messages might be very different, depending. But it does look like a great cake!

We've added this one to the gallery, along with two others we were sent. One is from Bubber, who put an edible guild picture on a regular cake he picked up (but it still looks pretty good), and the other is from Patrick S., whose wife made him another cake laptop for his birthday last year. That one actually has edible ricepaper TCG cards on it, and a great little World of Warcraft logo on the bottom. Very awesome, everybody, thanks for sending those in.

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This cake runs WoW

We've seen some awesome Warcraft-related cakes before, but this one is probably the most literal we've come across -- it's an actual representation of a laptop, complete with what looks like a to-scale keyboard, and little letters etched on the keys. Sure, it's a little more pillowy and frosted than your average MacBook, but that edible paper screenshot does look really cool. And before someone in the comments asks: what addon is that around the ability buttons?

You can see all of the other cakes we've collected so far in the gallery below. And as always, if you spot (or even make) a WoW-related confectionary contraption, drop us a note so we can check it out.

[via Wonderland]

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Dell's XPS line not cancelled after all

You might remember yesterday that we reported on the Wall Street Journal's report on the canceling of the Dell XPS line, which includes the World of Warcraft laptop. It seems that the Wall Street Journal got it wrong, according to Dell spokeswoman Anne B. Camden, speaking via Dell's official blog.

She took issue with almost every aspect of the Wall Street Journal's report, saying that both Alienware and the XPS line are hardly in trouble, and are known for excellence and have gained many awards and accolades, and that Dell was dedicated to both. In fact, she specifically praised the XPS M1730, which is the base for the World of Warcraft laptop.

In short, the WoW laptop will probably still be available for your buying pleasure, if you are inclined to drop between 2500 and 3000 dollars on a souped up gaming laptop and a couple of extra toys.

[Thanks to all the tipsters who sent this in!]

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Dell to end its World of Warcraft computer line

Fresh from the Wall Street Journal comes some news from Dell: They're phasing out much of their XPS gaming line, including their Warcraft laptops. You might remember the Dell XPS M1730 from our giveaway contest, hand-ons analysis and reviews back when it first hit the market. According to the article, the phaseout begins next month, so if you've been thinking about getting one of these bad boys, you'd better act fast.

The website still doesn't mention anything about the phase out, but it seems likely it'll be pulled soon. the $2999 price tag still seems a bit steep to me, but it's probably better than than the initial $4500 price tag, and better than the price that would probably be asked for any versions that might appear on various auction sites once Dell officially discontinues it.

We don't know for sure if the Laptop sold well, since Dell doesn't release sales information, but according to the article, the main object of this phase-out is to bolster the flagging Alienware line, which has lost much of it's luster since being purchased by Dell. Whatever the reason, the laptop is going bye-bye, so if you want it, go and get it. But you better hurry, because it may not last.

[Thanks for the tip, Surely!]

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Dell drops the price on the Warcraft laptop

Just in case the original $5k was too much for you on that Dell Warcraft laptop deal, Dell has apparently dropped the price to a still pretty high $4k, or $3999. That's still more than our questionable pricing out of the laptop and all of the goodies that come with it, but then again, it is a sweet gaming-spec, Warcraft branded laptop -- can you really put a price on a paradise like that?

And yes, it still does come with all the old stuff, including Alliance or Horde branding, all the Warcraft software, and a bunch of other goodies including those beta keys that we still have no idea are for. Where Dell found $1000 to cut out of that deal we can't figure either, unless... you don't think they were just topping more than a cool grand of straight profit on this deal, were they? Sneaky moneymaking bastards!

Update: Apparently we now know where they got $1000 out of the deal -- it doesn't come with all the extras any more. According to reader DevilStick, who chatted with a Dell sales rep, all it comes with is the mousepad and possibly a laptop bag. So the novels, the beta keys, and all of the books and other goodies were limited time only.

Update II: Dell themselves have contacted us with the news that the sales rep DevilStick chatted with was wrong: even at the lower price, it still does come with all the goodies. So if $5k was too much, but $4k is worth it to you to have "the ultimate Warcraft laptop," order away.

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Dell XPS contest winner revealed

After a mountain of legal paperwork and a background check that went back to the War of 1812, we have verified the eligibility of our randomly chosen winner of the WoW Insider Dell XPS giveaway. Everyone congratulate reader Alkalye. He has chosen the Horde edition of the M1730 World of Warcraft gaming laptop.

Thanks everyone for participating with your 37,000+ entries!

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The Dell XPS laptop giveaway has a winner!

We have successfully contacted the winner of the WoW Insider Dell XPS M1730 World of Warcraft Edition giveaway. So no need to keep checking your e-mail this weekend. With 37,000+ entries this has been one of our most successful contests to date and we thank you all for participating.

For those who didn't win, we have a new contest starting today: the Ideazon 12 Days of Winter Veil daily giveaway. Every day you can enter to win Ideazon swag: WoW-themed keyboards, FragMats (like a mousepad, but much better looking), Reaper mice plus WoW 60 day gamecards and more.

Keeping checking back every day for the next 12 days (including today's contest) for your chance to enter to win!

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Last chance to enter our Dell XPS giveaway

Today is your last chance to enter to win in our Dell XPS M1730 World of Warcraft laptop giveaway. Just leave a comment on the contest post with your preference of Horde or Alliance edition. And you need to do it this morning before 11:59am ET because at noon today the contest is officially over. We're locking the post and randomly picking the winner.

Here's the other important part: we will be contacting the winner by e-mail. If they do not respond in 72 hours, we will pick another winner. So make sure you check your e-mail this weekend or you may lose out on this gaming beast of a laptop. No one wants to come back from Christmas vacation to find an e-mail declaring them the winner if only they had responded in time!

And just so you don't spend the weekend staring at your Inbox, we will be announcing here on the site when we have successfully contacted the potential winner. Thanks to everyone for participating!

Good luck and get commenting!

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Two chances left to enter to win a Dell XPS laptop

We're closing our giveaway to entries at 11:59am ET tomorrow. That leaves you two more chances, today and tomorrow morning, to enter. All you need to do is go to the contest post and leave a comment with your preference of Horde or Alliance Edition.

With 30,000+ entries so far, you can increase you chance of winning by making sure you get in your last two comments. In the meantime, check out the gallery below for the hot sleekness that is the Dell XPS M1730 World of Warcraft Edition laptop.

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Day 6 of 8 and it's not too late to win a Dell XPS laptop

I know you regular readers of the site have been entering every day for a chance to win a Dell XPS M1730 World of Warcraft Edition laptop. But word is getting out and new readers have been coming to the site this week for their chance as well.

Veteran or newbie, if you haven't entered today, head over to the contest post and leave a comment with your preference of either Horde or Alliance edition. You'll have two more chances to enter (Thursday, and Friday before noon ET) after today, then we close the contest, randomly pick a lucky reader and send them an e-mail.

Until then, you can read our hands on review of the beast or add your opinion to the post that explores the question: is the laptop worth the price tag?

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Only 4 more chances to enter the Dell XPS contest

Today, tomorrow, Thursday and Friday before noon are your last four chances to enter to win a $5k Dell XPS M1730 WoW edition laptop. Not to mention the Figure Print that comes with it as well as 5 WoW beta keys tied to your account and a host of other goodies.

To enter, click over to the contest post and leave a comment with your preference of Alliance or Horde edition. After the contest ends on Friday at noon, we'll randomly choose one lucky winner. With over 20,000 entries so far, don't forget to enter every day to increase your odds of winning!

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