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Boosting a level 90: Tips, tricks, and the PvP gearing method

Blizzard has put together a video, which is a fairly decent guide to the process of boosting your 90 from the in-game purchase or the pre-order free boosts. However, having done a couple of 90 boosts today, there are a few vital pieces of information, as well as general tips and tricks, that WoW Insider feels the general playerbase might not be aware of. You might be wondering what the PvP gearing method is, and it's explained in full below. Essentially, the fastest gear to get you to a higher ilvl as a new 90 is 522 honor gear. It's the best easily available gear for PvE in most cases, as well as PvP, and there's absolutely no need to PvP to get it.

The boosting process - potential profession pitfalls

This is relatively straightforward, and as described in the video above. However, there are some notable omissions if you have a level 60 character that you want to boost to gain the professions. We all know about the veteran bonus, that allows you to get maxed out, level 600 professions if you boost a level 60+ character.

But if you have a level 60+ character you're planning to use that hasn't yet learned any professions, you'll need to ensure that you have the professions you want learned before you go through the boost process. Otherwise the system will pick your professions based on the type of armor you wear. Once the boost is complete, if you have the wrong professions you'll have to submit a ticket to get them changed. We're not sure whether GMs are able to do that or not.

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