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Johnny and Rob of Unforgotten Realms on WoW Insider Show tomorrow

I have to say, I am super excited about tomorrow's podcast (live on WoW Radio at 3:30pm EST), not only because Turpster is back from being away last week, and not only because our raid writer extraordinare Marcie Knox is going to be on, but also because we're going to have our first guests ever-- Johnny and Rob from Unforgotten Realms (and the Legendary Heroes podcast, that spawned this Legendary Sisters guild). And they're talented machinimakers, too-- Johnny made the great Unidentified, and Rob made one of my favorite machinima ever-- Jimmy, seen above. Can't wait to talk to both guys.

And they'll be on for the whole show, which means they'll be chatting with us about the most popular posts on WoW Insider last week-- Tigole told us about the Death Knight quests, Marcie will talk to us about how to get a guild past 5/6 and 3/4, and we'll talk about Curse's new database and how much it looks like another similar site.

So hit up WoW Radio tomorrow afternoon at 3:30pm EST, and join us on IRC at in the #wowradio channel. See you then-- should be fun.

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The Legendary Sisterhood shakes up Sentinels

The guys over at the Legendary Heroes podcast wanted to form a guild to play with their fans, but they didn't want to actually make it serious-- they figured that by including everyone, they'd end up with some people who were fun to play with, but weren't necessarily the best players. So instead, they formed a guild. And it's been an interesting experiment-- kind of an anti-RP RP guild.

They're formed a guild called "The Legendary Sisterhood" over on Sentinels' Horde side-- it consists only of Blood Elf female mages and priests. It's a weird cross between a cult, a party, and a griefer guild-- the denizens of Sentinels have reacted to their actions with the expected confusion. We only know there are rules: every member of the guild must have a name that starts with "Sister" (as in Sisteramy), and there is a hierarchy within the guild, topped by a dark and mysterious Queen. It's an RP guild for non-RPers-- there are weird rituals, various attacks on opposite faction capital cities, and just general mayhem. In short, it sounds awfully fun.

I'm not a huge fan of RP-ing (our own David Bowers knows much more about it than I do), but I'm not sure this is RPing or not-- they're just having fun with an old fantasy mechanic of the secret society and playing together in a way that doesn't necessarily require reaching the endgame. The guild is the character in this case, not the players themselves.

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