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WoW TCG March of the Legion event dates and locations announced

As you may recall, Upper Deck recently announced the March of the Legion tour, a series of tournaments against their own legionnaires for fabulous prizes. They've updated the tour page today with information on the first leg of the tour, including the identities of the legionnaires and the places they'll be visiting, including Northern California, Wisconsin, Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, Philadelphia, Florida, Michigan, and Ontario (Canada). The events last through June, so there's sure to be more locations and dates added later.

The legionnaires are no slouches, though. We're talking lead developers and high class judges for the TCG here, so it sounds like you'll have your work cut out for you if you want to win yourself a Varimathras extended art card and a Leeroy Jenkins T-shirt by defeating them. Of course, as mentioned, just showing up gets you that Weeble extended art card, and it sounds like the event should be fun. Let us know how it goes if you show up to one!

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WoW TCG March of the Legion Tour coming to hobby shops this April

Here's some fun news for our TCG players. Upper Deck reveals a new March of the Legion Tour coming to various North American hobby stores this month. WoW TCG team members will be coming to the stores and playing against all comers at sealed deck tournaments at each stop. Anyone who beats one of these "Legionnaires" will win a Varimathras extended art card and a Leeroy Jenkins T-shirt. Everyone who stops by will get Weeble extended art card (I approve of cute Gnome Warrior chicks, but how is she a protector if she's dual wielding? Learn to use a shield, newb).

It sounds like the events should be fun. I'm actually liking the Varimathras card, if only because he's one of my favorite shady characters in WoW lore thus far, and I cannot wait for the day that he assassinates the Dark Lady and uses his loyal pawns, the Deathstalkers and Defilers, to take over the Undercity and rule with an iron fist as the new supreme ruler of Lordaeron. But I digress. Anyway, it look like it should be a good time for all you TCG fans.

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Leeroy Jenkins interviewed at BlizzCon

The lovely Veronica Belmont interviews Ben "Leeroy Jenkins" Schulz at BlizzCon (filmed by none other than the Joystiq network's own Conrad Quilty-Harper-- man, all my favorite bloggers were at BlizzCon, and somehow I didn't meet a single one of them). There's not much here, but just in case you didn't get to see him do the yell (twice!) at the sound-a-like contest, here it is in all its glory. I feel bad for the poor guy, who must get asked to do that yell all the time-- he's not your monkey, people!

But he does (mostly) maintain that the video itself is real, and personally, I don't believe it. Yes, maybe it was a reenactment of a previous mishap, but Pals For Life members have mostly admitted that the movie itself (with the calculations and a Paladin trying to get cloth shoulders) was staged. Hilariously staged, I'll admit, but for Schulz to walk around talking like he really did just "have chicken," is misleading at least.

Yeah it's just a funny movie, but you, as a WoW Insider reader, might as well know the truth. Still, I like Ben-- he seems like a good enough guy. Yell on, Leeroy!

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Leeroy: The man behind the chicken

Reader DrDiesel of Blade's Edge (thanks!) pointed us to this Denver Westword article about none other than the star of UBRS and Jeopardy, Leeroy Jenkins. Sure, the reporter is a few years late on the phenomenon of Leeroy and this wacky "emerging form" of Machinima, and yes, the article suffers from the same naive cluelessness it seems all mainstream reporters suffer from when they're writing about WoW ("I typed a message into the 'chat window,' a window for chat, and was astounded when a real person typed 'STFU noob' back!"), but on the plus side, there's some interesting stuff in there about Ben Schulz and what it's like to be Leeroy ingame.

Schulz (that's him in a professional looking photo on the right) is the son of a theatrical director and a set designer who works at an industrial lighting company, and who's gotten famous for playing a videogame character for 30 seconds for free (the article doesn't mention if Blizzard ever paid him for putting his likeness in the card game, or if any of those t-shirt companies ever offered him anything for his name). He takes a pass at setting allegations to rest on whether the video was staged or not (who cares, at this point), and he generally seems-- surprise-- like a guy who just likes to play WoW. Who'd have known.

There is a rumor in there, however, that the World of Warcraft movie people were thinking about putting him in the flick as a cameo, and have since blown him off. Blizzard, Legendary Pictures, whoever's listening, I think I speak for the WoW community when I say: this must be done. You've got to get him in that movie. We want Leeroy!

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Countdown to Burning Crusade: Day 4 winner

We've got a winner for the day 4 Leeroy t-shirt contest: commenter 170 wins the lucky need roll, and we wish March and her boyfriend a happy unwrapping.

You've still got some time to get your four word entry in to win a 60-day prepaid time card, and do join us later this afternoon to check out what today's Countdown to Burning Crusade contest will be.

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Countdown to Burning Crusade: Day 4

Alright folks, it's that time again -- time to announce the day's Countdown to BC contest. Yesterday you were faced with the difficult task of Photoshopping this image to win the original Warcraft book trilogy (stay tuned for the winner announcement later today for day 2 and day 3 winners). Today we're going to make it easy on you again -- all you have to do is comment in this thread to win a Leeroy Jenkins t-shirt in your choice of size. You have until 3:45 pm EST tomorrow, January 5 to leave your comment, and we'll /Need roll to determine the lucky winner.

On your marks... get set... go!

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WoW Moviewatch: Leeroy!

I know what you're thinking. You've been playing World of Warcraft since release and the Leeroy jokes are starting to wear just the teensiest bit thin. But I have to say that even I laughed at this video (a promo for this year's Video Game Awards) and I'm not sure I found Leeroy terribly funny the first time around.

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Leeroy Invades WoW Card Game

If this isn't immortality, I don't know what is. In the latest chapter in the saga of Leeroy Jenkins (and if you don't know who that is, just give up now), it seems everyone's favorite raid wiper will now be honored with his very own card in the upcoming WoW Collectible Card Game.

The card will apparently be a special card that will be used as 'a reward or a prize', according to this announcement over at, a blog dedicated to the development of the game. You can view the official Leeroy art by following the link. You think the guys who originally made that video had any idea the joke would go this far? God, I hope not.

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WoW Moviewatch: Live Action Leeroy

In the latest example of the emerging trend of live-action machinima remakes, our good friend Leeroy Jenkins finally gets the flesh & blood treatment. And no, it's still not all that funny...

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