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Officers' Quarters: Cracking the whip

Every Monday Scott Andrews contributes Officers' Quarters, a column about the ins and outs of guild leadership.

Remember when The Burning Crusade launched and everyone was in a big hurry to ding 70? Apparently some guilds are still leveling up. This week's e-mail doesn't mention whether these are new players or rerolls, but the problem is the same: What should you do when the people you're counting on just aren't leveling up fast enough?

I am a member of a small guild on Gul'dan server. I sympathize with and thank K for sharing his guild problems. Our guild is a lot younger and most likely smaller than his is or was at one point, but as we progress to get our members leveled up and geared up for raiding I can already notice a slight discontent, similar to what K described.

We are very casual right now and our leader is letting the guild "breathe its own air", by not imposing any strict rule. This is done to allow the players to feel comfortable as they level up. The only real rule, more of a suggestion I would say, that we ask our members to follow, is to disregard any dungeon quest and just concentrate on leveling up as fast as possible, without having higher levels running you through areas.

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The race to 70: Why the rush?

In the responses to my post about people selling guides, a frequent comment was the desire to get to level 70 in the shortest time possible. Now, that realization did not dawn on me with those comments – when Moses came off the Mount saying, "I bring unto you these levels for you to gain and enjoy" someone likely said, "Yeah, yeah, what's the shortest way to get them?"

Before we traipse merrily down this yellow brick road, given the reputation I've quickly earned as a rabble-rouser, let me say I'm playing this one perfectly straight -- I have an honest desire to learn why some people treat levels 1-70 as a pre-season of sorts.

I'm pondering undertaking a fast leveling of my own. I've hit a not-to-uncommon issue: I met a group of people in real-life who not only play on a different server, they had the unforgivable gall to play a different side -- I'm Alliance; they're Horde. I'm very much a "the journey is a destination unto itself" kinda guy. Hitting max level for me is somewhat of a let down. I enjoy dinging, getting new abilities, etc. That side of me is combating with the desire to quickly get to max level so I can play the game with them. I definitely feel playing the game with real-life friends is the way to go. This is one of the reasons I'm looking forward to Patch 2.3. I can get my lowbie to 20 before the patch hits and then enjoy the Horde content and level quickly as well.

So, to you those who can't get to level 70 fast enough, why? And does the potential to miss out on some lower-level content as you blast past it bother you?

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