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Addon Spotlight: Leveling your pre-Cataclysm alt

Addon Spotlight focuses on the backbone of the WoW gameplay experience: the user interface. Everything from bags to bars, buttons to DPS meters and beyond -- your addons folder will never be the same. This week, level those alts quickly!

It's been a heavy past couple of days in Azeroth. First, we've got heroics on the beta. Second, the public test realms are lighting the world up pretty good. Third, the clock is ticking faster and faster down to Cataclysm, so time is running out for getting those pre-Cataclysm alt characters ready.

This week, Addon Spotlight focuses on a few of your old favorites -- addons to help you level up that pre-Cataclysm alt faster, hopefully ready in time for the big shakeup. From reputation trackers to quest helpers, these addons will make leveling a breeze. Let's roll!

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Spiritual Guidance: Finishing off 75 - 80

Every Sunday (usually), Spiritual Guidance will offer practical insight for priests of the holy profession. Your host is Matt Low, the grand poobah of World of Matticus and a founder of PlusHeal, a new healing community for all restorative classes. This week Matticus is going to look at the final 5 levels from 75 to 80!

When I finished off Grizzly Hills, I was a few bars into 75. To be fair, I did run a few normal instances to knock out the quests that were within them. In this week's post, I'll give you a quick glance of the last areas and what you can start working on once you reach 80 (such as instances and gearing for raids).

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Encrypted Text: 222223, or how to level 1-20 as a rogue

Welcome back, fellow rogues! Everyone on the site has been going into a leveling guide frenzy, and it's our turn to cover the earliest possible levels.

However, I rolled my rogue ... well, I rolled my rogue a long time ago. An embarassingly long time ago. Suffice it to say that when I rolled my rogue, Gwen Stefani was singing about not being a hollaback girl, whatever the frude that is. So the memories of level 1-20 are sort of fuzzy in my head. But I recall it being a lot easier than my hunter (gee, ten levels of raptor striking anything with no pet) and less boring than my pally (seal, judge. seal, judge.)

The first thing you need to do is pick your race. Krystalle covered this fairly in-depth in the past, but for the quick and dirty, here's a few tips:

  • The best PVP racials are those of the undead (Will of the Forsaken), gnomes (Escape Artist) and blood elves (Mana Tap/Arcane Torrent).
  • The best PVE racials are those of the trolls (Regeneration and Berserking, theoretically) and the humans (Sword and Mace Specialization, Diplomacy).
  • Night elves, gnomes and trolls have the most starting agility.
  • Dwarves and orcs have the most starting stamina and health.
  • The most common rogues are night elf, blood elf, human and undead.
  • Dwarf, orc and troll rogues are fairly uncommon.
  • The best all-around choice for a new rogue planning on a mix of PVP and PVE will probably be a night elf, human, troll or orc.

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How to raid Karazhan as an Enhancement Shaman

How can that be, you say. Enhancement's for leveling, not for raiding! Kessin of the Dark Iron server would beg to differ and to prove his point, he wrote up quite an excellent guide to playing an enhancement Shaman from creation to Karazhan.

The first half of his guide covers what you need to know to get from level 1 to the front door of Karazhan. He includes this sage advice: if you guild doesn't want you playing weapon wielding, totem throwing, whammy shammy, then get a new guild. In my opinion, this goes for every class working with an off-spec. Skill and talent trumps cookie cutter spec every time.

Once in the 10-man raid zone, the guide gets interesting. Kessin provides the strategy for this spec for every major boss fight. Don't worry, all you hardcore raiders, Kessin also recommends off healing when necessary. If you love your enhancement shaman, or play with someone who does, this is the guide for you.

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