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Breakfast Topic: What secondary character would you promote to a leading role?

It's become sort of an undercurrent in a lot of WoW lore discussion lately that not everyone is happy with their leaders. Varian is too angry and doesn't do anything. Jaina's an appeaser and a crybaby. Malfurion's a jerk. Sylvanas is so evil that she makes Arthas look like a little puppy.

Of course, Blizzard has a whole new expansion coming soon, so we may just see more from these leaders that could change our minds -- or at least let us accept their story arcs. That said, what if Blizzard took an opposite tack? What if it just either killed off the leaders or swept them to the side and let other characters step up to drive the narrative going forward?

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Arena Tournament Update

At the completion of the first f four weeks in the qualifying period, the $200,000 3v3 arena tournament is in full swing, and the field is heating up. The leader board is now topped by teams around a 2,000 rating. This slight drop in ratings indicates stiff competition among top contenders. Slash Bark currently holds the top position with a 2,056. Next comes Rogue-Mage-Priest powerhouse Let's Be Friends sporting a rating of 2,003. Jacked as F, a team whose name accurately describes the state of the Arena Tournament Armory page, holds third place with a rating of 1,998. At this point it's (almost) anybody's game. That is, if the Armory is giving reliable information.

Bornakk recently provided some news on the official forums that may be of interest to Arena combatants. While not giving a release date for Patch 2.4.2, he indicated that the patch will affect the Tournament realms when it goes live. Buffs, nerfs and item changes may have an impact on composition and strategy. He also announced that there are currently no plans to add the Stormherald to the tournament server, as "We haven't added any items that require a profession to use them." (Unless you count Heavy Netherweave Banadages and ring enchantments.) He said that such items may be added in the future. Original poster, Zanyu of Malfurion, believes that adding this item would balance out the presence of Rogues and Warriors in the Tournament. I see it as very unlikely that a change would be made while the tournament is active.

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It's on! Arena Tournament Update

The arena tournament is live. You can still sign up for the tournament, but your team should be pretty close to stabilized. From this point forward any new additions, beyond team founders, to teams will come with a price of a 150 point penatly a pop. After May 6, you will not be able to adjust your roster at all.

If you plan on being competitive in the tournament, your team must complete at least 200 games between now and May 20, 2008. The ratings were all reset to 1500 after maintenance yesterday and the top teams are already flexing their muscles. The top three teams (as of this writing) are all over 2100 points. Outrageously Better Pros is on top at 2180 points, followed by Shadowplay at 2133, and godawful pmr at 2109. The top ten are equally split between Horde and Alliance teams.

Things are just heating up and the tournament will definitely be exciting and enlightening. The WoW Insider arena team will be back in action tonight. Manda, Zach, and I (mandy) will be taking on the world with epic Warlock-Paladin- Druid action. We'll see you in the queues tonight at 7pm PDT! Good hunting.

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Election Reminder

The Azrothean primary elections are coming to close. Unsurprisingly, Thrall is a runaway candidate for leader of the Horde. The Warchief is carrying 70% of the vote, the closest competitor Lady Sylvanas Windrunner has only 14.8%. Thrall is currently preparing his campaign team for the general election. Windrunner is rumored to be preparing her forces for non-political endeavors.

The Alliance race is neck and neck and neck between Highlord Bolvar Fordragon, King Magni Bronzebeard(24.1%), and High Priestess Tyrande Whisperwind. The latest polls show the King with a slight advantage (24.4%) over the High Priesstess (24.1%) and the Highlord (21.3%). Both High Tinker Gelbin Mekkatorque and Prophet Velen are reportedly stepping up their campaigns in hopes of come-behind victory. At this point it's anyone's race.

Due to overwhelming support from write-in voters, Lady Jaina Proudmoore has decided to enter the election contest as an independent candidate. She would like to thank everyone for their support and promises an excellent running in the general election.

Remember to vote for your candidate by March 20, 2008. Rock (paper, scissors) the vote!

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Breakfast Topic: Who should be leader of the free world (of Azeroth)? (Poll)

Here in the States it's election season. Newspapers and websites are plastered with campaign information. Preliminary polling for both factions will close on March 20, 2008. Then the leaders will go head to head, vying for the leader of the World... of Warcraft. Feel free to campaign in the comments for your candidate of choice.

Who should serve as the leader of the Alliance?

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Alliance leaders slaughtered on Moon Guard

Good news from Moon Guard-- despite a despicable assault by the Alliance on the Horde outpost of Orgrimmar, the valiant Horde there have grabbed their sword and fought the.. Alliance, taking the battle straight to their capital cities. Ok, "factionalism" aside, what the Horde on Moon Guard did is pretty impressive. They downed Velen, Bolvar, Mekkatorque, Magni, Staghelm (yay!), Tyrande, and Jaina. I'm surprised they didn't storm into Northshire Abbey and down Paxton, just for completeness' sake.

And just like we said on last week's podcast, it's a shame that they didn't get much for their trouble. High level faction targets give a little honor, and they give some money, but other than that, there are no major rewards for the downings. A special title or a factionwide buff would be great, and wouldn't cause overfarming chaos in these cities, which we believe is Blizzard's main reason for keeping these bosses lootless.

At any rate, grats to all the guilds on Moon Guard (the Horde guilds, and the Alliance guilds that killed Thrall and brought on this slaughter) for making this happen. Blizzard won't give you much but a little honor and some change, but we'll give you our gratitude for making sure there is war in Warcraft.

Thanks, Paul!

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Our leaders (and the tough task of replacing them)

So what's the deal-- do we elect our leaders or what? Obviously, I can't think of a single leader in WoW that's actually elected, by the players or anyone else. Thrall is a Warchief, so you'd assume he has to be overthrown, and that seems to be the case with most of the faction leaders-- King Bronzebeard isn't leaving anytime soon, and though the boy king of Stormwind sits pretty precariously on his throne, there's probably a few legal strings (and big black dragons) holding him in place. I can't think of any seats that might change hands anytime soon.

Save one: you have to think that if anyone's days are numbered, it's Sylvanas'. We already know she's got a bone to pick with Arthas, and if anyone isn't coming back from Northrend ali-- err... undead, it's probably her. Who would take over Undercity then-- Varimathas? If something did happen to Sylvanas in Northrend, the whole Horde might be upset, and considering Jaina may end up in on the action as well, no one's probably safe.

Still, even if our leaders get toppled anytime soon, I doubt elections are just around the corner. I don't think we really live in a democracy here-- more like a military dictatorship.

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MMO players make great leaders

Do you think that playing World of Warcraft has given you leadership skills? A study done by IBM and Seriosity claims:

Hundreds of thousands of players -- sometimes millions -- interact daily in highly complex virtual environments. These players self-organize, develop skills, and settle into various roles. Leaders emerge that are capable of recruiting, organizing, motivating, and directing large groups of players towards a common goal.

Of course, IBM and Seriosity are attempting to sell MMO-inspired business solutions, but the study itself is interesting even to those of us who aren't in the market. In it, IBM and Seriosity suggest that within MMOs, players need to organize in order to accomplish goals -- and the skills of the player who organizes your guild's raids are no different from a manager in a traditional office environment.

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